Stuck in a dusty antique store… with allergies…

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I’m really excited to see this antique shop you’ve been telling me all about Sounds like your new favorite place Whoa! It is wall-to-wall things in here! God, you could spend days in here looking at everything. You know it doesn’t look that big from the outside… and, honestly, it doesn’t look that big on the inside either… They have managed to fit a lot of stuff in here! There’s a lot of glass figurines …more like a china shop than an antique shop …except the, uh, china is antique. Alright, I’m coming, I’m coming. What do you want to show me? Ooh, that’s pretty From the turn of the century? It’s in great condition! Wow… I imagine that costs a pretty penny Ooh! Look at this! Oh… Oops, sorry. It’s a little dusty in here. I didn’t mean to kick that up Um, let’s go over here… to the books Wow… these things look like they haven’t been cracked in decades Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna touch anything Yeah, I’m okay! No, I’m fine Oh God… Maybe I should have mentioned how bad my dust allergies are… Oh well, I’m sure we’ll be out of here soon It’ll be fine I can’t believe how many nooks and crannies there are in this place Oh wow… Look at that china cabinet I don’t think I’ve seen so many breakable things in one place in my life before I mean I certainly see why you like this place. It’s got… …endless things to look at. Uh… You know it’s kinda getting a bit dark out. Maybe we should head out. Yeah, we can come back another time. And I’ll wear a face mask when we do because holy crap it’s dusty in here

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  1. u should do a scenario where u . are with a friend that hates sneezing and germs all together and u should . be stuck in . a room with all . of your . allergens

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