Student Life Dining Allergy Solutions

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I’m Gina Forster the assistant director of nutrition for Student life’s Dining Services My job with the help of our many employees and team members is to make sure that students with food allergies and intolerances Feel safe while eating in our operations this video will showcase the many safeguards we have in place When you are in any of our operations throughout campus You can look at the menus to find out right away if your food of choice contains dairy nuts or gluten you Can also identify items that are vegetarian and vegan? On menus you will notice that we tagged foods that contain dairy with the letter D foods that contain nuts including peanuts or tree nuts with an N Foods that contain no gluten ingredients with a G with a slash through it foods that are vegetarian with a VG and foods that are vegan with a V if Your dietary needs extend beyond those we tagged at the point of sale you can find all of our ingredients on our Dining Services website You can also filter out specific common allergens and food preferences on the Ohio State University app Here those with food allergies or intolerances Inclusive of soy egg fish and shellfish allergies can quickly identify foods that are safe simply highlight the allergens you are trying to avoid or the lifestyle that you follow and All foods that you can safely enjoy will be left on the screen Let’s take a closer look at what is offered our three traditional all-you-care-to-eat locations have a convenient solution station that is gluten-free nut-free and vegetarian the solution station offers a variety of foods such as lentil pasta Quesadillas omelets and pizza just to name some options Each solution station has a cooler that is stocked with a variety of options such as gluten free breads desserts Lactose free milk and Sun butter a nut free peanut butter alternative In order to allow for safe toasting and gluten-free breads we offer a designated gluten-free toaster Which is available upon request at all three solution stations We are proud to hire many student workers and managers and with this we have an ever changing workforce All employees must complete an online Allergen training course every other year and all full-time employees are required to complete additional in-person training if at any time you have questions about how we Accommodate unique diets ask a manager or reach out to us directly at dining at OSU dot edu

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