Student Scientists Develop Pollen App for Allergy Sufferers

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We’ve been looking at this issue of
pollen. And how do we do more with the science around pollen in the NJCSTM. When talking about this this idea came up of the pollen-tracking app. AccuPollen is a
way for you to get real pollen counts in your area. You’ll be able to use that to
help decide when you should start your medications. You’ll be able to put in
your symptoms. You’ll be able to put in what medicine you’re taking and see how
those two relate. The healthcare provider will know what they’re allergic to and either directed to specific immunotherapy or general pharmacotherapy
which most people take. Over-the-counter medication. I saw this as an opportunity
for students to understand the impact on pollen and health. 20-40% of the United States are allergic to pollen. So this has an
incredible health impact and with the research that’s being done or the
projects that are underway already, they will be able to actually see the pollen
count that’s being done here at Kean University. The system and that we use is
called a rotorod. We let it collect for about 24 hours and then count the pollen
so they have the data and can provide it to the new app that we’ve got. The pollen app allows us to make use of existing large data resources and take that, make it visible, learn the programming skills to put it forward, learn the science to
understand it. So we get to really cross a lot of intellectual domains with one
project showcasing what Kean University does. It may not be the flu, but it’s just
a constant irritant that affects your day. And if there’s a way to help allergy
sufferers to not have that I think that, that makes their lives better

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  1. This is a valuable project and contribution to living better. Seasonal allergies are definitely an irritant.

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