Study Tips for a Successful Medication Demo

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Hi everyone. My name is
Joshua from MORC Training and i’m guessing you’re here because you’re about to take your Med Demo. Well, I want to share with you some tips that I’ve learned that made this a
little bit easier. Basically, I want to give you my
secrets to a successful Med Demo. So you might be asking yourself,
“What does he have in that box.?” Well, first of all, you might see the obvious. It’s that checklist that you received from our nurses,
but I also even have a pencil. You’re saying, “Well this doesn’t really
seem like a secret.” “The nurses gave us this. Our instructor gave us these, and they told us to study these materials.” I know studying is great, but what does that mean? Because I think if you limit yourself to those two items,
it might not go as well as you hoped. I think of it this way, if someone taught me to dance or someone taught me a sport, by a checklist, and I sat at home and I did that checklist over
until I felt confident and then my test was to go out
on that dance floor or to go out on that court, It’s gonna be pretty obvious to a
trained eye that I never really practiced these steps in a real world scenario. And that’s what I want to give you. So, I want to show you what else I have
in my box. I had some lotion. I had some some Cran raisin blueberry. I have a med record, another cutup med record, fruit snacks, cups, a cell phone, and apple juice. Now you might be asking yourself, “What does any of this have to do with your med
demo?” Well, me having to go through this exact same class you did when I started
here, or when I started here. I know that I didn’t have experience in this field, but I do have vast experience in studying, and studying in ways that make success. So, what I did is I took one of those Med Records and I cut up a lot of those orders for medication and I taped them to real-world things. My apple juice became suspension milk of magnesia. My fruit snacks unfortunately became suppositories and my lotion was of
course caladryl lotion and so on. Then what I did is I set myself up. I know I didn’t have a med tray,
I know I didn’t have med cups, but I did have a cookie
sheet at home. I did find some random cups at home, and then I set this all up just like I knew my med demo was gonna be happening here at MORC. What I did after that is I took my phone. Jokingly because I say I don’t even have friends to help me practice But I set my phone up and I set it on record. At first I practiced for a little while
with my checklist in hand, but then I set my checklist aside, I hit record, and I tried to go
through each of those medications one at a time. Now, when I completed that
medication, I grabbed my phone. I hit play. I took out my checklist and I watched
myself pass that med, and as I did it I checked off each step. When I got to a step where I made a mistake, I stopped right there, started my phone over again on record and I went through that process again. And I did this repeatedly until I could do a medication without a mistake. What I also did is I separated my meds. I did my oral medication, my oral pill, on its own. I practiced that med for about a half an hour;
until I got it perfectly. Similar, I did the same for
each of my other three medications. Knowing that I did have four different
medications that all have a different method for administration. Once I finished that, I felt confident. Now I suggest you have to
know what YOUR timing is what YOUR needs are. Some of us may be good after twenty minutes, Some of us may need an hour of practice for each medication. But, I do suggest you take
that time to practice this in a true manner of how you’re gonna be administering. Don’t just study a checklist. Studying means a lot of things,
we say STUDY AND PRACTICE. Alright, good luck as you have your Med Demo.
We know you can do it!

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