[sub] 마스크 셀프로 간단히 만드는 방법  / How to make a face mask / マスクはどうやって作るのですか

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Hello everyone Today I brought a mask making video The reason is that even if you try to get a mask, It’s all out of stock right now. I used to make a mask before So this time I wear a mask, I brought a video to let you know There are several patterns that I’m using I’m almost washing, so I’ll show you the remaining pattern This is my favorite pattern, my favorite pattern This is the cloth I bought when I made improved hanbok But I have made and improved Hanbok, I’m using this to make a mask Let’s write This way, the top is so big for me But I like something big and comfortable I’ve made it this way. Are you okay? Doesn’t it look good on this dress too? So this is what I’m wearing It’s a mask to wear one piece or a little girly dress. And I made this most recently I made a thin one for spring. I made it very thin This way, the color is a little bit like a doctor’s mask. This is too big for me I like to write big and comfortable, I keep making it bigger Now shall we go see how to make a mask? Let’s make it everyone! This is the clothes I used to wear I’m not wearing this and I’m going to cut this and make a mask This is one piece This is the mat cover I ordered in Taobao I don’t have a matte cover, I’m going to use this and this This white is lining And I’m going to make this out This is a square so I don’t really need a pattern I just made you reference. 19cm in width 18cm in height And I’m going to make 5cm of window hole like this First, I’ll prepare the 19cm, 18CM by cutting the lining into a rectangular shape. I cut two pieces like this, This is the lining of the outside But it’s squeaky right now So I will iron it I’ll fold it in the middle and iron it in advance Iron out the sensitivity, the longer side is horizontal Because this side is longer, the longer side is horizontal, You can iron it along the horizontal line I folded it in half like this and ironed it well Now you have to mark the outer wrinkles I’ll mark the wrinkles Have 1CM by center line 6 I’m going to mark six, and six wrinkles I ironed on the center line. I can’t see it so I only mark it at the end, This line as a border, You can mark 1CM If you have a ruler like this Do not use a ruler to display only enough to see properly You’ll be sewn with this seam allowance You only need to draw it to the outside If you draw six like this, you can draw six equally below If you draw with a pen now, you might worry about it. This is a sewing pen that is erased by water If you spray or suck it with a nebulizer So don’t worry Now I will face you with lining The part that comes inward is outward, I’ll flip it over. You can face the visible side. Before I sew, I have to wear a mask strap like this There is another important thing here. We’ll sew a 1cm seam allowance here The rubber band has to come into the seam allowance. I’m going to attach a string around here This strap is a rubber band, I used 22CM But this is done in plenty You can cut the string by considering your face size, length, etc. Like this On the line drawn earlier, Inside, I’ll fix it with the hour pin If you fix it like this, It’s easy to sew later I’ll put it on one side and do the rest here Across, Leave only 5cm of window holes, By facing the outer and lining, I will sew you squarely like this I have to flip it over here, I’ll leave it as much as this I’m going to use a sewing machine If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew your hands. But I’ll try sewing fast Put a string on the bottom and sew it I’ve left this window hole as much as I’ve been, You have to cut the edges so the edges are pretty I will cut all four corners like this After cutting off, to the window hole, You can flip it over. Is that good? The shape is so well shaped With the lines we marked earlier, I have to sew it along the lines To show you the wrinkles, here is the center line There are three 1CM below the center line. Press the middle line out of three, I want you to meet the first line and the third line. This is a bit difficult Center it like this, and do it like this I will show you again Second line down from center Click here Hold the line up so that Let me meet with the third line, After attaching it like this, there are still 3 lines It’s equally in the middle, Make it convex on the top, If you do this and catch both wrinkles, it looks like this Do the same on the top like this. If you really don’t know, I think you can slowly replay this video at 0.5x I will iron it to the wrinkles You can fix it with the hour hand pin! You can make wrinkles like this Is it like a disposable mask on the market? So after holding it like this, It’s good to touch the edges I’m going to use a sewing machine again If you are going to sew a little bit, You need to be good at the top That’s it, everyone! When unfolded, it becomes a mask If it’s too big, if you sew a new part of this wrinkle slightly 1CM, It’s a bit less open, so it fits the face size So let’s shorten it and try it out It’s big again and then we’ll cut it down again I think you can reduce it little by little So this is a very simple mask There are masks I made before Black and pink like this! I made three like this. Very simple?

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  3. 완조니 금손 젤라님…그 와중 옷 깔고 앉은 샴푸 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ넘나 자연스럽

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