Super Carpool Featuring Julia Hardy and Jamie Chadwick

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Nice Sunday drive up. Yeah, well thank you for driving me to the
championship final. It’s quite exciting. I mean I’m sure you actually have better things to do that chauffeur me around but you know, the weather’s a bit rubbish here. Look at that. Look at this. This is not how I imagined Monaco at all. I can’t say I imagined it like this at all either. However, it’s cool to be here. It is very cool. Where’s the most amazing place… because obviously you know, you’ve been driving for a little while, you know here and there. Where’s kind of the the most incredible place you’ve been to? Oh gosh, that’s a good question. The problem is when your a driver you don’t actually see that much. So it’s like, I can tell you the best hotel
and the best airport I’ve seen. One of the most enjoyable weekend’s I’ve ever had was when I raced in India last year. Yeah. Because that was just so different. I suppose you know, there is a lot of money in racing. Do you tend to only see one side of a place that your in? Like the side that has money a little bit? A little bit, yeah. I mean yeah, there’s that side of it but I
think when you go to somewhere like India you get to see a bit more culture. You can’t avoid it. Whereas a lot of other places we go you don’t really see anything other than the track and the hotel and the airport. They’ve got some nice roads, I appreciate their tarmac. Exactly. You actually started racing a little bit later
than most would say, right? You started at 13. What was it that kind of gave you that first impetus to kind of get into it? What was the kind of spark? Yeah I guess relatively late. Most kids are so young it’s stupid now. I know. When they get into it. But yeah, I kind of had a bit of a sporting
background so I think for me it was quite I guess, natural to be competitive and Is he coming? No. And natural to want to do different sports. So then I guess that wasn’t the big thing. Oh, I’m gonna go this way. We’ll figure it out. And then yeah, when I kind of got into motorsport it was like the speed, the adrenaline, everything that added into that competitive nature of being a sport. Suddenly everything put together, I was like ‘this is amazing. This is the best thing.’ And I think I like the sort of instant feeling
of the feedback you were getting, quite quickly and how you knew if you were doing well or if you weren’t. Were you hooked from the start? Yeah more or less. Like OK I get it. What did your folks say? Were they just like ‘Do you wanna try … we can do tennis?’ Well to be fair to my parents, they’ve always been so supportive of everything I’ve done which I’m obviously very super lucky about. But I think if it wasn’t motorsport it would
have been a different sport. My older brother actually was the one that
dragged the family originally into it. He’s the one that took us, well went go karting for the first time and so he was the reason I started, a bit
of sibling rivalry. You win, you win. He loses. Yeah he was the guinea pig for my parents. He was the one that would like go to a different team for the first time and be like ok that doesn’t work and then I’d go and it would be like all planned out because he had done the test job for it. So yeah, I mean it’s a bit of a slightly unnatural way to get into it, especially because most kids all come from motor racing backgrounds. But I think it helps in a way because it means that I haven’t, I’m not forced to do it. No ones telling me you have to go racing. I’m doing it because I wanna do it. Does anything else in life come vaguely close to feeling of winning? Honestly, I don’t think so. Like that kind of emotion, that everything. Because it is a team sport and it is so many people that are involved. It is honestly the most unbelievable feeling I have ever … ever had in my life. I don’t know it’s just mad imagining, like
we’re just driving along at 50km/h, but imagining F1 coming round here. It’s mad isn’t it? Yeah. The way I’ve kind of started changing my approach to racing and especially in the last few years, is kind of to always have this relaxed feeling and when your stressed, you start thinking about little things that you don’t need to worry about. Say you’ve had a bad day before or somethings happened, those things play on your mind when your stressed I find. Whereas when your relaxed, those kind of things don’t seem to bother you nearly as much. So I just try and stay focused on being chilled out, being relaxed, not getting stressed by little things and
it’s not always easy to do. The pressures can be very high but when you are chilled and laid back and relaxed, that’s when I drive my best. And it’s just enjoying it really as well. It’s really cliche but it’s so easy to not
enjoy the moments because your so stressed by how intense the environment is. That when you go and look back at it, your
like, ‘Ah I was driving race cars round amazing tracks.’ Let’s put this in perspective, I could be
stuck in an office. Honestly it is that and you find yourself
feeling like a bit of a spoilt brat half the time. I mean obviously you know, this is the first time you’ve kind of like got the full Gran Turismo experience. Like, what’s kind of been your impression? I think people are always a bit like surprised. I don’t know what they expect. They expect like four guys in a room with
some cables or something. Yeah to be fair, I’m quite lucky I’ve had
a bit of like esports experience. Yet the Gran Turismo stuff, out of everything that I’ve gone to and experienced… Unbelievable. And I’m not the kind of person just to say
that for no reason. It’s an incredible set-up and the people that are involved and the people that are supporting it is amazing. We saw Lewis there on the Thursday. Even I was sort of stunned to be able to watch him speak and be so honest and open with all the drivers. But also yeah, just to be here in Monaco. You guys have been to obviously Japan and all sorts of amazing places. Yeah it’s incredible and I’m hopefully gonna get a bit more involved because not only that, but the game itself it a great game so yeah, it’s been good for me to actually to be able to use it a little bit more.

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