Surfcasting  Peixe GRANDE Pesca de noite na praia

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Éláááááá !!! THATS IS A FISH ON!!! Ehehexxx i Just fell !! Just fell!! I already hooked a little spotted seabass Good! Must be almost 1 kilo (700gr) So buddy How are you, are you here today ?! I’m here every day Are you ok? Im fine! Shake hands I was at home pacing around, I’m going, not going should i go, should i not… toke a chanse and came I just cauth a small spotted seabass Was it? the wife will believe me now Oh oh! Quite a Nice one! Not to bad i guess! If only they were all this size !! Well…
-see you later… yeah see you next time, take care… Élááá Fish on!! GOT A NICE FISH ON !! GOT A NICE FISH ON !! GOT A NICE FISH ON!! ******* GOT A NICE FISH ON! Let’s go get it. ****** must be huge ***** (more or less) its here I got you now! YYYHAAAAAÁ !!! YYYHAAAAAÁ !!! Thats how i like it! uhhhhff (adrenaline rush) PRETTY one!!! The tide is coming in stay still! Stay there I will chat with you in a bit I thought it was bigger I honestly thought it was bigger. YYYHAAAAAÁ !!! ****! IT SCARED ME ***** !! How many more plastic bags will I catch today ?! Look another one! Look another one !! LOOK ANOTHER ONE!!! Could have sworn it was there *****! ahh *****… He told me to go f*** my self… Ahhh ****… Yes sir, it was a fish attack! Ah ah! I have litthe recording now ya! That´s a fish on! maybe not… (I often say this) Thats a fish for sure! If it is, its not too big. But it is fish. maybe it aint (The silly things i say when adrenaline is rushing) Come here to daddy (singing a rappers song don’t ask me why) Come here come to daddy Come here come to daddy Continues…

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