Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Lemon Peels (Can Lower Bad Cholesterol and Get Rid of Toxins)

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Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Lemon
Peels (Can Lower Bad Cholesterol and Get Rid of Toxins) Sure, you are probably aware of the fact that
squeezing some lemon into your water can provide you with a number of health benefits. It helps to speed up the metabolism and aids
in digestion, among other things. However, did you know that it’s not just
the juice of the lemon or even the meat of this citrus fruit that is good for you? The peel actually possesses some amazingly
impressive health benefits. Here’s a look at 10 of the wonderful benefits
that lemon peels can provide. 1. Lowers Bad Cholesterol: Not all cholesterol is bad for you. There’s actually good cholesterol that helps
to keep your heart healthy. However, if you have high levels of LDLs,
the bad cholesterol, lemon peels could actually help to lower them. Lemon peels are high in flavonoids, which
are awesome at lowering that bad cholesterol. 2. Boost Bone Health: Lemon peels are an excellent way to boost
the health of your bones. They contain a high amount of calcium, the
stuff that your bones need to regenerate, as well as a high dose of vitamin C. 3. Gets Rid of Toxins: Toxic elements get into the body and they
can make you weak, lower your immune system and actually contribute to a greater likelihood
of being addicted to alcohol. The citrus bioflavonoids in lemon peels can
help to flush out those toxins and create a healthier environment. 4. Lowers Stress Levels: Oxidative stress can do terrible things to
the body. Eating lemon peels can reduce that oxidative
stress and thus boost your health. 5. Combats Cancer: Did you know that lemon peels are actually
used to prevent and treat cancer? It’s true! Lemon peels contain salvestrol Q40 and limonene,
two compounds that can help combat cancer cells that may be present in the body. 6. Maintains and Improves Oral Health and Hygiene: If you want to have a brighter, whiter smile,
better smelling breath and healthier teeth, then you want to add some lemon peels to your
diet. They are high in vitamin D, which is vital
for your oral health and hygiene. They are also high in citric acid, which helps
to fight oral health problems. 7. Aids in Weight Loss: If you want to shed some weight, add some
lemon peels to your diet. They have Pectin in them, which helps to promote
weight loss. 8. Keeps the Heart Healthy: You can keep your heart healthy by consuming
lemon peels. They have high levels of potassium, which
is important for maintaining healthy blood pressure. They also help to prevent heart disease, heart
attacks and diabetes. 9. Keeps the Skin Healthy: Want to keep your skin looking young or fight
off acne? Use lemon peels. Apply them to your skin and you’ll have
a glowing complexion. 10. Cleanses the Liver: The liver is super important to your health. Lemon peels can help to clean out fats in
the liver and keep it healthy.

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