Swimming and Asthma

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Personally I don’t have asthma, so I did
some research and asked my swimmer friends with asthma about this topic. Here is what I found. Welcome to skills n talents. If you don’t want to miss our next video
about swimming endurance make sure to subscribe. Asthma affects a lot of people. Many of my teammates got into swimming because the doctor recommended the sport because of their asthma. It was found that in the 2008 about 25 percent of Olympic swimmers had verified asthma. In recent studies that I’ll link in the
description they have studied the relationship between swimming and asthma. They indicate that swimming training is well-tolerated in children and adolescents with stable asthma, and increases lung function (moderate strength evidence) and cardio-pulmonary fitness (high strength evidence). If you are fit, asthma symptoms are less easily triggered than when you are unfit. But that comes with almost every sport. so why do doctors recommend swimming? Well, the symptoms are more likely to occur in dry cold weather and when the person overheats. So doctors hypothesized that warm humid conditions might reduce the risk of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and that swimming could help develop good breathing practices. However, on most studies I found they concluded that whether or not swimming is better than other forms of physical activity cannot be
determined from their experiments . Further adequately powered trials with longer follow-up periods are needed to better assess the long-term benefits of swimming. However, as one of my friends with asthma told me “high levels of chlorine and enclosed swimming pools with inefficient air ventilation made training and competing extremely difficult.” From what I have gathered asthma needs to be treated on a case to case basis. “Be proactive and take asthma medications as directed to help prevent exercise-induced asthma symptoms. Keeping a quick-relief inhaler poolside is
also advisable, in case you experience symptoms while swimming. Swimming is not a treatment for asthma, and medications should always be used as prescribed. Talk to your doctor before starting a new
physical activity.” says Medical advisor: Shilpi Agarwal, M.D. But most importantly if you have asthma and love swimming remember that you can still reach high levels of competition. As four time olympic medalist Peter Vanderkaay said on an interview “Once I found the right long-term action plan, I was able to get where I am today. My doctor, parents, and I worked as a team so that I could continue training,” If you are looking for swimming workouts to develop your endurance we are offering exactly that. Our workouts are used by young swimmers and masters. I also do the workouts and they help me stay disciplined and motivated. So if you want to find out more go to skillswimming.com/swimming-workouts
or click here Thanks for watching! See you next friday! Swim fast!

19 thoughts on “Swimming and Asthma

  1. I have breathing problem for a long time due to my lungs not taking in the air fully. I couldn't last much longer when running or doing the heavy exercise (i.e. aerobic classes). I decided to sign up for the swimming course for the first time as to improve my swimming techniques. The teacher suggested breathing by expanding my upper body more than the lower body. It was hard at first for a while because I usually do the meditation breathing technique (opposite of what the teacher suggested). Eventually, I 'loosened' up the upper body muscles as to allow my lungs to expand more than they used to. Swimming has helped me enormously to extend my 'fall out' point further and further. Now, I could swim much further without taking a long pause to catch up with breathing.

  2. I have been swimming for 8 years and last year the doctors detected me asthma induced by exercise. The doctor said that i could swim like always but i needed to take al the necessary medicaments to continúe. Now i amalmost with any pain on my chest and i al qualifing to the nationals of my country.

  3. Sir long distance(1.5km)swimmers which type of fins(long or short fins) to buy and pls upload a video of last commented tq sir

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  5. i have never showed symptoms of asthma untill about a week after i joined the swim team when i had what seemed to be an asthma attack in the pool after doing a couple 50s. since then i have noticed that it gets harder to breath when i am near a pool (especially indoor pools) and i frequently get into coughing fits while swimming.

  6. i have asthma and i always forget to get my inhaler for practice since i have practice everyday and tuesdays and thursdays i have morning practice and afternoon practice so it’s a lot but i usually do 6-8 breaths while swimming maybe getting my inhaler may reduce that? great video as always 🙌

  7. I am an asthmatic swimmer and try to do it competetively. But it's really difficult since im over -allergic to the water (if not salt water). Outdoor swimming pools are for me the same as suicide because of the pollen in the air. i'm also extremely short. Does the swimming help me in every other aspect of my life? Hell yeah!

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