Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest | Cedars-Sinai

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Sudden cardiac arrest and a heart attack
are two different conditions. With a heart attack there is a problem with the
blood supply to the heart and it leads to areas of the heart not working as
well. With a cardiac arrest there is electrical chaos in the heart and it’s
usually fatal within 10 minutes. Sudden cardiac arrest that counts for almost a
thousand Americans a day losing their live. We’re very excited about these new
research findings that we are presenting in this paper. At least 50% of people who
will suffer a cardiac arrest have symptoms in the month before their fatal
event. This is new because earlier on we had only focused on the immediate time
preceding the cardiac arrest so patients who are known to have heart disease
especially in the holiday season and new year coming up, when we identify a peak
in sudden cardiac arrests if they have unusual symptoms of chest pain or
palpitations or passing out then they need to contact their health care
provider. If it looks like the symptoms are dire then the sooner you call 911
the better it will be and this is just our first step into understanding the relationship
between symptoms and future cardiac arrest

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