Symtomps of Allergies

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You have a gluten allergy? I do I was actually diagnosed back in 2001 so I’ve been living with it for about 17 years How did you find out? I actually was very sick and they had to
do all the procedures and testing to be able to do that I had severe anemia just
loss of energy wasn’t able to concentrate a lot of stomach issues and
no doctor can tell me what it was that was going on so after six months of not
having a correct diagnosis finally I got a gastroenterologist to do the correct
testing. Thank goodness because it’s really life-changing and besides all
those symptoms that you had there are severe food allergies that can lead to
constricted airways in the lungs a lot of people hear about this your blood
pressure can drop you can go into shock this is known as an anaphylactic attack
and I know a friend of mine I should say anaphylactic shock my apologies
suffocation by swelling of the throat I remember a friend of mine telling me
that she literally ran I think she took every red light on Kendall Drive because
seconds were counting here this was really severe something was gonna happen
to her son those shocks are scary. Yes so a severe food allergy is
life-threatening if you don’t have that EpiPen with you if you’re not well
prepared it can happen instantly by being by ingesting a food allergen so
it’s very very scary.

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