Take me to EIRMC  Merci’s and Saij’s Story

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– My name is Merci Verhorocks
and I’m six years old and I go to school in Yukon Elementary. I like to play board games or watch TV. I have asthma. I start to breathe heavy and my lungs swell up and they can get really tiny and that makes me so I
can’t really breathe. One time my asthma was really bad and I had to do a lot of inhalers and I got too much and I
started feeling a little sick while I had my asthma attack, and that’s when my mom
took me to the hospital. We have five people in our family and sometimes our grandma
comes to visit us. I don’t have any brothers
and I only have one sister, and that’s Saij. – You can see it in her
face ‘cuz she gets like, kinda panicky and you can, like her chest starts to,
kinda like, crunch down, and it’s really scary. There’s some days where it’s just like, okay, yeah, she needs her inhaler. And there’s other days where it’s like, okay, yeah, her inhaler is not working and she needs her treatment. So I’ll give her her treatment, and then if that doesn’t
work then it’s just like, what else do I do? – When I feel it my stomach starts to hurt and I start breathing a little hard. I always ask my mom if
I could get my inhaler. And when I get, when my
asthma gets out of control I would tell someone, take me to EIRMC. – A lady named April, she
was super nice to Merci and she helped Merci out a lot. And she’d make sure that
everything was okay. And once Merci got out she
got both of us balloons that said “You’re Amazing”
or something like that. And that really made me feel good because that way I know
that Merci’s being cared, taken care of at EIRMC. Everybody at EIRMC knows, like, okay what she needs is a blue Gatorade, a purple popsicle, and a chocolate milk because if not she gets cranky and upset because she doesn’t have it. – My spirit animal is a narwhal ‘cuz I act like one. Narwhal, narwhal, swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion ‘cuz
they are so awesome. – When she left it was kind of relieving because I know that she’s okay now and that she got taken care of and now she’s coming home. We like to play games together like, I’ll be a chef and she’ll be a customer and I cook for her and stuff like that. Or we’ll play Play-Doh together and we’ll make, like, we’ll be chefs and we’ll just get random calls and we’ll make stuff together. Or we would, like, ride our bikes. We really like to ride our bikes together. Or we’ll play a board game or just, we really like to do stuff together because it kind of relieves me
to make sure that she’s okay. (calm music)

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