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  1. Firstly I would like to thank you Subah! I was suffering from PCOS problem, after watching your video I have followed intermittent fasting for 2 months. After completion of two months I have done the full abdomen scan and I am very much surprised that my PCOS problem is cured completely. It's really amazing. Since I have tried few medications it didn't work it out for me. But after intermittent fasting my problem is resolved. Thank you so much !!

  2. Absolutely amazing…i have shared the video with others and they are now sharing as well. This is life changing and you did a superb job in the explanation and demonstrations!

  3. OK I have some acidity problem… so I faint if I'm hungry for long time in morning …what should I do….. also I wanna gain muscles… so if I practice this. fasting….. when should I exercise ??

  4. This makes so much sense. I am going to try this with my husband. I can update you with the results afterward. Fingers crossed!
    One question I had, though – is enema safe to do during pregnancy?

  5. This is the most simplest, efficient and productive video I have ever seen. Bless you.
    Can you also give us the knowledge about how to take care of our scalp. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Very informative-learned allot. I have severe bronchial asthma and COPD for more then 20 years. Can't breathe 24/7 out of mouth or nose without drugs and inhalers and they only work about 50%. Also on steroids and antibiotics every year for 20+ years. Also on Sudafed every other day so that I can breathe out of nose. Can not function at any meaningful level. In last 3 years I've given up will to live but since this video was also inspiring I will give it a try beginning today, July 25, 2019 at 7 PM. Good luck to me – need discipline!

  7. How long does milk take to digest completely? And is dairy in line with the Satvic movement. If not how to accommodate the nutrients that would be left out on moving to a non dairy diet?
    Or can we squeeze in a little bit of dairy on a regular basis ?

  8. first of all thank you subah we wish your channel will grow much faster that's very good method to clean up your body internaly i have been following this method for last three months and I feel so healthy did you have anything and any other method to increase healing power substantially

  9. I m drinking my own urine and I getting gourges effect on my skin hair and body my brain works extremely posetive

  10. I am already thin. Will intermittent fasting make me loose more weight?
    Also, do we need to do intermittent fasting untill the disease is cured? Also, after the problem is solved, how to maintain the intermittent fasting?

  11. Enema is the most useless form of cleansing that i have tried. Laghoo shankaprakshalana is way more effective and helps in lose weight. I wasted my time and money on enema. It’s messy and nothing compared to LS. I don’t mean to criticize but this is my experience.Also, it doesn’t clean small intestines so it’s an absolute waste. I hope wet pack turns out to be great.

  12. @Satvic Movement: I am highly motivated by your body cleansing movement & 16/8 eating style. However, can you please help me in adjusting eating hours as my daily routine is totally different.

    I work in night shift all the time. I wake up at 9.30 am in the morning and rest between 3pm to 6pm. Then my work starts at 6pm and longs until 3.30am, sometime 4am in the dawn.

    Now how to adjust 16/8 hours here?

    Please help.

  13. Hi, Subah jee I have started fasting 16 hours…..from last one month but I have got constipation my stomach is not clean daily I have tried so many things like trifla, aloe Vera, jeera water ect. My age is 46 yrs please please 🙏tell me what to do

  14. Ok, I'll try it, but there's a question. If I eat grains at 2 pm and grain have a digestion time of 18 hours, than my body would still digest at 6 am. In your video it isn't shown. Am I'm wrong?

  15. आप कोई भी विडियो हिन्दी मे बनाये यदि आप अधिक लोगों तक जानकारी पहुचाना चाहती है तो आपको पता है न कि इगलिश से ज्यादा हिन्दी समझते है हिन्दुस्तान में अभी भी और जिसको इगलिश आती है वो हिन्दी भी समझ जायेगा लेकिन हिन्दी वाला इगलिश नही समझ सकता बाकी आप मेरे से ज्यादा समझदार हो
    क्या मै मै कहा और आप कमेन्ट पढ रहे है तो जरूर रिपलाई दे दोस्तो

  16. Hello Subah, thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge. I have a technical question for you: for the enema, does it makes a difference to use cold or warm water? I started intermittent fasting a month ago and the results are amazing. Thank you! be pending on your reply. Saludos

  17. Wonderful information…I really feel very lucky to saw your video. Hope this will going to change from now onwards.

  18. You suggested to have vegetable juice during intermittent fasting. Is warm lemon juice allowed during this 16 hours fasting? Waiting for your reply eagerly. 😃

  19. Mam many nens suffering from vericocel deseas there is no proper medicine for that plz make the video for it. Plz tell it can cure by that diet. I m very upset plz help…

  20. You are talking like a quack….people will get motivated not to take medicine even if they are severely sick…. People having Diabetes are recommended to eat frequently in small parts to maintain insulin level ….by not eating (some people would even take medication to quicken things up) they are going to get extremely hypoglycemic that will affect their brain (feeds only on Glucose but now no food) causing seizures and coma…..diet is recommended only and only if you are pre diabetic …..

  21. Hey this video was soo informative. Loved the way you explained everything but I just wanna know 2 things
    1) Can I drink water if I get thirsty during the fasting hours?
    2) I exercise at the morning, so should I do it with an empty stomach?

  22. this is one of the most wonderfuld escriptive and informative videos. can you make one for gut health?

  23. In islam there is the month of ramadan where we do intermittent fasting for a month! I already had the solution with me!

  24. In this video it says this diet is not suggested for children and athletes and I'm 17 years old would it be ok for me to follow this diet?

  25. See…this is the problem..in todays age of information revolution…everybody is giving gyan and trying to become a guru or doctor or a preacher eventually causing CONFUSION and only CONFUSION to innocent people who watches them

    May I know what is the qualification of this lady to claim such big things? Which organization you are associated to?

  26. I agree occasional but regular fasting is good for us. However some info is not accurate. Eg tape worms dont come from undigested food.
    But I agree with being wise and selective in what we eat.

  27. Hi Subah I have been doing intermittent fasting after watching your video…I’m feeling better, just needs to know if I need to maintain my weight moreover gain weight would it still be safe and effective to fast

  28. mam. Thank u very much for sharing mother nature truths. i have one doubt. whether rheumatoid arthritis problem can be cured by following satvik?

  29. I watched it within few weeks after this video got released but still haven't followed it's been a year .. I blame my IT job for the laziness.. damn I am gonna do it this time

  30. Hi di, pregnancy ke 1st trimester me constipation hota hai.. kya hum pregnancy me enema kr sakate hai kya in 1st trimester. Plzz reply

  31. Hi Subha, I started watching your channel from few days, and I really like those videos. Thanks for sharing such a good knowledge. I request you, Kindly make a specific video on Diabetic Problem.

  32. I am underweight and just cannot put on weight no matter how much I try. What will you suggest? Is intermittent fasting good for people who want to gain weight? I usually take enema 2 times a week, should I take it more number of times? Please reply.

  33. i have started doing intermittent fasting, wet pack(not possible 40 minutes. it is time consuming. i want to skip this step)and enema for 15 days. i lost 3 kg weight bt my skin is not clearing. i want a clearer skin . please tell me what to do

  34. I Want to purchase the book….but unable to do so…as it is asking for PROMO CODE….what is this code ? Please reply. Give me the Amazon link for purchase of this book…

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