Taking apart an Air-O-Swiss AOS 7142 Ultrasonic Humidifier – Part 2

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This video is a continuation of my
previous video on how to take apart this Air-O-Swiss AOSU7142 ultra sonic
humidifier. If you watch the previous video, you’ll understand how I got to
this point. Once you’re here, you remove these four screws. Then you can lift up
the nebulizer. Push down on this little tab here, and pull, so you can
remove this plug. It makes it easier to work on. When you turn over the
nebulizer, in my case, you can see that it’s quite rusty. I’m going to remove
this little rubber gasket and you can see where the ring has cracked around
the edges. Water is getting through there, which is why you can see how it’s rusting
in here and underneath. It’s probably
not good for the electronics either so what I’ll do is take a wire brush
go around and remove some of the rust gently. Then I’ll use some of this GE clear silicon,
which works up to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. That will work and should not melt
when the nebulizer heats up. I’ll put the caulk around this broken ring, and you can see the ring is broken. I’ll put it around this ring. And before it
dries I’ll replace the rubber gasket. Then I’ll seat this piece back into
the unit. and I may even put some caulk in these holes here just to make sure
no water leaks through. Then I’ll reconnect the power and test it for leaks. I’ve done this before. It’s worked twice, but
previously I wasn’t using the same silicon caulk. Hopefully this will
last longer than what I’ve done previously. I’ll show you what it looks
like now that I’ve gently removed some of the rust along the outside with a wire brush. I’ve taken the silicon and put it around this plastic rim to create a seal. I also noticed there’s a crack on the inside and along the edges so I put some silicone there as well. Before the caulked set I put the rubber gasket back on. Now I will place it back in.
I’ll put some silicon in each of these holes. Screw it back in.
Then reattach the power and we should be good to go. Oh wait! I thought it was done, but I have to show you one last thing.
In reassembling this, you want to make sure that these wires here are out
of the way because you need this section to fall properly into this. The
other thing you want to do is make sure that these wires here stay
there. So when you flip the unit over like this, you want to make sure you clear those wires so that it sits
properly back in. Like that! You’ll know that the wires are not properly
seated if it doesn’t actually click closed. Again, you want to make sure these wires are clearing these pieces back here or else
they it won’t seat properly and you’ll be wondering why you can’t
fit the unit back together. I hope this has been helpful and
thanks again for watching! It’s working again! No leaks! Yeah buddy!

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