Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 230

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In today’s episode, we’ll be announcing our
Black Friday event, and bringing you some
cool development news. We’ll also be updating you
on the latest eSports action. Keep watching! Hello tankers! November is almost out of the door,
and that means Black Friday is upon us. Of course, we’re
keeping up the tradition, so we’ve prepared a
bunch of cool deals for you. But… we won’t spoil anything just yet. Subscribe to our social media and keep
an eye on the website and forums, because the first piece of
news is dropping tomorrow. While you wait for November 29th,
there’s plenty to keep you occupied. With a recent update, we launched a new section
in the shop — the Showcase. In it, you will find deals that are
customized specifically for you, based on your needs and level. It also features some nice bonuses, including special cards that
will give you free crystals. The amount you get is random,
but it’s never less than a hundred. Plus, you might get up to two cards
per day, so check back often! And here’s an important point the new showcase is only available in the
HTML5 and mobile versions of the game. So, if you’re still playing on Flash, now might be a good time to move
on to the new HTML5 version. The link is in the description. Over the past weeks, we’ve been talking about the
new Viking Thunder Prime skin. But that’s just the first of the batch. Now, it’s time to move
onto a new piece of gear. Can you guess what’s next? Railgun! One of the most popular
turrets in the game. As with Thunder, we’ll be adding more detail and
tweaking its appearance. The plan is to give it a recoil
mechanism and a new shot effect. The great news is that
it’s already in the works, and you’ll be able to get your first
glimpse of it in an upcoming V-LOG, so make sure you
don’t skip any episodes. Since we’re on the
topic of development news, the increase in modifications
we told you about recently, is scheduled to happen next week. As promised, we’re increasing the
number of modifications from 4 to 7. This is meant to smoothen out
the transition between modifications to make the game more balanced,
especially in the middle ranks. And don’t worry. Prices will be lowered accordingly, so the cost of getting all the modifications,
will remain roughly the same. If you want to know all of the details, watch VLOG episode 228,
where Hazel goes over all the points. In the last episode, we told you about the upcoming
release of the Hyperion Drone. Since then, we’ve had
more time to test it out, so we’ve made some tweaks
and polished the balance. Now, the cooldown decrease
will only affect double damage, double armor, and speed boost. Cooldowns for mines and repair
kits will remain unaffected. And since we’re talking about drones, Hazel is here to tell you about some interesting
upcoming changes to their mechanics. Take it away buddy. First, a few words about Hyperion. Why will such a drone appear in the game? When we worked on supplies
and introduced Smart cooldowns, we didn’t have a tool like Drones. The priority was to protect new players
from the mechanics of supplies, but there was no simple mechanism for
distinguishing between new and old players. We couldn’t just turn off smart
cooldown beyond a certain rank. Drones allow you to do many
interesting things with supplies, but at the same time, they present
the player with a clear choice: Do you want to spam supplies? Fine, here’s a tool for that. And here are its limitations! They’re both good choices,
especially at the top ranks, where some players have so many supplies
that they have no place to spend them all. But there’s more. Along with the new drone, existing drones in the game
will also be redesigned. Three new mechanics will be
distributed between drones. The first mechanic will give you
extra points for helping out teammates. For example, you
play a Mechanic drone, and several allies are within
your drone’s area of effect. With the current system,
you will simply be repairing them. But with this new feature, you will also receive extra points
for each teammate that you repair. This will help support drones
to reach their full potential. The second mechanic speeds
up the recharge time of supplies when using other supplies. Remember Smart Cooldowns? Well, this mechanism does the opposite. It only affects one supply type,
which is assigned to the drone. For example, the Miner drone will reduce the reload time
of the mine every time you use any other supply. This mechanic will allow certain
drones to be used much more often. The third mechanic consumes
several supplies when activating a drone. For example, the Lifeguard drone will
use up several repair kits each time it saves a
player from destruction. This mechanics balances strong drones
without reducing their usefulness. Together with the introduction of these
mechanics and the advent of Hyperion, the remaining drones will also be updated. Their balance and mechanisms will be changed
to work better in the new environment. eSports news. The new SandStorm tournament
is about to kick off. There are lots of prizes to be won,
plus lots of excitement and adrenaline. The Clan Championship is in its first stage. Only half of the participants
will qualify for the next one, so every match and
every point is important. In this Championship,
there are no guarantees. None of the teams can afford
to let their guard down, not even the Penguins clan, who have
won two major tournaments this year, or last year’s champions Eternity. So come to the livestreams,
cheer for your favorites, and let’s find out together who’s
gonna be the champion this year. Everything you need is
in the VLOG’s description. Now, a fresh selection of
our favorite Youtuber videos. What have they been up to this week? Let’s find out! First, Shibe takes on a bunch of new
challenges submitted by his Subscribers. Why not throw him a challenge yourself? Next, watch Quickk as he catches gold
boxes in style in matchmaking battles. According to statistics, only one in every three people who watch
this video is subscribed to our channel. If you are one of the remaining two, hit like, subscribe, bell! See you in a week. Last time you had to guess
where the ball would fall. The correct answer is… M. Here are our winners. And here’s the new question: Who will take the flag first?

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