Tattoo Care Tips & Advice : How to Identify Tattoo Allergic Reactions

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Hi, my name is Lefty at 1603 Tattoos in Tampa,
Florida. On behalf of Expert Village this is tattoo care. After getting your tattoo on occasion you
might see like a little blemish here and there even the artist might of gone to light a little
to dark. Sometimes overworked the area you might be feeling it a little hard what you
want to do is you can continue with the product that you have been using but if you feel like
there causing you more irritation just discard the ointment or lotion. Go back to your tattoo
artist and try to figure out what exactly is causing this if it’s something that needs
to be checked by a doctor do so as well. By keeping it clean again you can totally avoid
most of the stuff if you see any scabbing that is just really hard it might be due to
location it can be out of crease of your body. So it might be just overwork just don’t sweat
that to much but if it’s different duration the irritation is still there then just go
ahead and change the product that you have been using again return to your tattoo artist.

7 thoughts on “Tattoo Care Tips & Advice : How to Identify Tattoo Allergic Reactions

  1. hey, I have had tattoo's for over 10 years & I am still allergic to the ink, all colors, it gets raised & puffy still. Its weird, it puffs up only where the ink is. The colors are red, turquoise blue & black, I have 3 tattoos. Do you have any other info on this?

  2. i know this is like mega old, but i really want a tattoo but im allergic to hena so not sure if i am tattoos aswell :/, i guess being alergic only means bit more pain for longer but does it affect the tattoo in any way?

  3. Henna's have alot of herbal crap in them, (for a lack of a better word), many people are allergic to herbal products. My deal doesn't cause me pain, it doesnt actually get a rash, it just gets puffy, sometimes I'm allergic to foods & that's where it hits me, the tatt gets puffy, but it goes back down, no big deal, no scabs or itching. Only use lubriderm lotion & anti bacterial soap, unscented & you should not have any real problems. Do Not Use Neosporin, it will make the ink turn fuzzy!

  4. I have the same problem. I had my tattoo done about 3 months back and there are little bumps on it only where there is the ink. Any help?? It also itches like hell sometimes..

  5. Ummm ingredients are not required to be disclosed by law. The organic inks do have heavy metals … And the FDA does not regulate ink. Old fashion black ink is the least risk. Im willing to bet cancer rates will rise as the tattoo generations age.

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