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Whoa! We did it. To those of you in the class, thank you very much for having me. It was an absolute joy. ♬ Oh, you gotta breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe ♬ ♬ Let it go and let it be, be, be ♬ Mary’s taking her pills, her second round of pills for the day. She’s got to space them out because with on the antibiotics and on the vertex and all the things, she’s uh… setting timers and making it happen. Setting timers and taking… What’s the like… Taking numbers or something? [Peter] I don’t know. [both chuckling] Mary’s got a class that she’s teaching today. Canadian…uh… college. I think it’s like a master’s level class. I’m not sure. But she did it last year and she’s geared up to do it via Skype today. Oh, I wonder if I should like, have a whiteboard or something. [Peter] I do have a whiteboard in my office. I feel like I’d feel really official with that. What would you, what would you write on it? I could draw lungs or something. [chuckling] [Peter] A whiteboard makes it official. You heard it here first. [Peter] And Ollie boy’s just chilling on the carpet. [Mary] Did you guys play with his Kong outside? [Peter] We did. I couldn’t find a ball so we used his Kong. [Mary] Did it work? [Peter] It worked. [Mary] That is so old. [Peter] I know. That was, we got that before we got him, right? Uh… [Peter] Or like… Yeah. Yeah, probably. [Peter] I think the night before we got him we got him the Kong. And it has like a stump of a um… [Peter] Nylabone in there. That sort of thing. [Peter] Yeah. [Peter] That’s hilarious. [Peter] He’s never really been into the Kong. He doesn’t like peanut butter. No. He doesn’t like peanut butter. When he was a, like, right when we got him… to occupy him as a puppy, I used to make like, different um… [Peter] Ice things. Ice cube things. I’d do like, yogurt and a… I forget what all I did. Like, yogurt and a dog bone… in an ice cube or something, and shove it in here. Or… [Peter] That’s right, and he would like, work at trying to get it out and licking it. But my most effective… time buying puppy… distracting situation was… [chuckling] I would… take an ice cube tray and fill it with water and then just stick, like one milk bone in each hole or something. Or the other thing I did was I took like, a plastic Tupperware and put his big pretzel-ey looking Nylabone in it, and just froze the whole thing. [Peter] Oh, like a block. Like, in a…like a, like a… [Peter] Yeah, Tupperware or whatever. That’s hilarious. He, he’s not a puppy anymore. [Peter] That’s true. You old man. But now we still like to do things like… We’ll play hide and seek, like, I’ll go hide his stuff. [Peter] More mentally…uh… Simulating. [Peter] Yeah. Than an ice cube. [chuckles] [Peter] Yeah. He just like, he likes tasks and he likes to use his brain, and anyways… But he also likes to sleep. [Peter chuckles] I love you so much. He needs a haircut. [Peter] Like me. I might do that. Oh yeah, maybe you and Ollie are on the same haircut schedule. [Peter] Maybe. You and I, buddy. Haircut brothers. [Mary singing] You and me, together. [Peter] We will… [singing] Forget what we’ve been told. [singing] We’ll live in our own dreamworld, you and me, forever. Have fun. Thanks. I’m getting ready to go to pick up David from the airport and head to, we’re gonna go straight to the conference. And we’ll be back tonight, maybe at like 10. Okay. Is it like… hang out after the conference? Tonight they have like… a dessert after the session, and then like, they have like, publisher tables and stuff like that. Cool. Hey, we’re gonna actually have bookshelves for you, eventually. So, if you bring new books home we can put them on the shelf. True. Although there’s a lot of boxes of books up there. Yeah, we really need to figure out the bookshelf situation. I know. I’ve been looking at Craigslist. Are there? I…I don’t know. I haven’t decided what style. Yeah. But anyways, alright, I’m gonna get on the road. [smooch] Moving target! [Mary coughing] See you later buddy. I am feeling really exhausted this afternoon, and I need to rally! And get hyped for teaching this class. I am excited. Um, so I’m gonna have a cup of coffee. [mugs clinking] And “World’s Best Plant Parent.” My sister gave me this mug. I’m going to have some coffee. I’m gonna watch a video from a history channel YouTube channel about how Victorian children’s toys caused chilling deaths. Apparently there were some scary… um, children’s toys back in the day. So I’m gonna chill out for a little bit, and try to get some energy and get ready. I, usually even if I’m like, feeling really like this… um, if we’re doing a livestream or something, I think it’s like, the adrenaline of being live is like, it… I’m instantly like zzzz! But then afterward I’ll like, crash. So, hopefully I can rally up some energy and get ready for this. [chuckling] Oh man! I just screamed. So I had the mug under there, and I had already pushed go, like, go ahead and brew the coffee. And I noticed there was like, I haven’t washed the mug since unpacking it. There was like a black… I don’t know if it was a bug or what, but the coffee was like, getting ready to like, come out and I screamed and I like, grabbed… like, a paper cup instead, so I didn’t have to have buggy coffee. Whew. That was a close one. I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was seven weeks old. My older sister also has cystic fibrosis. So, because they knew that she had it they needed to test me right away. So I’ve been treated virtually since birth. When you think of CF you probably think of lung disease. And that is true for the majority of cystic fibrosis patients, that is the biggest problem is with our respiratory system. But cystic fibrosis is a mutation within the cells. So that means that every cell in my body has cystic fibrosis. So it affects many parts of the body, but mainly the lungs. So when you think of a CF person you think of they’re going to be coughing a lot more because our lungs have too much mucus. Wherever a normal body would have that lubricant mucous, our body creates too much of it and it’s thicker and stickier, which then is a dark and warm place, which is perfect for bacteria. So… the lungs are constantly kind of drowning in this mucus. But then it’s also fighting chronic infections, and as a CF patient gets older we have these chronic infections just all the time. And these bacteria gets smart. So then you’re dealing with resistant bacteria. But I would say we really, when we think of CF, it would be a disservice to think of it as CF is this. It’s really a spectrum. There are over, I think it’s 1,800 known mutations of CF. That means the way that the… chromosome is mutated. There are like two thousand different ways that it can be mutated. And to keep in mind, my sister and I, from the same parents, so we have the same mutation… it looks drastically different in Rachel versus myself. And so our disease process looks completely different. So, when we say cystic fibrosis, we really have to think broadly. Woah! We did it! I mean, I did it. It happened. It was awesome. I really love… I really love that. I used to think like, I have this giant spleen in me. Right now you’re thinking, what is her spleen have anything to do with this? I used to think I have this rare giant spleen. I wish that there were like, college classes that needed to practice finding a spleen and I could go in and lay on the table and they could all try to find my spleen. Um, and I haven’t been contacted about spleen engagements for any colleges as of yet. Let me know. But I just loved being able to visit, um… visit via Skype, this class, and so to those of you in the class, thank you very much for having me. It was an absolute joy and can’t wait till next year. Do you see those pink cheeks? I’m, I’m calling them speaker cheeks. Whenever I like, have a speaking thing, like when I did the CF conference and… podcasts and that sort of thing, or like, that radio show we were on, I get my speaker cheeks. Oh! It’s so blazing red. But I made this salsa chicken, which is literally salsa and chicken in a crockpot for four hours. And then what I’ve been liking lately is putting this salsa chicken into a tortilla. Roll it up, put some cheese and half and half on top, and bake it so it’s like an enchilada. So that’s what I’ve been doing and I’ll probably do that tonight. And I think I’m gonna go ahead and do that because my blood sugar’s low and… I want to… not feel low. And I forgot to say, after you cook it for four hours… you mix in about a half a block or three-quarters of a block of cream cheese. Delicious. [Mary] And voila. [Mary] Delicious. [Mary] I think it’s fair to say Ollie’s enjoying this new couch we bought. [Mary] It’s not going to be there for long because it’s going up to the third floor, [Mary] but he’s enjoying it while it’s here. [vest machine vibrating] [Mary] Ollie. [Mary] Hi! [vest machine vibrating] Hey guys, I got back from my preaching conference late last night and I wanted to wrap up the vlog here today and say as always, we’ll see you tomorrow. Good night. ♬♬

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