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So she noticed that my Dexcom had expired and I was gonna put a new one on, and she said, could I do it? ♬ Oh, you gotta breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe ♬ ♬ Let it go and let it be, be, be ♬ [chuckling] Okay, Hannah is currently washing her hands. If you guys missed the last couple of videos, we talked a lot about being in the fight together. Hannah flew to North Carolina to do a CF foundation fundraiser for cystic fibrosis, and tonight, well, she saw that my Dexcom sensor, um, the session ended so I needed to put a new one on. [giggling] Oliver is extremely excited about this activity. I riled him up. Sorry. Oh Ollie, are you so excited that Hannah’s here? [chuckling] Oh my goodness! So she noticed that my Dexcom had expired and I was gonna put a new one on, and she said, could I do it? So I’m gonna teach her how to do it, and I was thinking of all of the ways I could make this a challenge. Great. Love it. Like, I can’t talk. Interesting. So I have to like, act it out. That could be fun. Make it a, you basically just have to figure it out with no instructions. Okay. I feel like I can do that. But that would be kind of a boring video, the silence. [both] Silence. I could do blindfolded. So I’m blindfolded and explaining it. Um… Like, close my eyes. I guess we could do that. That scares me a little more. Really? Okay, if it scares you more that’s what we’re gonna do. Okay. [Peter] I think you should just do it and explain the Dexcom. Okay, sounds good. So a lot of you guys know with a CF pancreas it can do a little wacky, kind of wacky stuff, and mine goes, my pancreas, my blood sugar goes low a lot and so my endocrinologist um, recommended that I get a Dexcom, and so she wrote a prescription for Dexcom. This is the whole process. That’s how doctors work. This is how it went. And so anyway, so that’s what this little thing is. Okay. So this is the Dexcom sensor and this is the computer part, the transmitter that talks to my phone. You’re gonna get Ollie playing in the background cuz he’s very excited about this activity. So go ahead and open it. Pause for this brief intermission while I explain the setup. Guys, did you notice that I rearranged our living room? Look at this, the couch is in the middle. We’re kind of liking the space because we had the fire on today. And we were sitting in front of the fire and I was sitting on the couch editing the vlog today, which was on this wall, and I couldn’t see the fire. So I turned the couch and here we are. [chuckling] [Peter] Alright, so yeah, I had to catch them up. So first, take an alcohol wipe and clean the surface. [Peter] Who’s more nervous? I’m not nervous. I’m actually not nervous. [Peter] Okay, good. Okay, then I should close my eyes. Okay. Where? Where do you think? [dog toy squeaking] Oh dear. Kind of look at where all the other holes are from the Dexcom Here? Great. And it’s, um… Like, this big. Yep, little bigger. Yep. Yes. Great, and then you can use a second one, and wash the back of the transmitter. I don’t know exactly what that is, but my guess is like, I mean, it goes through the shower and stuff. So… soap scum? Maybe it like, wipes that off. I’m not sure, but… Great. Sufficient. And then we will take that thingy… Didn’t I try to get my sister to do this? She was like, no. Wait, did Rachel do it? [Peter] I think, I feel like Rachel did do it. Er… I know my mom did the old one. [Peter] Did Rachel? I don’t know. I feel like I made Rachel do this. Sorry Rachel. So, we’re gonna put it around the back, like, right here and um, you’re going to do it. I know. It’s funny how everybody’s different, cuz she’s like, can I do it? And Rachel’s like, don’t make me do it! [chuckling] Okay, so next is you can peel off these two things, but keep them because we need to scan that. So, yeah, so that one. Yep. This one. [treat bag crinkling] [chuckling] [Peter] Oh, Oliver, did you find some treats? [Mary] Here, bring it here and I can give you one. [Peter] Ollie, get the bag. Take it. Oh, yep, okay. [laughter] Lots going on, everybody. Welcome back. We are putting a Dexcom in. Okay, so you’ll locate where it’s clean, and then you’ll put it on. Does it matter… I don’t know. So maybe we’ll try it a way I’ve never done it before. Because I’m left-handed, so I don’t know if that’ll make it… Yeah, why don’t you do it this way? I’ve never tried it that way. Okay. So first you can just stick it on and then so, yep, come this way a little bit. Yeah, great. Do it. [Mary gasps] You’re so mean! I knew you were gonna do that. [Mary laughing] So basically, so, push it down. Yeah. Just to like, make sure the adhesive kind of stuck. Yeah, that’s great. And then we can do it after. And then bend that plastic piece and it’ll snap off. Yeah. [Mary gasps] Good? [chuckles] And then… grab it and go like that. My hands are so cold. It’s okay. They’re like, very cold. Yeah, it’s okay. Is that enough? I think so. Well, you can do it as much as possible. Yeah, that’s good. And then you push the button. Just do it. [chuckling] Okay, now it’s making it scary! Go. Haha! [Dexcom clicks] Perfect. Done. I, and it’s done. Great. There it is. [chuckling] I think the longer you like, waited, I was like, oh no! It’s so scary! Perfect. Okay, look, it’s not even bleeding. Sometimes it’s like, dripping blood. Oh cool. Yeah, it’s great. I like that after-warning. And then this just snaps in. Yep. Yep. [Mary gasps] [giggling] How many times can I- So many. Okay, so make sure it’s snapped in. If you jump again… I’m leaving. Yep, perfect. So then… I just have to scan it on my thingy. New sensor. Enter code. Take photo. Done. Next. Start sensor. [clap] You did it! [Peter] Good work, team. So what’s your review? Um, if you hadn’t jumped it would have been fine. [chuckling] But… [coughing] It was cool to see how it works. Yeah. Can we also take a minute, cuz I just asked Hannah, hey, how did you originally find our videos? Oh, yeah, so I was working as minor’s counsel for foster children, and- Which is a lawyer thing. Yes, so it was my job to advocate for children that came, uh… into foster care for whatever reason, and I had a child who was a client of mine that had CF and I needed to find placement for him. So I didn’t know what to ask for. I didn’t know what to advocate for. I didn’t know anything about CF, like, what he would need. So I kind of just googled about CF. I don’t remember the exact phrase. Yeah. Um… one of your videos came up and it was just about CF and it was really helpful for me as a resource to say, okay, so here’s things that he will need or things like doctors that he will need, because he really didn’t have any sort of care. Right. Before that, so it was a really cool resource for me and then I just kind of stuck around. I’m so glad you did. It’s so crazy because we get emails from like, teachers in the school system. I just had somebody contact me who’s a horseback riding teacher and they might have a student with CF starting, and they have questions about this, but there are like, so many areas that CF touches that I guess you don’t really think about right away, but people who are representing kids with CF, or um… Even just working with kids with CF, I feel like, is something that people need education on. Yeah, and I’m glad that our videos could, I mean, I had no clue that it was going to help in that way. I’m so glad. Um, and I’ve had thoughts, and let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas. I think I’m gonna try to do a video about like, for teachers who have students with CF. Now, I was home-schooled, so I don’t have the classroom experience through the school years, but in high school I went to a community college and then I was in college as well. So like, I can imagine some of the challenges that younger aged kids would have, so from my perspective I’m just gonna kind of bring up some of the things to think about. But um, school teachers, um, a band teacher recently reached out and a horseback-riding teacher. So like, let me know if you are somebody with a student with CF, like what area of the classroom or teaching… like, what would be helpful to include in the video? So anyway, those are some thoughts from today and tonight. So we hope you had a wonderful Monday. And… [both] As always, we’ll see you tomorrow. Good night. ♬ [Peter] Good night Ollie boy. We’ll see you tomorrow. [laughter] ♬♬

83 thoughts on “TEACHING MY FRIEND TO INSERT MY DEXCOM [laughter included] 😂

  1. Everyone is different- would YOU want to try helping your friend with medical stuff? Or would you rather not? I suppose this comes down to the question of… are you a medical nerd or some other kind of nerd 🙂 ??

  2. So happy to see having fun with your sweet friend. Seeing you run yesterday brought me so much joy. Ollie loves her!! Enjoy your time. Blessings to you all. 💜💜

  3. Mary, you are so sweet! I love your patience and willingness to teach others and let others give it a try. You are amazing and I admire you! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  4. 😂 Aww Ollie being a ornery poodle❤️. I found out throughout the journey’s my family and i are walking through that i can’t help with blood sugar checks, also being a nurse roll dealing with the elderly not in my capablitys. Anything else i’m right there😊💪❤️

  5. Your mom would be a good one for new mothers. She did talk some recently but give her some time to think about when you 2 little rascals were born then talk about her experiences. I love your mom I think we could be good friends and Peters mom well let’s just say I’ll go to her house for dinner anytime. Mmmm maybe they could put together a cookbook for the online store to help raise money for CF. Well can you tell I’m not feeling well so I’m in bed with time on my hands

  6. You guys should make a video of Video outtakes with Oliver….could be called Oliver’s outtakes and funny moments 🤣💜

  7. I would love if you made a video on how we could support children who are at school and have CF. I am in school to become an early childhood educator and would love to know was I can make children with cf feel included and maybe ways of how to explain cf to younger kids.

  8. The alcohol cleans the connectors on the transmitter because each new transmitter sensor has this gel stuff that makes the connection happen so you want to get the old gel off

  9. Sugar, I'm so glad that you posted this! I've needed to apply a new Freestyle Libre glucose monitor for weeks (I know, I know) but keep forgetting. I paused the video at 21 seconds and tended to it! Thanks!!!

  10. Hey Mary and Peter. I thought I`d tell you how I found your videos and why I’ve stuck around! I think I found them around 18 months ago when searching for something about feeding tubes. I have a medically complex daughter but no involvement with CF and really didn’t know much about it. You have educated me so much about CF but also about living positively with a chronic and life limiting health condition. I love the bond you both share and of course, Ollie. You ou help me to cope with my daughters medical struggles so thank you. We are in Glasgow, Scotland x

  11. Mary it would probably be very educational if your mother could tell us how she raised two children with CF. There are probably some new parents with CF children who are overwhelmed and might need to hear from someone who has a lot of experience in this matter. Just a thought.

  12. I will be graduating in May and starting teaching, I would love to have a video of more information on anything you think would be important for teachers to know! 💛

  13. Hi Guys & Hannah , Thanks for the video , I like the idea of the couch where it is , kind`a acts like a divider between the eating area and the living room. Good job with the Dexcom sensor Hannah , I think Ollie has a crush on you !! Mary I think you should do a video about CF , we could always have more info. Like this new med !! , most know it is not a cure , but how long can a CF patient take it ?? Anyway , all knowledge is good knowledge , take care folks and have a great evening , Gary 

  14. 2:20 i totally forgot about ollie for a second and i was thinking the noise was Peter laughing! What a strange laugh that would be 😂😅

  15. You guys totally have to watch your vlog with no sound using the auto generated CC !😂 It's quite interesting today 🤣👍

  16. One of your daily videos was suggested to me, as I watch a lot of medical documentaries just to educate myself. That particular video was about 2 years ago, when Mary was hospitalised.
    I am so happy to see Mary doing this well on the tripple combo
    Love from Germany

  17. I love the friendship you and Hannah share! I found your channel while learning about service dogs, a couple videos all about Ollie came up and they were so helpful! And next thing you know, I started binge watching all your videos and in turn learned so much about CF and what we can do to support CF patients. I love your channel because it's so educational. Great work Frey Team!

  18. Mary, you are such a mischief! Poor Hannah must have been a nervous wreck by the time she’d finished doing your Dexcom! xxxxxxxxx

  19. Peter…lol he dont play when it comes to Mary and her medical treatments!!
    Peter..lets just explain it!! Lol gotta love this Godly man!! Mary you have the best husband!! Many blessings to you Peter and [email protected]

  20. O im more a watcher type!! Doing a procedure on you or anyone would scare me….caise i dnt know what i am doing!!!!

  21. I think a part you can include in ur cf video is that your cough is not considered contagious and also that you need to cough to clear out your lungs

  22. You have a such a great friend, Mary! I would really like to walk for you in Nebraska because I have had challenges walking, but I think this is a great goal for me. If you have information on the CF walks in Omaha, NE please let me know [email protected]

  23. I help my mom place her dexcom but we alternate from arm to stomach. I wonder if it’s ok for all de cons to be places on thigh. Would be so helpful

  24. What about a music teacher? I have a degree in vocal performance and used to teach voice. In voice you breathe from your diaphragm but it still takes a lot of lung breathing too. I know that you sing (and are a beautiful singer!) is there anything I would need to know to help someone else with CF learn to sing??

  25. Peter, as a thinker, you shouldn't have had to rearrange the furniture, you should have thought, fireplace, marvelous, it should be the center of attention and you would have not had to rearrange the furniture. (teasing 😜😜😜)
    I think, having worked in the school system for over 30 years, teachers can learn how to physically care for the CF child, particularly if there is a school nurse. I don't have CF but I do have asthma and as a child, it was pretty bad and I could be fine one minute and having an asthma attack another minute. I hated it because, like any other child, I didn't want to be different. So 1st would be how to make the CF child feel included in the classroom setting, helping the teacher to help the fellow students so that they know what to do to help a CF child. Did that make sense? I think it's a lot about building "community" within the classroom so that the CF child feels apart of the classroom and not feel like an outsider and that the other children kinda know what they can do to help a CF child.
    I don't know if this is a reality for a CF child as much as it is for an asthmatic child but in one instance, a child began having an asthma attack on the playground and no one, least of all the teacher on duty, knew what to do to help the child. Part of the problem, I'm sure, was that when the child began having trouble breathing, she began to panic (I know how panicky it can be to struggle to breathe) and the panic probably worsened the situation. I learned as I got older that the best thing to do was to slow my breathing and work at taking deeper breaths which of course is hard to do through what feels like pin holes because your bronchial tubes are closing up. Had someone been trained in what to do, the best thing a teacher could have done until the nurse got there was to keep the child calm and breathing in a controlled way. I did that with a student. I realized he was wheezing and although he wasn't too awfully bad, it can go south pretty quickly so I calmly walked him to the nurse's office, told her what I had observed and she, of course, pulled out her stethoscope and yup, I wasn't hearing things. But the whole thing revolved around keeping him calm so he didn't panic which would have made his breathing worsen much quicker. The nurse gave him a breathing treatment and he was good to go. A lot of teachers need to be aware of stuff like that so they know what is best to do with a child.

  26. Please do the teachers for CF video! I am a second grade teacher and have a student with CF. It would be very very helpful!!!!

  27. I work for an organization that runs an outdoor education camp for children but we also have a fairly new school year camp for field trip learning opportunities. As we grow we strive to be able to reach as many children as possible no matter their abilities. Do you have any suggestions on how we can better equip ourselves to be provide the same opportunity for CF kids? It has not come up yet but it would be wonderful to be able to say we are capable of providing what may be needed for a week at summer camp or a field trip type visit.

  28. Matt still won't put on my Dexcom. He'll take the old one off for me but does NOT want to be responsible for putting it on. I get it but find it so cool how many people want to hell with yours.

  29. Another awesome video idea Mary would be important Info for nurses that aren’t specialised respiratory nurses. Ie. sometimes there is no room for CF patients on the respiratory/CF ward, so sometimes they have to go to another ward until a room comes available on their usual ward. I think it would be really helpful!!!

  30. Mary & Hannah – Medical Nerd Twins!! Loving it… 🙂 PS – now that you've started rearranging furniture I feel like you're really starting to feel at home!!

  31. I was not a teacher with a child with CF, but a Sunday School teacher watching children reacting to my cancer, and other kids with diseases. And as a child, I had a friend in my church with CF. Because I was friends with her, and was in Sunday School and Awana (a church girl/boy scout type of group) every week, I knew how to react to her CF coughing fits. However, I also remember watching the reaction of the kids who were not active members, or were visitors, bet scared. And a few times even ask that God help the girl who was coughing, so her cough would go away. One time, one even said "please help the girl with the cough, not die". I am sure this was very scary for them. And knowing that you went to church as a child, you may have had to deal with this too. So, do you have any suggestions of how to handle this, for the Sunday School teachers, and leaders of other children's activities?

  32. Mary, I use to bleed like crazy every time and then it also didn't work well after the bleeding. I STOPPED the skin squeeze and just put it on there and push the button and I NEVER have any blood any more!!!! Might give that a try.

  33. Great idea to make a video for teachers! How wonderful that Hannah found you through your videos. It sounds like she does very important work.


  35. Mary I love your laugh in the background when Ollie finds the treats and helps himself!!

    And I think I could probably do it. I’m always curious about those kinds of things

  36. I’m a Special Education teacher in a public school. I don’t have any students with CF currently but I had a student who had a feeding tube last year and I learned a LOT about feeding tube care from you and Jacquie at Chronically Jacquie (that’s actually how I found your YouTube channel!). But I was so much more comfortable with the aspect of what to do if something was going wrong and even helped a few times when that students nurse was absent and there was a sub!

  37. I admire people who can do medical stuff. I couldn’t do it. I can’t stand people touching me nor do I like touching others. Besides I have a shaking disorder. Might not be safe for me to do anything medical to another.

  38. What have others done that you’ve found most helpful when you’re sick and what are least helpful, even if well intentioned?

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