Teal Pumpkin Trunk or Treat at Asthma and Allergy Center

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the following portion of daytime Blue Ridge is sponsored by [Music] a lloween is right around the corner which can be a stressful time for parents who have children with allergies but there is a project dedicated to making the holiday a little less scary for those parents and joining me to talk about the teal pumpkin project is dr. Saad you even from the asthma allergy center thank you so much for being here thank you for having me here Brittany so first you all are celebrating an anniversary is that right yes it’s a 70th anniversary it’s a huge milestone for us yeah that’d be a huge milestone for anybody that’s incredible so how are you guys celebrating well as part of our celebrations we decided to bring awareness to the teal pumpkin project and you know this is a project which was started by the food allergy research and education network and it’s basically to include kids with allergies in Halloween so how does it work so you know if anybody wants to participate in the project they would put a teal colored pumpkin as you can see this or they can print a picture of a teal pumpkin and put it in the front of the house and then this indicates the parents that that house will be having non-food treats for kids and okay and you know if you really want to participate in it you know you can actually go to the website for FA re that is the organization and sign your house up and it’ll actually come up on a GPS map and so parents with kids with food allergies can actually look at that and see which houses because I’m sure parents will avoid going trick-or-treating at all with their kids absolutely because of the fear uh-huh one in 13 kids have food allergies and you know if they go trick-or-treating there’s a problem being exposed to either read or peanuts or nut and so this is the problem with allergies food allergies is that a lot of kids are not included in activity so for example in school sometimes the kids have to sit at separate tables and the same thing happens they can’t participate in Halloween and this aims to let kids participate gives them that ability to participate so you get your pumpkin you paint it teal and then you buy just like little trinket yeah like you know glow-in-the-dark bracelet or something like that you know toys small toys and that’s what it’s handed at and that’s part of our celebrations we and the practice is actually organizing what we call a trunk-or-treat okay and on the 2028 Saturday and where kids can come in the office and it’ll be allergy free they’ll be out you free I love that that’s so cool so have you all done that before is it just know this is supposed to be doing it and we decided to do it as part of in an anniversary and is it happening at your location it is at the Franklin Road location it’s one 5:05 Franklin Road and the asthma analogy sent over oh no that’s cool can you how many kids are there that have a learnt food allergies one in 13 kids that’s I think and so what are some important things that people should know about food allergies well in earthy if you know that you have symptoms suggest a food allergies obviously you should get diagnosed with food I’ll just see an allergist confirm that that you have it and if you have it right now you basically what you can do is avoid the foods it’s so education is important because you know you may think that a food doesn’t contain a certain eye ingredient for example peanuts and you may eat something not knowing that and you can get an allergic reaction and so that can be sometimes severe rarely fatal and so a vanna’s is really important and kids with food allergies adults you know really needing to have an epinephrine injector and benadryl on hand at all times and just being aware and knowing is kind of the first step absolutely people can do allergy testing uh-huh I did it and found out what I was allergic to it’s a simple process so go over there remind us where you’re located it’s one 5:05 Franklin Road southwest Roanoke two four zero one six and what’s the website again for people want more information on the to the ASP analogy Senate net

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