Tell Me a Story: Jovante Woods’ Story Spotlights Asthma and Organ Donation

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I’m Chandra Woods. And I’m
Elbert Ickey Woods, Jovante’s father. He struggled with Asthma all his life. We thought we knew it all. We both grew up
with asthma, as well. Ickey Woods: So we, as parents, I guess, thought
we had the asthma thing under control. You think you know everything there is to know
about asthma and then tragedy strikes and you realize you didn’t know as much as you
thought you did. You know, as kids get older and they’ve been dealing with it their whole
life they think they also have it under control, and, and, and we didn’t. Asthma is an illness
that is not looked upon as a serious illness because, you know, you deal with it every
day. But it is a serious illness and that’s the thing we want to get across to families,
just to make everyone aware that asthma is a serious illness, and it does take lives.
But through it all we’re able to smile and laugh because of the memories we have with
Jovante and a lot of the things that he did. And to our surprise, I know I was very surprised,
that on his driving permit he checked that he wanted to be an organ donor. You know,
since he did mark yes on his driving permit, we said, “Well, that’s what he wanted to do.” By him also being an organ donor I know we
don’t have him in the physical sense, but it helps me to make it day-by-day just knowing
there are parts of him, you know, walking around and saving other lives. He was able to save five lives. We’re going
to have an opportunity to find out the lives he saved, so we’ll hopefully one day have
an opportunity to meet those people. We’re looking forward to that. Yeah. Very, very forward to that.

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