Terrifying Bath Bomb Ingredients & Safer Bath Recipes

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Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Today we’re talking about bath bombs and the
toxicity of these bath bombs today and talking about how to take a natural bath and some
of my favorite essential oils to use to really soothe and help heal your body. And I appreciate everybody who’s jumping online
right now, and I also want to say thank you for being part of this episode. I know so many of you guys have a lot you’re
doing, a lot going on. So again, really excited you could be here
with me and I want to say this as well, hey help me share this right now. You know the number of people that are dropping
these bombs into their bathtub? And it’s actually destroying their health
and their kid’s health. So help me spread the word right now, take
a minute, punch that share button, and click that like button. Let’s teach people how to use food, and essential
oils, and herbs as medicine and not use these bath bombs. I’m going to jump in and let’s talk about
this. So, bath bombs, these are things and some
of you may not even know what these are, but bath bombs are these sort of these balls of
toxins, and fragrances, and antibacterials that you can drop in the bath to clean yourself. And here’s the problem, they’re loaded with
toxic fragrances. These have been shown to actually harm the
kidneys and the liver and these are in these bath bombs. Number two, they’re full of dyes which may
affect and cause a toxic in blood stream. So we know dyes actually have been linked
to ADHD in children. A lot of these food dyes and dyed chemicals,
those are found in these bath bombs. They’ve also been linked to UTIs. You know what? They have a lot of, just like they put . . . there’s
antibacterial hand soap. Well, these are antibacterial and contain
compounds like Triclosan which you’ve been linked to liver damage. But here’s the other big thing they do, they
kill the good bacteria in your gut known as probiotics and within your urinary tract. When that happens that’s going to increase
the risk of UTIs, that’s urinary tract infections on a regular basis. Glitter, there’s glitter in these bath bombs
and other colorings that you shouldn’t be soaking your whole body in as one. Here’s something you got to remember, your
skin is your body’s largest organ, and certain things can’t get in but certain things can. Things that are very chemical based, very
small molecules, can actually get from your skin into your bloodstream and they’re very,
very unhealthy and toxic to your system. You know, again they’ve also been correlated
with yeast infections as they also contain boric acid another toxin. So I couldn’t encourage you more to stay away
from bath bombs. Let’s talk about what to use instead. Number one, Epsom salts. You know Epsom salts are loaded with magnesium,
which is known as the relaxation mineral. And magnesium has so many benefits. It’s actually responsible for more than 200
biochemical actions within your body and so Epsom salts, again all of that magnesium is
key. Magnesium has been shown to help lower blood
pressure, it’s been shown to help relieve headaches, it’s been shown to help relieve
tension in the neck and shoulders, it’s been shown to help reduce muscle cramping and muscle
spasms, and help relieve sore muscles, it’s been shown to help with anxiety and depression. The list goes on and on and on with the benefits
of magnesium. It supports hydration of the body and helps
building strong bones. There you go. Epsom salts are a great way to get more magnesium
into your body. Baking soda. Baking soda is very alkaline. It’s alkalizing to the body and can be very
nourishing to the skin and support anti-aging. So baking soda, the other great thing about
it it’s very cleansing. Okay, it’s one of the greatest natural cleaners
out there. Today, in fact, I used baking soda and my
homemade shampoo recipe, I use it as part of my natural toothpaste recipe as well, I
used as part of my natural deodorant recipe. It is very good for staying clean and fresh,
and keeping away certain types of bad bacteria that can cause body odor. So baking soda is a great thing to use in
your bath and in place of these bath bombs that are so toxic to the body. Homemade bath salts. You know different types of salts are full
of electrolytes and those are also very cleansing to the body and also can help with any type
of dampness within your body you know. Have you ever been told if you had a sinus
infection to suck up some sea salt up your nostrils or gargle with salt water if you
had mucus in your throat? Well, salt is drying, right? It can dry things up and so bath salts are
very good for helping get rid of mucus and phlegm. So if you’re sick with a cold or flu, soaking
in some bath salts along with these other things can be very great for your body. And my favorite on this list is bath friendly
essential oils. We know essential oils are beneficial for
a number of things. I’m going to talk about some of my favorites
here really quickly. You know if you’re struggling with some aches
and pains and muscle issues, wintergreen oil and peppermint oil are great because they’re
cooling and soothing whereas ginger oil and cinnamon are very warming. But for most people again, if you’re very
sore very hot, it’s the middle of summer and you want to sort of cool your body down, this
is great for athletes. A little bit of peppermint and wintergreen
oil, or not a lot, just a little bit of peppermint oil in a bath tub can be very, very great
for your skin there as well. Let me show you some of my favorite recipes
here. Here are some DIY recipes. This is a soothing bath soap, if you really
want to soothe your body, three to five drops of lavender and rosemary oil together. Now rosemary oil is actually great for naturally
thickening your hair. Lavender oil is good for naturally relaxing
your body. So this is a great one to do together to sort
of ease withdrawal symptoms as well and actually curb food cravings. So if you’re on a diet right now and you’re
sort of craving some foods, go and soaking in a tub full of rosemary and lavender may
actually help with cravings. An anti-anxiety bath, combine three cups of
Epsom salts and one cup of baking soda in 20 to 30 drops of lavender essential oil and
soak for 20 to 30 minutes. If you have anxiety, this is great. The Epsom salts are full of magnesium, which
is the relaxation mineral, which fights anxiety. Lavender oil has been proven to reduce anxiety
as well. So this is a great type of anti-anxiety healing
bath and a recipe you might like to follow. The sleepy time blend, my wife and I do this
as well. We actually make a blend and we use actually
magnesium oil and we mix that with chamomile oil, and lavender oil, and ylang ylang oil
is another great one. Mixing those together, rubbing it on our neck
and sort of our shoulders and chest and back, and it is a great blend for sleeping. And you can also do those very same things
in the bathtub. So here’s what you need to know number one,
don’t use bath bombs. They are like bombing the good bacteria in
your body. It’s destroying your health. They’ve got chemical fragrances, dyes, they
can cause UTIs, and yeast infections, can also contain boric acid. Safer options, Epsom salts, baking soda, homemade
bath salts, and essential oils. So remember stay away from the bath bombs
and instead use these natural beauty bombs with essential oils, a much better option. And hey, if you’ve enjoyed this live video,
do me a favor, punch that share button, click that like button. There’s a lot of people using these chemicals
and they’re not realizing the damaging effects that’s happening on their body. And hey, if you not subscribed, make sure
you subscribe here to our YouTube and our Facebook pages here as well. Guys, it’s been Dr. Axe talking about the
dangers of bath bombs.

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  1. What a shame that you are trying to act like an expert and lump everything into the same category. You tell people that you mix 3 different essential oils and put them on your shoulder area and don't bother to mention that they should be premixed with a carrier oil, or that only a few drops per ounce are used. Not everyone makes toxic bath bombs. Homecrafters and artisans take special precautions to make safe natural products, bath bombs included. Please STOP misinforming the public and be more specific about which brands you are talking about…usually commercial manufacturers who are only interested in money.

  2. That looks like someone is paying you a lot of Money to tell Bullshit like this! Where did you do your research? You are a Doctor? You are Fake!

  3. Every bath bomb I've seen as well as DIT tutorials use everything in the list of what you should use; Epsom saor or bath salt, essential oils, and baking soda along with usually coconut oil and citric acid for fizziness is used. Biodegradable glitter can be an extra ingredient but not always. Idk what bombs you've been looking at. Also through research I found that bath bombs are actually categorized under cosmetic because they usually don't claim to "clean you" as they say, they're supposed to make you feel and smell good and typically be good for your skin.

  4. im feeling like i want to het your head with one of my bath bombs right now , maybe you will think and talk better next time , NAAH i dont think that's will help !

  5. you do realize most bath bombs made by reputable people are epsom salt,baking soda, dead sea salt and essential oils? You really shouldve researched a bit more before doing this video because it shows how much you do not know about bath bombs.

  6. Not all bath bombs are the same I make a natural clay , essential oils & epsom salts with organic cocoa butter and baking soda balances PH I have psoriasis and never have any issues with even the mica colored ones. And there is BIO & Mineral Glitter

  7. I don't know where you are buying your bath bombs. Everything on your " Safe Options" are in bath bombs. I've never seen or made a bath bomb with any of the ingredients you listed in your toxic example. With the exception of fragrance oils. You are right about essential oils being a better option.

  8. This is absolutely ridiculous, can you specify the bath bombs you are referring to? Good luck in your pursuits to shill well meaning people "Doctor" Axe…

  9. Ohhhh nooooo. I usually love this guy but felt the same there are many different ways to make bath bombs, but to be fair to the guy the ones in the shops are usually loaded with….crap that gives people the common problems you here about when people tell you they mabye cant use them ….i however like a lot of others make home made bath bombs with pure essential oils, bicarbonate of soda and citric acid….mabye a wee petal lol….i also use natural colouring …….still teaches to be aware of ingredients on a positive note

  10. A lot of people already said what needed to be said about the actual safety of artisan bath bombs. Quit buying yours at the dollar store! Also, are you an aromatherapist? I’m guessing NO! You gave very dangerous usage suggestions of essential oils. Remember kids, just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s safe! face palm what a crackpot!

  11. This is so infuriating! Did you notice everything is very vague? Which ingredients are you talking about that is "toxic" (he makes it sounds like its gonna kill you!) If dyes and glitters are so awefull, maybe you should warn women not to wear makeup or even lotions, creams and bubble bath that have dyes and glitter in it? I hate "experts" like that who create fear among people who just trust whatever they say because they are "doctors". And what is worse? He speaks of essential oils like common oils! You should never just put essential oils directly on you! You should mix them in carrier oil first! And most importantly, can be very dangerous for children! What works for an adult can be life threatening for an child or an infant! You cant just use them without doing some reasearch! This guy would be a very good teacher in : How to mislead people 101

  12. Sorry, Axe but these are what they put into the bath bombs especially those who make them. Glitter may be the only thing that may be harmful. If girls put it all of their body and makeup it shouldn't hurt in the bath in small quantities. You are an alarmist. Corporations aren't out to kill their customers!

  13. It's true!! It's like soap and i have never used one before because of that I get utis from just using soap so this isn't any different

  14. uti? buddy the moment you dump anything other than water in your bath will lead to a uti. threats of uti isnt even a fucking argument. also? you cant even absorb magnesium through the skin, so dumping epsom salt into a bath isnt going to do anything beyond placebo.

  15. Thank you for this. i make them as well and keep them as natural and organic as possible because my children have extremely sensitive skin. if you are interested, its bathroomoasis.etsy.com . my colorants are specifically researched and completely safe as are all my ingrediants, coconut oil, shea butter, coacoa butter, mango butter, epsom salts, himilayan salts, ect. can you check them out to make sure everything is up to par and messege me please, thank you

  16. Wow dude you are making this video because you are to cheap to buy your wife or someone a bath bomb

  17. I don’t really care what you say about bath bombs I’m still using them because you obviously aren’t a professional doctor if I’m concerned about the bath bombs I’ll ask my real doctor thanks

  18. All the bath bombs that I've used really help treat my eczema, both mass produced and handmade… idk where this guy gets his info

  19. Dude people sometimes use Epsom salts in bath bombs. You should ask someone who make bath bombs. Bath bombs can help your body. You can add tea and coffee in bath bombs. Let's see you make a bath bomb

  20. Can you look at ancient wisdoms bath bombs. They have oils and the way it is promoted it looks like it is healthy for the skin. I'm confused.

  21. Some bath bombs are made with dodgy ingredients but other bath bombs are made with skin safe ingredients right down to the fragrance oil.

  22. Dr. Axe. While I have respected you, this video is contradictory to natural bath bombs, sweepingly generalizes them all as unhealthy, yet you list the ingredients of many healthy bath bombs as Do's not dont's. Organic, vs conventional/chemical. I was searching for health promoting information to back up my products and inform women about vaginal health, non eco friendly dyes and glitters, vs natural products. l Generally respect your information, but this is messy and misinforming

  23. I agree, my bath bombs are made with all the good ingredients. Hand made home made are the best. Read your labels and ask the producers what is in the Bath Bomb. He is full of Crap about what he is stating. He needs to specify what he is referring to. He is a terrible Doctor to be using generalities not specific. Water is bad for us also along with Floride but he isn't telling you to get a purification system for your water. Jeez!

  24. BOMBERS… come on now… give Dr. Axe a break that he may know just a LITTLE more about toxic ingredients and how they operate within the body!! I mean we all make these at home from "as natural ingredients as possible" the fact still remains that the COLORANTS we use are indeed VERY VERY TOXIC and when we SIT in a tub of warm water for 20 minutes or more, those toxins soak right into our skin and then into the bloodstream just like the minerals in the Epsom salt, etc… If you are NOT aware then for your information: FD&C Red 40, Yellow 5 & 6, Red 3 are just a few of the colors listed as carcinoginic (cancer causing). Now I know what you are going to say next… "But I only use a very very tiny bit to color my bombs." Yes, that is true… but add that tiny bit to multiple bombs a month, plus the colors in food and drinks and OTHER personal care products… It adds up. Dyes / Lakes / MICAs ALL contain these FD&C colors. And trust me, the FD&C knows what these colorants do, they don't care as in so many other things they could care less about in our food source. These dyes are nothing new and people have been trying to remove them from our foods for years. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/food-dyes-linked-to-allergies-adhd-and-cancer-group-calls-on-us-to-outlaw-their-use/

  25. part 2 BOMBERS…. Take a look at this study published in the Journal Soc. Cosmet. Chem., 40, 321-333 (November/December 1989) called "Comedogenicity and irritancy of commonly used ingredients in skin care products" by JAMES E. FULTON, JR. You will see the list of FD&C colors and most of them fall in the 2-3 range which means = "Follicular keratosis actually looks like seborrheic keratosis in appearance. It usually occurs in hair follicle in form of a tumor around that area." This is an exhautive list to help you choose safe ingredients. I hope this helps!

  26. For lush, they use:
    Biodegradable glitter made of seaweed
    Natural dyes made from flowers and plants
    Scents from again, flowers, leaves, plants, and essential oils
    So, why don't u "doctors" do research, huh?

  27. Yea and spend $$$ on Johnson & Johnson products. These are handmade items please stop it. All natural products. Wth this doctor didn’t test the handmade ones i see.

  28. Naturally Vain and Lush in many other homemade bath bombs are made with all the ingredients on your so-called good list and none of the ones that you mentioned in your bad list please do your research from a kind of irritated bath bomb enthusiast

  29. Wintergreen EO is SO bad for you and should not be applied to the skin, especially in children, infants and pregnant women. Also, your site has these warning labels and yet you're here jus hey yeah use it. So which is it. Essential oils should be DILUTED, and it says that on your website. Just goes to show you actually don't make your website articles. For those interested since I have no doctorate degree… https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-783/wintergreen WebMD is a good resource for the warnings on wintergreen. Use peppermint instead as it is safer, but again here you go: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-705/peppermint

  30. Good Info and I agree 100% better to use natural safe ingredients than some of the crap people put in bath bombs.

  31. Good Info and I agree 100% better to use natural safe ingredients than some of the crap people put in bath bombs.

  32. Also glitter does suck. Microplastics are the worst for our environment. So get with the plant based and lustre program y'all! There are good makers and natural or naturally derived ingredients out there. Educate yourselves.

  33. I feel you’ve done a great disservice to those of us who make our livings selling our handmade bombs. Most of us care very much about making a natural and non toxic product. We care about the health of our customers. It would have been nice for you to be more exact with the bomb makers you were putting into the category of dangerous bombs. There are plenty out there but also so many who do natural and quite safe bomb products.

  34. Dr. Axe, many of us crafters have spent countless hours researching the best ingredients to put into our bath bombs. Not all are created equal. As for the use of essential oils, please do your research and perhaps make a follow up video. Essential oils need to be properly diluted before applying to skin or using in the bath. Also, some essential oils should not be used by those with certain medical conditions, if pregnant/breastfeeding or under 10 years of age.

  35. I would never recommend peppermint or Wintergreen for baths! They are so so strong and most people don't realize to add literally 1 drop. These cooling oils can be too sensitizing! The skin can burn and you might feel cold for hours after. Be careful! I also make healthy bath bombs, with baking soda and real essential oils… So this video does not totally work for me! 🤔

  36. I have honestly never seen any bath bombs with the ingredients he is describing. Do more research you fucking dick!!!!!

  37. I make bath bombs and they are natural they don’t have anything bad in them and the ones that we are selling say what are in them in case of allergies and so people know what’s in them but I use nothing that’s going to harm you

  38. Whilst you do make some good points on what not to use in bath bombs you clearly and arrogantly also attack the responsible handcrafters of these products also. Those being, people that take great care to research and use non harmful products. What are you selling Doc?

  39. It's funny because most bath bombs are actually made with all of the "safer options" that he mentions! And this guy is a doctor?

  40. Bath bombs can be pricey so we reach for the cheap ones and those are the ones that are full of toxins is what he’s saying. Those are very harmful to kids. Caused warts all over a little boy

  41. I am here to tell you that these can cause serious UTIs in men andwomen. Even the healthy recipes must be used only on occasion. I was on a roll with bombs and detox baths and wound up causing some serious UTIs to take hold that took months to get rid of and also had to cut down the bath additives altogether.

  42. Wow! PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! Do not listen to this "Doctor" who clearly knows not much about what are in bath bombs! Everything he said that is good for your skin IS WHAT IS IN THE BATH BOMB! Perhaps he should just mention to read the ingredients list of the bath bomb before using it? That would have been better! My company makes all natural products, and bath bombs is one thing we make as well… With NONE OF THE HARMFUL THINGS HE MENTIONED! In fact only the good things he mentioned are in our bath bombs! Seriously… this video couldn't be more backwards.

  43. Best way to stay safe, bath bombs can be good. Stay away from big shop chain bath bombs and also pound or dollar store bombs, ingredients- less is better, all the ones I make have basic ingredients which are bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, sweet almond oil, water, skin safe fragrance and eazycolour to colour them. Bubbling agent should be SLSa as this cat be absorbed unlike the SLS used in big stores like LUSH

  44. I generally do not go on rants but I figured that this needed to be done. So here we go.Ok at 1:30 This man Said that dies were linked to cause children to have ADHD. That is simply not true. People are born with ADHD. It is not something that you can just get from outside factors. You get it from your genetics. Now on a side note, if a child is ingesting a red dye it can cause a child with ADHD to become more hyper. Emphasis on the word ingesting like into the mouth and to the stomach. I’ve said my piece. goodbye!

  45. In all the years ive made bath bombs ive never used borax and nor do i know of any bathbomb producers who use it. The powder colours are non toxic and along with citric acid are all used in food and soaps. Then they are dissolved in ratio less than 1% of bath water depending on size

  46. You can eat a bathbomb as long as the fragrance is removed! Epsom salts, bicarb, citric acid, witch hazel, natural colour and fragrances. Thats a bath bomb!

  47. do you even research? I don't know where you get your bath bombs but mine have Epsom salts baking soda citric acid and essential oils……you have literally trashed my bath bombs and told people the same ingredients separately are safer and healthier……..to think I used to look up to you…smh. One more thing. Oil and water do not mix dropping EO's in your bath water? I wonder how many people you just overdosed. you did not talk about safe amounts, drug interaction, skin irritants (peppermint) or allergies. Just go get some essential oil and dump it in. I would quit worrying about UTI;s and worry about how many potential miscarriages you just endorsed..a few drops…..a few drops to you may be 5 to 10 for someone unskilled it could be 50 to 100. EO's are STRONG medicine and a multitude of them are unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. SHAME ON YOU! we won't even get into the dangers of EO's and high blood pressure. shame shame shame shame shame!!!! I will never recommend you again.

  48. This is ridiculous!! I don’t trust you now by the little research that has been done for bath bombs. People should also do their research and get their bath bombs from trusted companies. Maybe not from places like Wish or even Amazon (Amazon handmade would be better). I’m absolutely appalled, especially when I make and sell bath bombs!

  49. The bath bombs in the thumb nail happen to contain none of the "toxic" ingredients you're talking about.

  50. One word for you – IDIOT! You have clearly not bothered to do any research, – and by the way – your bath friendly essential oils are supposed to be diluted in a carrier oil or milk before adding to your bath! Safe to say I won't be taking any advice from you.

  51. There are so many of us that make natural and pure bathbombs. Epsom salt, baking soda, Pink french clay powder, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, dead sea mud, safe colored mica, essential oils, herbs and oats, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil and the list goes on.

  52. I completely agree Dr. Axe !!!!! There are alot of people who don't understand that the bath bombs from Walmart and other places that sell the pre-packaged kind are not good for them. I make my own bath salts with essential oils that are wonderful and healthy!!!

  53. He's bought his own press. $$$ He seems to know a little about a lot, possessing little working knowledge of his subject matter. Not really an authority. He keeps referring to disrupting the "normal flora" found within the G.I. tract, as well as the perigenital area without making mention to any statistical data. I LOVE E.O., as we all do, and referring to their use as a "safer" alternative without mentioning sensitivity, toxicity, and age-specific dilution requirements is as hazardous and foolish as the subject matter of this video. Whether you are a M.D. or N.D., some suffer from the GOD complex, and neither degree give you dominion on all subject matter, and certainly not an authority. Good grief. General and blanket-statements lack substance and meaning, and perpetuate ignorance and ambiguity. BTW dropping any E.O. oil in bath water is just beyond ignorant! It's dangerous. E.O. as you know are lipophilic and hydrophobic, meaning that without a "surfactant," they remain on the water surface, and upon contact with skin, E.O. naturally absorb trans-dermally to adipose tissue. This poses a greater risk of sensitizing, burning as the E.O. is localized, and yes, causing your famous UTI. When i invest in a subject, i tend to go over-board on statistical data and evidence-based info. I suggest you do the same. I have worked in clinical medicine for nearly 30 years and i am capable of seeing the forest thru the trees! KNOW your products, and their ingredients. Products that are so-called %100 pure can be just as dangerous as those that are not.

  54. You should not generalize bath bombs because you can make all natural bath bombs is baking soda Epsom salt powdered milk essential oils clays etc

  55. Any type of fragrance oil is unhealthy and pretty much all commercially made bath bombs have fragrance oils. And it is true that the colorants and fragrance oils can affect UTI health and can cause yeast infections. And micas or glitters must be cosmetic quality if used and should not contain aluminum. He does make the mistake of not putting the essential oils he uses in a dispersant before adding to the tub. You can't just dump them into the water…oil and water do not mix. The oils will gravitate to your skin and can cause irritation, especially down south! And I would never use peppermint essential oil in a bath! He needs to consult with a certified aromatherapist. But the info on epsom salts and baking soda is interesting.

  56. I just mix dry chamomile n lavender flower in pot n drink it as a tea while soaking my feet in foot spa with Epsom salt . Its relive pain n make me sleep within an hour!

  57. I had a bath bomb from Lush, it was expensive and I work hard to keep my serve rheumatologists arthritis at bay, I did the intergalactic bath bomb for the first time last night. I FEEL SO BAD I WANT TO LITERALLY CRY. IMEDIATLY AFTER THE BATH I FELT EXTREAMLY TIRED THEN ALL JOINTS STARTED TO HURT. THEN I WOKE UP FINDING IT HARD TO BREATH AND TENTION KNOT IN MY RIGHT SHOULDER THERE IS NO DOUBT THESE BOMBS ARE EXTREAMLY BAD 4 YOUR BODY

  58. Hi! Great video (as always). I just want to drop in and shed some light on a few things about bath bombs because they are getting a lot of bad attention when it comes to women's health and it's not actually the bath bombs that are to blame. In order to make the bath bombs porous and fragrant and fizzy/foamy, most major manufacturers and big retailers (Bath & Body, Walmart, etc.) use a bunch of chemicals. They use synthetic fragrances and a chemical called SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) to create the bubbles, as well as chemical colorants to give the bombs their color. While this is considered OK by the FDA, it isn't the best for our skin, and yes it can cause irritation and other problems for women. That being said, there ARE bath bombs out there that DO NOT use synthetic chemicals and irritants. I personally make 100% natural bath bombs for my soap business, using skin-safe essential oils for fragrance, natural mica powders for colorant, baking soda and citric acid for the fizz action, and powdered buttermilk for the foaming and bubbles. All of these ingredients occur naturally and are all designed to condition the water and help your skin feel and look amazing. So essentially what I'm trying to say is Bath Bombs are OK if they are created the right way. Unfortunately, big box stores are more concerned about their bottom dollar than they are their customers' skin, so when you purchase from them you are getting a bunch of chemicals and fillers. Bath bombs are not the enemy, the big box stores are. Thanks.

  59. I looked this up after I put one in my tub. The fact that the water turned red made me want to research how safe this is to use

  60. Lush says their bombs are natural and their glitter is made of seaweed

    Also boric acid in bath bombs lmao I am dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I think your confusing bath bombs with slime

  61. I've been wondering how safe it is to use baking soda in cases of fungal infections. Or, for that matter, the citric acid used to make bath bombs as well. Our skin is slightly acidic – why would we want to alkalinize it when it wants to be acidic? Not every part of our bodies have the same ph.

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