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Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. My name is Marla and I’m a registered holistic nutritionist, and I also continued education into immunology and advanced detoxification and all of that so During my studies, I have learned a lot about how the immune system works and what happens when it’s out of balance And that’s what I’m here to talk about today. I’ve had a lot of requests to talk about specifically 2 immune cells and what happens when they are out of balance and that would be the T-helper cell one or TH1 and T-helper cell two so these are these two Cells work together and they do have to be in balance order to prevent disease So I’m gonna get into all the details I do want to say that this video is gonna be a little bit in-depth and maybe Complicated for some, if you don’t really have any science background but stick with me I will try to explain it as simple or simply as I can so that it’s understandable for everyone and really what’s the main thing to remember here? It is that if TH1 or TH2 are out of balance, so there’s like a polarization of one or the other Then autoimmune can develop or any chronic disease. So do keep that in mind. Um, I’m gonna just jump on in. I do have my notes to keep me on track because I don’t want this video to be super long, but just to start the th1 and th2 are immune cells and Like I said, they have to stay in balance But there’s a couple of things that could put them out of balance and I’ll get into all of that in this video. So the immune system is highly specialized and very complicated and it determines if something is a friend or a foe So your immune system will create white blood cells. They’re called lymphocytes and usually in the beginning while they’re designed to attack anything bad in the body, whether it’s Foreign proteins or viruses etc. They start off as unspecialized so TH0 but then based off of what is present in the body They will either go to the TH1 side or the TH2 side and They’ll become specialized and be able to target specific things in the body, which I’ll get into. Like I said, you need one and two in equal amounts to stay balanced. There are also cells like TH3 and TH17. but that is a whole other video. It’s very complicated. The immune system is extremely complex, so I’m not going to touch on that today I’m just gonna talk about th1 and th2 So and just to quickly explain what they are th1 cells enhance immunity and they respond to things like viruses or things inside the cell, intracellular viruses or Fungi, yeast, parasites so TH1 is more specifically targeting that kind of stuff, bacteria Like I said inside the cell and they will also monitor and control the activity of TH2 cells. So TH2 cells will respond to any allergic or antibody reaction. For example, If you have a gluten or wheat sensitivity and you consume wheat TH2 is responsible for responding to that and creating the inflammatory response necessary to do what the body needs. So they will increase your antibody production and when it’s out of balance It really does cause issues. It will cause destruction of self, so essentially autoimmune if TH2 is too high. Which every person and every client that I’ve seen and that I’ve heard of who has autoimmune has too much TH2. So an excess amount of TH2 will decrease something called cytotoxic t-cell which you don’t really need to worry too much about what that is. Essentially it just means you’re not going to be able to talk detoxify properly. TH2 releases something called interleukin 6 or IL 6 again, You don’t need to worry about the name of that, but what you need to remember is that IL-6 or interleukin 6 is a cytokine and it’s involved in the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis of Any really really any many autoimmune condition. So IL-6 leads to an increase in osteoclastic activity and again what that just means is it it leads to an increase of calcium being pulled out from the bones which leads to deterioration and osteoporosis. So just to give you an example there of what happens when your th 2 and th 1 are out of balance. That was just an example for osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis but it really works the same in Terms of every type of autoimmune condition and every part of the body. So, How do they get out of balance? Well TH1 can drop based off of your stress. The more stressed you are the higher your cortisol will increase and that lowers TH1. TH2 increases as a result and that leads to an increased Imbalance, I guess. It also leads to an increase in cancer, allergies, and autoimmune disorders as well. So Usually people find that if they’re extremely stressed or there’s a big a traumatic event That’s when their autoimmune conditions flare or all of a sudden appear and it’s really because TH1 dropped TH2 is too high and BOOM… autoimmune! So that’s usually what’s happening there. TH1 will assist in the suppression or the activation sorry, of suppressor T cells. Suppressor T cells are meant to slow down Don’t worry about the names here But they’re meant to slow down something called B-cells and those cytotoxic cells that I mentioned earlier in the video. If the suppressor T cells are malfunctioning or deficient due to a decrease in TH1, then the cytotoxic T-cells are going to take over and start killing healthy cells. This leads to increased immune stimulation followed by a crash and a potential for autoimmune disorders. So again, you’re very very very stressed. Then your immune system is over stimulated It leads to a crash and then all of a sudden you have an autoimmune disorder. So like I said, it’s why a lot of people find themselves with a flare or some type of autoimmune developing after a very stressful or traumatic event. Alot of times, that traumatic event or stressful event could be like Getting Lyme disease, even if it’s something stressful like very stressful happens to the body, That’s usually when things will get triggered. For a lot of people that’s taking so many vaccines at once So if there’s any type of stress or doesn’t have to be a mental Stress or traumatic event. It could be actually physical as well. So if you have a chronic infection, Then one will tend to dominate the other and your body can’t, usually like I mentioned chronic infections, You have your TH1 in your TH2 and each balance something in the body whether it’s viruses or things like that. So if you have a chronic infection, you’re gonna get a polarization of one of those immune cells. They’re not going to be balanced out and because of that, your body won’t be able to attack foreign invaders properly Your body needs a balance between the th1 and th2 to do its job and take care of everything in the body. So like I said, there’s something called Th3 and th17, which we’re not going to get into those also do play a role. Maybe I’ll make a video on that in the future. So a couple people are going to ask “how do you know which one is dominant?” So there’s a couple ways you can do this. There are blood tests that you can get done and they do test the different levels of the antibodies in the blood and those immune cells or You can do a cheaper version and to me almost just as effective, and go off of your symptoms! How do you feel? What are your symptoms? I’ll talk a little bit about symptoms in a minute. But, Self diagnosis is so good. I think it’s pretty accurate depending on If you have those symptoms there to be able to determine if you have it or not So I’m also going to share some nutrients that you can take to Help to balance TH1 or TH2. So taking those nutrients which I will bring up in a minute, you can essentially, if you have too much of TH1 and you take nutrients that are supposed to support the TH1 activation you usually will get a lot worse You’ll feel a lot worse. Your symptoms will get worse that means you have too much TH1 and you brought supplements in to increase it further and put you more out of balance you don’t feel great. And that’s how you know, that’s how you will know you have TH1 dominance same thing goes for TH2 if you take nutrients that are supporting the TH2 and you already have too much TH1 You’re gonna feel worse. If you have too much TH1 and you take TH2 supplements It’ll balance out. You should feel good. So just by going off of that. I hope this makes sense you’ll know if you have too much th one or Too much TH2, or just go off of the symptoms, which again, I’ll bring up in a minute here. So there’s a couple things as well. So in terms of the prevalence of th1 and th2 and them being out of balance, from what I have seen TH2 polarization or dominance is a lot more common than TH1, Just because there are so much stress in our world. I’m going to share a couple things that might put you really out of balance and why I believe Our bodies are really out of balance to begin with. So there’s a lot of factors! First of all, there’s so much yeast. So the more yeast you have the more you’re gonna get that Th2 polarization and I think with all of the sugar in our diets, and added chemicals and everything everywhere and antibiotics and all that It’s leading to an overgrowth of yeast so much so, that people are really shifting over to the TH2 dominant side. And I do believe yeast is a big part of that! There’s also virus’! So many viruses that people can contract now I think that plays a huge role as well A big thing is stress. The more stressed you get, remember how I said it lowers th1 and it increases th2? Stress is everywhere and it’s unavoidable and because we all live such fast-paced lifestyles, it really creates a lot of stress. Everyone’s always trying to out-do someone else. We’re always trying to add one more thing to our agenda. Our kids are in a million-in-one sports, etc. No one works on a farm anymore like back in the day and just works on on the hay and comes home for dinner our lifestyle is just go go go and that causes stress and that lowers th1 and Increases th2 so that’s definitely a huge factor and I believe that’s it’s one of the main reasons why there are so many autoimmune disorders! Where else are we? overuse of steroids and even lack of breastfeeding can cause imbalance! So… if a lot of women are formula-feeding which they are and I’m not, I Formulate fed my kids because I just couldn’t produce breast milk because of my under functioning thyroid so I’m not saying that… I’m not blaming parents in any way because I know you just have to feed your baby somehow, but Usually if a child is not breastfed then they’re lacking in those good Bacteria and probiotics that they would get from the mother and those immune The the immunity they would get from their mother and because of that they have a weakened immune system and I really do believe that leads to that th2 imbalance there as well. A lack of Nutrients in our diet, nutrients that support our immune system like vitamin A and D and K and zinc and all that good stuff… We just eat a lot of junk food now! Leaky gut creates inflammation But it also utilizes all the glutathione in the body and you need glutathione For TH1 immunity and you need glutathione to pull toxins out of the body. So I think that’s a big thing as well. So some symptoms and diseases that I guess you’ll notice if you have TH2 dominance or polarization would um… Would be eczema, asthma, allergies… if you guys remember TH2 commands that like Allergic response and antibody production. Anything with rashes and skin conditions, that’s all do to do with like antibody production, right? Your body’s overreacting to some gluten or some dairy, etc. So you’ve got that flare and that would be a major symptom of TH2 polarization. So like I said, eczema or any skin condition, asthma, allergies, histamine intolerance, IBS… If you get frequent ear or sinus infections, chronic viral infections, like epstein-barr or the CMV herpes simplex one and two HIV etc Those are all all symptoms even mucus in stool could be a symptom as well. Do keep in mind that if you do have a lot of mucus in your stool, it usually means that there’s parasites in the gut and Parasites can drive and cause TH2 polarization so do keep that in mind as well. You do not want to suppress TH2 if there are a lot of parasites in the body because you need the TH2 to create that immune response in the body to get rid of the parasites because TH2 is anti-parasitic. So do keep that in mind! But overall those are some of the main symptoms Every autoimmune condition that I have seen has been a… I guess an abundance of TH2 and a lack of TH1. So it’s usually if you have autoimmune your high in TH2. a Lot of times as well. Some of these symptoms could be more related to like imbalance between TH17 but we’re not getting into that in this in this video. So in terms of th1, what are some symptoms if you do get a sudden flare in an autoimmune condition? So for example say you’ve been in remission from psoriasis for ten years and then you wake up one morning and you’re covered That could be too much th1 and there could be many factors there. If you have like a lot of joint muscle inflammation out of nowhere That could be too much th1 and it could have been caused by too much immune stimulation based off of some type of herb or supplement you took maybe or many other factors as well. like I said, usually if you have an autoimmune condition, you’re too high in TH2, but it’s very possible for your body to shift very quickly to TH1 based off of an event or something that could have happened. I see it most frequently in people going on Google trying to find supplements to get rid of their autoimmune condition and trying to boost their immune system if you boost your Immune system too much take too much for example echinacea Which I’ll get into you really boost your immune system and you can get a flare in your autoimmune condition and That would quickly shift you from th to dominance and th1 so it’s all about finding a balance but if you do get a flare in an autoimmune condition that doesn’t mean you have too much th – so don’t go don’t go trying to suppress th – you actually want to suppress th One if you have like a sudden huge flare and Based off of what have you did to make that happen as well? So there’s a few things that supplements are or herbs and things like that stimulating compounds that will help to increase th one so These are usually known as immune boosters, and these are what people usually should be avoiding if you have an autoimmune condition It’s very very important If you have an autoimmune, you want to do something called immune builders, which I’ll get into and avoid immune boosters We don’t want to over excite our immune system with the boosters, but astragalus Which is usually used as an adaptogen, it’s great for energy is a big in the th1 stimulator. So will can increase your th Echinacea is great glutathione is great for both th1 and th2 it’s great if you have autoimmune medicinal mushrooms chaga reishi maitake that kind of stuff I’ll teach one stimulating lemon balm panax ginseng, which I used to do. A lot of chlorella grape fruit seed extract Those are all th1 stimulating nutrients. It doesn’t mean you cannot take these nutrients It just means you have to if you’re taking them balance it out with something that’s gonna support Th2 so that you’re not just going to one extreme So some th – stimulating compounds are gonna be caffeine green tea for a long time I was doing just green tea and was not doing any to other types of herbs or Nutrients and I found my psoriasis was flaring and I couldn’t figure out why Until I ended up doing my immunology course and realized that You’re high in th – and you have an autoimmune condition? And I was taking a lot of green tea which was pushing me more to that extreme or that polarization And I had to do other stuff like more th one supporting to just balance that O2 by caffeine green tea is huge pine bark extract Lycopene which is found in tomatoes This is a huge so people who have autoimmune conditions usually should not be touching nice shades, especially tomato because of that inflammatory response that you get and I believe it’s all to do with th – if you’re Consuming a lot of tomatoes you’re getting a lot of lycopene Which is pushing your th to even further up when you really want to be bringing it down So I usually tell people just avoid nightshades and I find personally I could do green peppers Sometimes I can do potatoes sometimes but as soon as I do tomatoes, it’s like damage I start flaring so do keep that in mind. Um resveratrol is found in grape skin or wine Um, this is a th2 stimulator Curcumin which I consume a lot of but you have to make sure you’re balancing it out with other nutrients Which is found humans found in turmeric genestein, which is found in soybeans is great Christian which is a flavonoid. I’m a huge fan of That’s an onions berries kale that kind of stuff that is also at age 2 simulators. So Those are the nutrients that will support each phase. I will leave the The list in the description box below cuz I went through this really quick I don’t want this video to be super long But those are the two and those are the different nutrients for th 2 and th 1 now remember you don’t want to completely eliminate everything from one column you want to make sure just taking a good well-rounded amount of nutrients be a diet and possibly Supplementation to balance these out. You’ve got to watch your stress if you are extremely stressed th 2 goes up th one goes down if you are taking so much echinacea and so much astragalus and tons of immune Boosting and nutrients you go into this shift and you might probably get a major flare in your symptoms I had gone if you watch me for a while You would remember this and you can search on my channel when I was completely covered in psoriasis head-to-toe That was the worst I’ve ever been I usually just had it on my hands and on my face But I had it covered head-to-toe and this is exactly what happened a really quick story time I had gone to my husband’s family up north. We had a vacation there I had a lot of nightshades and a lot of meat because I eat a lot of potatoes and meat And I didn’t really have any bad use so nothing alkaline I got very acidic and I started getting major psoriasis on my armpits and I started panicking. I was very Stressed at this time, and it was flaring even more because I knew my psoriasis was spreading I said freaking out got more stress it spread a little bit more The first thing I did when I came home was I reached for my Emmy. I had like a bottle of like an immune boosting tincture from Saint Francis herb And I had used this in the past and it helped me to get rid of my psoriasis but I was taking it back that time with other nutrients that are supporting both th1 and th2 So this time I reached for the bottle I only took that which was only supporting th one phase has Echinacea and all that kind of stuff in it and nothing to support th – and I woke up overnight and was covered head-to-toe also at that time I didn’t mean I’m What’s it called hydrotherapy? So I did hot and cold hot and cold that stimulates the immune system It increases th one lowers th two as well So I was doing so much stuff to support th one nothing to support th – I woke up overnight with a huge flare I was so confused because I was like was possible to be completely covered head to toe Long story short, I quickly shifted back to the th to so I was balanced My rashes were all gone within like a week. You could see the evidence on my youtube-channel, but Just want to share that with you If you do too much to support th one you will have a major flare and you probably won’t know why So if you are wake up, what if you wake up one morning, for example? And you’re like why am I covered head-to-toe? Think about your diet? Think about what happened in a few days prior? Maybe something happened to shift you into th one and in that case. You want to lower th one not Decrease th one so this video I know is probably very confusing to a lot of you It goes so much more in-depth than what I’m just sharing in this video, but this is just a very general I’m hoping you guys can take something away from this look at your symptoms determine if you have too much th one or th to Bring your body back into balance do a candida cleanse and a parasite cleanse and get rid of heavy metals really focus on drainage and liver detoxification bring your body back into balance and eventually your th1 and th2 should be in balance for the most part if you do get a Chronic infection or pick up a virus. You can do some supporting foods or supplements to bring you back at a balance So your body is great at balancing itself If it has the tools to do that so diet and supplementation is big for that So if you have any questions leave them in description box below I will be typing this up and posting this on my website Holistic spring calm at some point along with my food combining articles and that kind of stuff I do share some blog posts over there under the learn tab, but I just been a little bit busy But this will be up at some point If it’s easier for you to read then to hear me talk super quick Then you might want to check my website frequently I do holistic nutrition consultations And I’d be happy to work with you to help you balance out your th1 and th2 if need be So you can always contact me through my website. I Love you all. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video, and I will see you in my next one. Bye

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