100 thoughts on “The Adrenaline Shot: Sport Science

  1. he took a step more which shifted more bodyweight which is why one pun have is harder then other. He did not punch the same way.

  2. I bet as soon as his wife watched this video she started rolling the wheelchair out from the basement and kissed the new bed goodbye.

  3. If you watch his punches he throws more of his weight into the first couple then with the shot he barley even put weight into the punches just arm strength so this is a faulty test.

  4. I never ever want to have that epinefrin shot ever again…I was given it during a tooth extraction…and I thought I was dying…(i already have anxiety issues) that shit scared me!

  5. adrenaline can make you ho temporarily primal lol he may not have punched at 1k lbs but he delivered 6 punchs or more at 900 lbs…

  6. Faulty test, true adrenaline only comes out when you're in a panic… life or death type situations. Should have punched him or slapped him suddenly to get him into that state.

  7. He was calm and focused before they gave him the shot while after he became distressed and off balance. It took him way to long to strike the dummy after the shot of adrenaline.

  8. adrenaline give another effect to another person and another situation… other situation give a person more power… but other situation adrenaline only give kamikaze emation example suicide bomber, you not become stronger but you dont scared of dead… THAT EXAMPLE… and adrenaline not only come out because danger situation… adrenaline can also come out from motivation speech or pep speech… THAT HOW ADRENALINE COME OUT…

  9. bullshit….thats not adrenline. you dont get adrenaline fro someone shouting at you. And the shot of adrenaline is again a lie cause it would be over in a few seconds, not like 30 seconds between the fake shot before 1:20 and the time it takes the, to ask him is he's ready and the time he starts at 1:52 . and then he's crying cause he didn't unleash it was all a major cock up.

  10. Adrenaline makes you feel fucked up… Honestly I can only imagine how crazy an injection of it must feel. You get all shaky, emotional… its a rather uncomfortable feeling I bet. Look at him after the shot… he's an emotional wreck! It fucks you up big time.

  11. he should have told him to quit being a lil cry baby bitch after he was crying and then seen how hard he hit

  12. when i saw you guys stabbing him with the adrenaline syringe i was scared for real (imagine someone seeing him come into the ring with lots of adrenaline they would drop dead)

  13. At least test 9 other people.

    And how did they make him so mad?
    What could've been so bad to get him mad that quick right there.

  14. I start bawling after I get an adrenaline rush. Idk why but I got into a fight with my friend like an actually fight I wanted to knock him out and when they pulled us away from each other I just started bawling for no reason. Wtf is that

  15. His form failed with the external Epi, and you could see that his mentation changed dramatically. You could have killed him, you freaking idiots! Why not see how he performs on PCP? I will watch from here…

  16. i dropped a heavy motorcycle (with me on it)… I lifted it off the floor like it was a push bike… the engine was still running so everytime i righted it, the back wheel would try to push it over and i was push it up again… eventually the engine stalled. I dropped a motorcycle without me on it… couldn't pick it up off the floor without help… and it was a much lighter bike!!!

  17. He definitely gets ball tremors when his coach is around. I dread to think of the coaches arsehole corrosion. Slacker than the fucking Eurotunnel

  18. Problem is, and well, assuming we havent injected enough adrenaline in subjects to know when it would actually start to activate, therefore, actually doing something.

  19. I o.d on heroin twice . . Each time when I came to I was crying uncontrollably , i guess the shot they give u makes your emotions go crazy

  20. What they missed, was the reality. He had no real threat or reason to use his adrenaline. Rage causes a slight adrenaline rush. But nothing compared to the will to survive or protect.

  21. The real question is how did they get him so angry, and is it wise to intentionally anger a professional fighter?

  22. Professional athletes are almost all in some kind of pain….he probably felt great but knew it wouldn't last

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  24. can someone please bring manny pacquiao, make him angry, and inject adrenaline… i just wanna see how fast and solid compared to the normal one :3

  25. 2 different blood Test results revealed I have very increased noriepinephrine upon standing up due to an autonomic syndrome I have called POTS basically my body is constantly fighting itself and I’m so weak I can barely have energy to take showers most the time… wish that I could have strength.

  26. I believe that the drug could have affected his mental and physical state. As you could see that after the natural adrenaline, he didn’t cry and delivered a lot more force than that of a science drug.

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