The Alt Air Project

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Tha Alt-Air Project
Support action to alternatives
to animal experimentation
with Epithelix What is the activity of Epithelix? Epithelix is ​​a biotechnology research company founded in 2006, independent and self-financing. We are active in the field of
tissue engineering. We reconstitute human organs in vitro and are specialized in the branch of
respiratory diseases. We manufacture human mini-lungs using surgical wastes. Epithelix has made a major innovation which enables us to manufacture the tissues with a unique lifespan of one year. It is now possible to study the local, chronic, or long-term effect of a drug or chemical in vitro. What is the use of lung tissues in vitro? In vitro lung models are used to test the toxicity of inhaled products, such as air pollutants, chemicals, or volatile compounds in our living environment. On the other hand, we have developed innovative methods to test the efficacy of new therapies or drug candidates for treating asthma, chronic obstructive bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, or respiratory infections such as viruses or bacteria. The use of the in vitro lung tissues can reduce animal testing? The tests carried out with our methods can indeed significantly reduce animal experimentation, especially the animals used for inhalation toxicology studies such as rats, ferrets and dogs. The results are obtained directly on reconstituted human tissues in vitro. These innovative solutions are reliable, reproducible, and economically advantageous for the research groups that use them, especially in Europe, North America and Asia. How to support alternatives to animal
experimentation with Epithelix? We wish to provide free in vitro lung tissues to as many as possible university research groups, in order to jointly develop tests that will be used by the regulatory agencies. Our goal is to further reduce the use of animals to test the efficacy or toxicity of products on the respiratory system. For this, we need your help through financial support. If you wish to help us in this process, we invite you to contact us at the following address: Thank you in advance for your precious help. Help us to support alternatives
to animal experimenation.
Thank you for your support !

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