The Benefits to Your Baby of Using Probiotics and ADHD Prevention ❤️

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Hi, Christian Bates, author of Calming Colic, an osteopath and naturopath. I’ve read a really amazing piece of research today,
which makes me so happy, because it shows that everything that I’m doing to help
babies – particularly with using a probiotic to help them – is really, really
worth it. A bit of research showed that they took two sets of babies – about 35
babies in each – and they gave one set a probiotic before they were six month old,
and actually followed these two groups – a probiotic group and a non-probiotic group – and they followed them until they were 13 years of age. So, a really good
bit of research done over years and years and years. And what they found was that seventeen percent of the babies that didn’t have a probiotic ended
up with ADHD – so, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder – which lots of
children are suffering from these days. And in the probiotic group – so, those
babies that were born six months, they were given a probiotic, just like I do in
my clinic (and there’s lots of reasons you might give a probiotic, and it didn’t
go into that) but for me c-section or antibiotics – very important to give those
babies a probiotic, putting friendly gut bacteria back, so in these 35 babies none
of them had attention deficit hyperactive disorder when they were 13
years old. So, a really nice bit of research just showing one avenue of benefits, and
I’ve done other videos as well for you showing that babies that have
antibiotics when they’re young have more chance of food allergies and eczema and asthma and even obesity, so I’m using the probiotics to correct antibiotics and
c-section. So, really, really happy to read this bit of research showing the
benefits of giving a probiotic to babies, just like I do. I’ve got lots of tips
in my book, Calming Colic and an e-book – this one here – this is available from
www.happybaby You can download this one, and there’s more tips in here. Thank you!

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  1. This video highlights research on babies, probiotics and the incidence of ADHD problems as they grow. What's your view on the benefits of giving your baby probiotics? Please leave a comment below.

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