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  1. Maybe those that Breastfeed longer are actually also more prone to be health conscience and thereby giving their children foods like veggies earlier in the children's nutrition. Although no matter formula is not a good option or substitute.

  2. so what should mothers do that want to breastfeed but CAN'T?! there are medical conditions where the body just doesn't produce breastmilk… or what should mothers do who adopt children?! I expected to see something more than "breast is best" as I read the title. it would be better to just change it or to say what substitude really is the best.

  3. You seem to have missed the part about seeking out a wet-nurse… Many hospitals/ birthing centers now have programs that allow mothers to donate excess breastmilk for women who cannot nurse. Do your research because breast is still best.

  4. Wow that is excellent! You probably had just as healthy of a baby! You are a wonderful mother to do all that for your child!

  5. thank you so so much for the recipe! I'm vegan too and plan to raise my children that way so it really helps to know that there are alternatives to baby formula.I'm not a mother yet and I don't plan on having children in the next few years but I really do believe that mothers who can't breastfeed shouldn't feel bad about it and shouldn't be put down because of it. I wish you all the best for your family 🙂

  6. My daughter is Allergic to Dairy,Soy, Wheat… she is almost 1 year old in a few weeks and want to get her off of this extremely broken down expensive formula and have her go vegan like I am instead of vegetarian like she is now due to what her pediatrician is recommending . Her pediatrician has said that Almond milk would be the best substitute but they don't recommend giving any kind of nut products to babies or toddlers … plus with her being allergic to dairy soy and wheat already should I even try it now? the nut milk? I am thinking about hemp milk ? I am just thrown on how much to give her a day and she already eats lots of puréed fruits and veggies. any advice on raising a Vegan baby/toddler that is allergic to soy and wheat so far??? unsure if she is allergic to anything else.  

  7. Milk banks that are screened strictly provide donor milk to babies with medical conditions or premature infants. Milk sharing sites exist, but there is no way to know if the milk has been properly stored or if the donating mothers are ill or on medications that might pass through.

    I breastfed my bio kid for 25 months, but I also have two adopted kiddos I had zero notice for (and couldn't induce lactation even though I tried). I had to give them formula. My first adopted kiddo developed eczema triggered by dairy, and we switched him away from formula right at one year old, and fed him a lot of plant foods from 6-12 months to minimize calories coming from formula.

    My latest adoption (this past week, actually!) is REALLY unique because I am also expecting a bio kid when she's about 4 months old. I'm trying to figure out how to get her to that point (what would ACTUALLY be the best formula for her now), because I intend to try to shift her to breastfeeding (or at least eating expressed milk) after I have milk come in for her.

    She does need to eat SOMETHING until then. Scary unscreened donated milk? Organic dairy? Soy? Goat? Something homemade? What's REALLY the "best baby formula"? Any help would be appreciated! We'll get her to breastmilk ASAP, as I know there's no good alternative. Unfortunately we have zero options, as starvation doesn't work either…

  8. Can you please comment on this:

  9. Would love it if you could do more videos on babies, breastfeeding, and pregnancy! Thank you for all your hard work!

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