The BEST Vegan Hot Chocolate – 4 ways – Find the Best Way for you!

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yeahhhhhhhh…… welcome and welcome back today we
are creating four premium, top-shelf, vegan hot chocolates but first for all my
people who say to quality…ain’t nobody got time for that…. it’s cool I got you, checking this out (festive music) and for the rest of my people who
learned from the story The Tortoise and the hare I got you too (upbeat music) so the question
is how to make a great vegan hot chocolate what does that look like?
so have you ever seen like the chocolatier I think they’re called you
know just swirling like that great big pot of just melted chocolate and the
only two questions you have are one Hey and what’s the chances I can get a look
just a little taste of what you got going on there. Two, so I’ve noticed you’re
wearing white while you’re playing with chocolate what’s the chances they make
that outfit in other colors what does that taste like?
decadent, smooth, and it just melts in your mouth
we’re still talking about hot chocolate right? what does this smell like well it
smells like delicious chocolate no mystery there it’s that smell when it
hits your nose you just drop everything and like (deep inhale) where is it come out come out wherever
you are (off screen: come here chocolate. come hereee choocolate.) (upbeat music) we’re going to start off making hot chocolate using coconut milk coconut
is a great option due to its creamy texture using the canned version is my
go-to when needing to replace whole milk or heavy cream in any recipe one thing
to be cognizant of is its flavor add and any allergies but if that’s not a
disruption this comes highly recommended from mr. hot chocolate himself (giggles) most of
these recipes are similar where you remove the milk from the heat once it
begins to simmer stirring your chocolate and add everything else now that
everything is mixed in do a quick taste test to make sure you’re pleased with
the sweetness (upbeat music) honestly this may be the king of hot chocolates for all
cashews are used in multiple recipes to add smoothness and unbias flavor while
there’s a little bit of prepped and a few more steps if you don’t have a
high-powered blender it’s all worth it in the end check it out on the blog just
putting this in context this is the rolls-royce of hot chocolate it’s super
thick and delicious and as smooth as your favorite slow jam. always keep a
little extra milk to thin this out if needed (upbeat music) so you know that feeling of
waking up on the right side of the bed this is that feeling in a mug whether
you start your day or in your day with this it just makes you feel so damn good
that maple syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon paired together mmm
all I gotta say is grab a pillow and a blanket if you plan to have this by the
fireplace chances are you won’t be moving until the morning (upbeat music) this is the
type of hot chocolate right here you take your shoes off for
because you need all the room for your toes to curl when you’re sipping on this
be sure to use a neutral flavored dairy free milk that is thick like an oat milk
soy or some type of cashew and almond blend something like that. while in this
recipe you can use two extracts try using a vanilla powder not a protein
powder just a vanilla powder it’s more potent and reduces the alcohol taste
that comes from using two extracts as always thank you for watching enjoy the
rest of the season drinking these warm hugs happy almost New Year and I’ll see
you next Monday

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