The Challenges of Living with Asthma

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Asthma affected me because my son was
born with pneumonia, and he I guess the day after or maybe three days after he
was born he had to stay in the hospital for a week with pneumonia the challenges
I faced simply was that my financial status changed, I had to quit my high
paying job to become a professor that literally my salary was cut in half and my social life changed, I couldn’t go out
the way that I used to go out because my friends didn’t understand you can’t just
leave your child with just a babysitter because they did not know how to deal
with the child with asthma, but one of the things that really I guess affected
me to this day, I’m trying not to cry, is the family. Because the family, they were
smokers, and I couldn’t go to family gatherings because they smoked, and when
we would go over there I would you know ask my family not to smoke, and they
still smoked, so I stopped going to family gatherings, and then when I
stopped going to family gatherings they would say, “Well Shawni, Shawni’s just
being stuck up,” but what I was doing I was protecting my child. And they did not
understand that when they smoked, my child got sick, I was in the hospita,l and
I was paying huge amount of money to take care of my child, not being able to
go to work etc. I also have asthma, as well, and one thing that happened was that I forgot that I had asthma because I was doing everything to take care of
him, and to learn all about asthma, everything that I forgot for myself to
take care of him. So that’s how it has affected my life.

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