The Clean Power Plan Protects Our Health & Our Air

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Climate change and air pollution
aren’t someone else’s problem. They’re everyone’s problem. That’s why EPA is taking action. For America’s families,
this is personal. (woman)
As you can imagine,
as a parent, it’s really heartbreaking
when you see your children struggling to breathe everyday. And when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters–
nothing. Poor air quality has greatly affected
my life and my family’s. I mean, it’s literally
controlled where we can live. (man)
When Sanaa is outside,
we most definitely can see, uh, the change in her–
her breathing. I remember waking up when I was a kid
and just crying because I couldn’t
breathe at night. I have more trouble breathing
outside than inside. Yeah, asthma
impacted everything. Like, I had sleepless nights
due to the attacks and coughing. And honestly,
my best friend at school was the nurse because
I was with her most of the time. We couldn’t go outside
the days we did go to school, and our attendance
wasn’t that good because we were just,
like, so sick. So, it just really, like,
wasn’t a good way to grow up. Like, me being a six-year-old,
it wasn’t the life that my parents
wanted me to be living. I definitely feel
that climate change is a social justice issue. We were fortunate in that
we could pick up and relocate, although it was a struggle. But there are many families
that do not have that option, and those children,
the elderly, the poor– those most impacted
by climate change are stuck. They’re stuck
breathing dirty air. They’re worried
about their kids’ health, about the safety of their homes
and their communities, and about how climate change
is threatening all of that. So I think that we
have to make a conscious effort to, you know, ask ourselves,
are we doin’ the best we can to ensure the decisions
that we make would benefit
our short-term needs as well as
the long-term needs of our kids
and generations to come? They need to know
that someone has their back. That’s what the Clean Power Plan is all about. It doesn’t matter where you live
or how much money you make. The Clean Power Plan will keep your homes
bright and comfortable. It will clean the air and protect
your family’s health. And we’ll know
we’re doing all we can, together, to take action
against climate change. The Clean Power Plan
is an investment in a better future
for all of our children. When I have kids,
I hope it’s gonna be… easy for them to breathe. Yes, I think it is the way
it’s supposed to be. So get involved. Visit to learn more
about the Clean Power Plan and find out how
you can support climate action and protect your family
and your community. [piano leads
gentle orchestration] ♪

3 thoughts on “The Clean Power Plan Protects Our Health & Our Air

  1. If someone poisoned my kids I would like to see the poisoners hanged. That's not harsh compared to what the polluters did. They would die quickly compared to the life long penalty of the effects of their poison on my children.

  2. I hope this will help our air pollution problem in the Salt Lake City area where these health concerns are a problem.

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