15 thoughts on “The Conifer Crew’s “Allergy Away” Diffuser Blend

  1. another awesome video thank you andrea. i love your blends and i try to keep up with all your oils. i always try to read the labels so i can get the ones you have cause i trust your opinions. have a blessed day my friend

  2. I’ll be using this today! If I don’t have piñon pine will it will work? I’m from NM I love eating piñon nuts. They are so good:)

  3. Hi Andrea,
    Love all your videos. Could you do a video on hydrosols? And is it safe to buy them in plastic and also in epoxy lacquered phenolic liners?

  4. Yay! No wonder the ingredients look familiar. I have your book and it’s one of the first aromatherapy books I read while studying aromatherapy. 😀

    Citrus oils really go well with conifers. Love it!

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