The Connection Journey: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Asthma Care

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Our multidisciplinary asthma
clinic is really a great place for patients who have asthma,
who also have allergies, who possibly have had really bad
illnesses related to asthma in the past. In that clinic, these
patients are able to meet with a team including allergy,
pulmonary, they’re able to meet with a dietician, to talk about
nutritional effects of asthma and optimal nutrition for
children with asthma. They’re able to meet with a social
worker if there are environmental concerns in the
home or other concerns that a social worker could be able to
help out with. The multidisciplinary team takes an
approach to nearly every facet of this child’s illness, and
helps center the treatment on that specific child’s needs.
That makes my job easier because I know if I have a patient who’s
really struggling in clinic, who’s having a hard time, maybe
seeing us and the allergy clinic, or who has a lot of
questions for us and a lot of needs at home, it’s great that I
have that resource to be able to send them to. And to have it be
so accessible. You can come to Children’s for just a few hours
and be able to have all of your questions answered when it comes
to your child’s asthma and allergies. You have the time and
the space to discuss your questions with experts. You can
have all your questions answered and then go home with a lot of
information on how you can help manage your child’s asthma at
home. So it’s an incredible resource and it’s really
efficient just to be able to come to the hospital and have
really almost all of your child’s needs met within that
one visit. We have the Parent Smart Hotline, which is
available 24/7 and we also have a pulmonary triage line for our
established pulmonary patients when their parents have
questions. The really cool thing about that is during business
hours they’re able to call us and essentially get right to a
nurse and ask their question. So for example, if a parent has a
daughter who has asthma and she’s been coughing for a couple
of days, but the parent’s not really sure if she needs to see
her doctor or not, she can call our hotline here in the
pulmonary clinic and be able to reach a nurse just like that. We
staff two registered nurses Monday through Friday, 8-5
directly on those phones, so we are the ones who actually pick
up the phone. One of the highlights of my job is being
able to play alongside a kid when they’re waiting in clinic.
Or to see a patient do better after we’ve been able to treat
them and then to have the child remember us when they come back
and they remember us in a good way. They are not afraid of us
anymore. They say hi, they tell us about their Kindergarten
teacher. It’s really fun. Our first priority is the children.
We want to make sure we provide family-centered care, we want to
make sure their questions are answered, and I think that’s
really unique.

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