The Connection Journey: Mom Tips for Managing a Child’s Asthma at School

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Now that she’s started school,
what if she has an asthma attack? She has her inhaler
there at school at the nurse’s office, how does she know when
to go? What do you do? What I did–because I was really
worried about it, with Ava in school and with asthma. So I had
a meeting, actually, with the principal and she pretty much
got some of the staff together so that they knew Ava would be
coming up to get her inhaler. She knows how to give it to her,
so at least go talk to whoever the school contact is and just
make sure they know exactly what she needs. And also, talking to
your daughter so that– you know, sometimes they can be at
school and not really sure what’s going on. And the
staff–at times, I feel like no matter how much you explain to
them the asthma action plan, they really don’t know. And
that’s hard, especially if they’ve never experienced asthma
themselves. Because we’ve had a couple close calls, even at
school. Does she normally get a flare up after recess or before?
Because, Yaretzi, this week she started school and she just said she
felt more tired or more tight and I was like, that’s a sign
that she needs to go get it. Here’s one tip that might
help–I try to tell Ava she has to slow down. They don’t think
about that, but if you keep saying that to her each day, she
might remember, “Mommy said when I go to recess, not just
sprint!” Because they do that. They run out and they don’t
stop. So if she kind of feels that she’s starting to breathe
faster, she’ll stop or she’ll tell them that she needs to
stop. I wanted her to be able to communicate to people about her
asthma just so– kids tend to complain about things, I just
never want anyone to blow it

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