The Connection Journey: Two Moms Compare Their Daughters’ Asthma Symptoms

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I found out that just regular
environmental things can trigger. So she’s allergic to
grass and mold and it seems like everything outside. Yeah, my
husband, daddy, he would take them to ride the horses, the
chickens, the cows, and she hated it. She didn’t like it
because she then she would start sneezing, she would start
coughing and she didn’t know why. Another symptom I noticed
with Ava is the change of color. Does she get red or anything
when she starts to get irritated? She only gets blush,
like red. And that’s what it is. So I notice the color changes,
which is how I can tell with her symptoms if she’s doing okay or
if we’re getting a little worse. I do notice that, even if it’s
not like a bad asthmatic day, just her allergies, she starts
to get really red. Then I know we have to go inside. Yeah,
she’ll say, “Oh I can’t do this too much because then I get
tired and I can’t breathe.” The doctor asked me, “Do you hear
her coughing at night time when she’s sleeping?” And I was like,
actually I do, I just didn’t really –kids turn over, and I
could hear her every now and then. So that’s a symptom as
well with asthma, if they’re having kind of a hard time–not
so much–she wasn’t not breathing, but uncomfortable
enough and kind of blocking her airway here and there, so she
would cough a lot.

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