The Coronavirus Outbreak: The U.S. Government Response

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addition to that, we have a cadre of
federal employees who have worked on many
outbreaks over the years. They know each other. They know how to work together. And they’ve kind of
sprung to response as they have in other
responses in the past, to MERS, to SARS,
to Ebola, to Zika. Within that realm, CDC obviously
is taking a very important lead about public health
measures, which will be essential to this response. The NIH’s portion of this
is to accelerate research on countermeasures as
quickly as possible. For that effort, we are able
to benefit from the fact that we have
long-term investments in coronavirus research. We have experts who have
worked on SARS and MERS. And as soon as they
saw this outbreak reaching the
international community, they jumped to the task.

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