The Effects of Avocados on Inflammation

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[Music] in the preface of how not to die after boom owning the fact that I never got taken out to dinner by big broccoli I wrote that you’ll never probably see an ad on TV for whole natural foods because there’s just not much of a markup they’re not shelf-stable you can’t brand them patent them trademark them real food just isn’t as profitable as junk but I may have to eat those words there was evidently a TV ad for avocados and during the Superbowl no less not like avocado flavored Doritos or something but an ad for the actual fruit thanks to billions of avocados sold every year giving the avocado board 50 million dollars not only for hands bought for research I previously touched on their burger study in which adding avocado blunted the spike and inflammation one gets within hours of eating meat so they added more fat more calories but got less inflammation perhaps because they were adding that fat and calories in the form of a whole plant food which tend to be packed with antioxidants which can inhibit the formation of oxidized fats that are formed when meat is cooked and when it hits your stomach acid do other high-fat high-calorie whole plant foods have the same protective effect what about peanuts for example we didn’t know until now not to be outdone by big guac the peanut institute funded this study with the understanding that most of us spend most of our waking hours in a post prandial state in other words an after meal state and the fact coursing through our systems from those meals is a well-recognized risk factor for atherosclerosis than number one killer of men and women and manifests as impaired endothelial function meaning crippled artery function within hours of a crappy meal like a milkshake 1200 calories mostly sugar and heavy cream okay but what if you drink that same milkshake with three ounces of peanuts added now to match up the added fan protein they had to add some oil and egg whites and even threw in a fiber supplement to match the nutritional profile the added peanuts as closely as possible so here you have two milkshakes pretty much same calorie same amount of sugar scent amount of protein scent amount of fat I’ve seen enough saturated fat same fiber so on paper they should cause the same reaction in the body but peanuts are whole plant foods and so what you don’t see listed here are the thousands of phytonutrients in the peanut milkshake missing from the non peanut milkshake would it make any difference that’s what this study aimed to find out this is showing artery function before either milkshake is ingested the ability of our arteries to relax and dilate normally within hours of consuming the non peanut milkshake all that saturated fat and sugar clamps artery function down about 20% one milkshake okay but what if you ate the same amount of sugar and saturated fat but with a little real food floating in there no significant drop so the peanuts help preserve artery function response to the endothelial insult cardio protective effect presumably due to the active phytonutrients in peanuts now walnuts may work even better eat a salami and cheese sandwich with some olive oil in artery function plummets like a third but replaced that olive oil with the same amount of plant fat in the form of whole walnuts you don’t just want the effect of the salami and cheese but reverse it ending up actually better than you started out what about avocados research indicates that calorie dense foods increase inflammation oxidation thereby contributing to the development of artery disease however it’s not clear whether the high-calorie load alone irrespective of the nutritional content of the ingested food produces that postprandial after the meal oxidation and inflammatory activity and so what this study did was compare the impact of high-calorie junk high-fat high-sugar ice cream a phytonutrient reduced food that’s an understatement compared to the effects of the exact same number of calories from a calorie dense phyto nutrient rich whole plant food avocado if it’s just the concentration of calories the concentration of fat right and they should have the same effect they tested reactions to four different meals ice cream versus avocado versus just the Fenton protein from the ice cream to separate out the sugar and then just the amount of sugar in the ice cream to separate out the effects of the saturated butter fat so two pints of ice cream versus just the cream versus just the sugar no fat versus before avocados which ends up having about three times the fat does ice cream in the same amount of saturated fat and the same whopping load of calories okay so what happened eat the ice cream or just the sugar free components or just the sugar and the level of oxidative stress in people’s bloodstream goes up but this is not observed after ingestion of a calorie equivalent whole plant food unlike the ice cream ingestion of the whole food avocado even though it’s packed with calories in fat did not produce a rise in oxidative or inflammatory activity suggesting that the after meal oxidative stress observed after eating foods such as ice cream may be due to their isolation from nutrients like antioxidants sugar is okay in fruit form because it comes naturally prepackaged with phytonutrients similarly the fat in whole plant foods like nuts and avocados comes prepackaged with a rich matrix of phytochemicals and therefore it doesn’t demonstrate the same potential for oxidative damage [Music] you

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  1. YEEEEESSSSSSS! A video that tells me avocados AND peanuts are healthy! Oh man, this has to be one of my favorite videos EVER! 😋

  2. you have massively helped me! Cholesterol normal at 150 bp @110/65 coming off medication for bp slowly and I just follow your advice, having been at deaths door two years ago!

  3. You often say that a (low fat) whole food, plant based diet reverses heart disease and recommended it. You also say low fat or high fat doesn't matter as long as it's whole plant foods.. I'm looking for the heart disease protection, where is the line drawn on low fat for this? Does it even matter if it's whole plant sources?
    I think it would make a good video.

    I eat a low additive guacamole and various unsalted nuts each day including walnuts and I grind flax seeds.. I'm not sure I would make the cut for low fat, depending on where the line is drawn. I would amend some of this if it wasn't recommended.

  4. Great Video! Thanks doctor. I’ve been told to stop eating nuts and seeds to get rid of my bloating as they may be adding some toxins into my body. They said when having nuts and seeds Ive got water retention so water can dilute the toxins.. I’ve been vengan for 9 months and I’m finding kind of difficult to meet my caloric intake so I eat big amounts of whole grain plant based diet (70%carbs, 15%fats, 15%protein) sometimes the percent of fats is higher so I can meet my calorie intake otherwise I lose weight. Does anybody hear anything like that, stop eating nuts and seeds? THANKS 🤗💚

  5. My favorite plant based food is cow. It does all the hard work of eating the plants for me, which is a nice bonus!

    In all seriousness, Avocados rock! 1/2 an avocado a day keeps the heart attack away.

  6. What's interesting to me about the peanuts though, to my knowledge most peanuts are cooked in peanut oil I don't know where these people find peanuts that aren't cooked in peanut oil or some type of oil any store within a hundred miles of my house does not sell peanuts that are not cooked in some type of oil or roasted with some type of oil so I'm not sure if this study consisted of roasted or cooked peanuts with oil. You would think the oil would hurt things so I'm not sure it wasn't stated in this video if the peanuts were cooked in oil or not. You know it's very difficult for me to resist certain foods. I fell off the wagon the other day it was my step son's graduation from high school and there was cake available and I had a slice of cake and I felt so guilty afterwards eating the cake. The problem is that every now and then I'll slip and I'll eat something I shouldn't. I just know for me that I still have problems with my cholesterol even being on this diet I don't exercise as I used to due to a back injury so I'm not able to go jogging and do a lot of high-intensity cardio like I used to. I can't do that stuff anymore. My lipids are not ideal and the doctor wants to put me on statins. I just don't know what to do though because it could be a hereditary thing I don't know but I need to get my lipids in check and I have a feeling it has to do a sugar I don't eat much processed sugar if any it's very low I only eat generally two meals a day and I snack in between those meals with fruit usually eat oatmeal every morning have some type of plant-based dinner every night and I'm just not sure what else I can do. All I know is I don't want to be on statins that's for sure. So I guess my question is does having an overall lipid panel that isn't ideal while on a plant-based diet necessarily mean that my artillery function is poor? Because I look at these type of videos and I'm thinking of myself you know I try to make the right choices so theoretically you would think everything would be okay but is that the case or is that just wishful thinking and I'm thinking of myself you know I try to make the right choices so theoretical you would think everything would be okay but is that the case or is that just wishful thinking?

  7. Great video. Need more info please. Raw or roasted peanuts? Salted or not? Organic or not? Olive oil cold pressed or regular pressed? Organic or not.

  8. Does full fat organic coconut milk also have the protective effects/ not cause oxidative or inflammatory damage?!?!

  9. Is there a marker for general levels of inflammation that can be checked in a standard blood/urine lab test?

  10. i was in the pharmacy the other day and the pharmacist said i should cut back on the blueberries avocado and oregano that i eat a lot because antioxidants are bad and cause cancer ?

  11. Dr. Greger, I love, love, love your research and your contributions to nutrition knowledge. What is unfortunate is that most Americans do not have the vocabulary level to benefit from your findings.

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  13. Very amused that the entire planet considers Avocado as the symbol of Vegetarianism and/or healthy eating. Such bullshit. Yes, some avocado is fine, but the symbol for our food should be the Sweet Fruit, not some stupid avocado that can be eaten only in combinations with other things.

  14. The problem with avocadoes is the high persin content. This was brought to my attention by Dr Greger. Although persins are detoxified by the liver, what damage does the toxin do that is either in transit to the liver and/or not absorbed from the gut? A recent epidemiological study showed that vegans in the USA have higher than expected rates of rectal cancer. Could a higher consumption of avocadoes among USA vegans be the reason?

  15. Yesterday I didn't have time to prepare food, so I just consumed kidney beans and about 12 oz of peanuts. Glad to know I'm on the right track.

  16. Everything sounds good but despite of the benefits …I, with histamine intolerance, should not eat this at all…. and this is not just avocado…. what a paradox …

  17. What about in reduction of a clogged artery? Esselstyn fund that eating fat was preventing patients from reversing arterial plaques on a whole plant based diet… Would eating avicados have the same effects on heart diseased patients that want to reverse the condition?

  18. This one is a bit complex, I think the take home is this: it is ALWAYS best to eat the whole plant food rather than the equivalent processed junk.

  19. The obvious shortcoming in this discussion is the assumption that "vascular function" is the same as "flow-mediated dilation). There is probably more to it than just dilatation. These experiments based on acute effects should be only the beginning of the story. We should look for studying these diets over periods of months if not years.

  20. I had discovered how carbs were tied into weight gain as well as generally to keep clear of carbohydrates, but had actually never thought of using them to lose fat. The central idea behind the 4 cycle fat loss method is to actively train the body to burn fat for fuel in comparison to carbohydrates. It’s based on the latest scientific principles into the high carb eating habits of the Japanese not to mention their outstanding long-life expectancy. The evidence suggest that it’s their higher than average carb-cycling diet technique that can help to continue to be healthy into old age with a reasonable body mass index (much lower incidence of excess weight).Read more here

  21. Thanks, Doc I'll be sharing this right NOW with everyone thank follows me everywhere! Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program Graduate! Al-hamdulilaah I've started a NEW channel @ AmirHealthCoach Please follow / retweet, I'm Trying hard to Benefit the Muslims with evidence-based health and wellness information, U Do not have2 be Muslim 2 benefit!

  22. Thanks Doc, your videos/work were one of the biggest influences on me to become vegan/whole foods plant exclusive diet.

  23. Playing devil's advocate here, when egg and dairy and meat Industries fund studies you don't give them credence so why do the peanut and avocado funded studies get Credence all of a sudden?

  24. Were those peanuts raw or roasted? How does coconut ( young or mature fleshed) fit into this spectrum?

  25. Maybe summarize at the end in bullet points. Not everyone has time for a Ted Talk with each video but thx

  26. I could give a crap less I have to be honest I am so tired of people trying to prove that plant food is better than eating dead animal carcasses and turning your body into a morgue I mean for real people Val shalt not kill get over yourself it isn't all about you your body your health and nobody should be sitting here trying to convince you to do the right damn thing it's always your will instead of God's Will and that sounds religious but that's coming from spiritual place cuz I'm just so sick and tired of everybody trying to talk other people when clearly they don't give a crap and I mean that literally and metaphorically because they're so plugged up cuz they're eating stuff they're not supposed to do they're not getting fiber they're not getting the nutrients they need and deficiencies can contribute to being clogged and that's why they act constipated that's why they're dehydrated and that's why they're narcissist

    Ironically dinner comprised of one whole avocado with freshly ground garlic and Himalayan salt I'm satiated I didn't have to kill anyone and I didn't have to consume someone that was killed that was rotting in a supermarket and pumped full of all kinds of nasty shit I also didn't have to cook it all I did was cut it open put the stuff on it and eat the shit and that's why I look 20 years younger than I am because July 31st I will be 50 most young women in their twenties believe I'm 30 years old you can't buy that shit and lotion or facial product you have to work your ass off for it and I don't do it for that because I'm not a so self-absorbed asshole
    You're basically preaching to the choir because the God's honest truth is is a person who is unaware of their subconscious doesn't know themselves or know why they're doing anything isn't going to listen to this type of video look at your comments they don't give a shit they don't want to hear it cuz that means they have to change something and no matter how much you prove to them that it's in their best interest it's the last thing in the world they want I know I've been going to this shit for the last 15 years and I'm tired of talking to people who don't give a crap about nobody especially themselves here I am living in my car after being involved with a narcissist for two-and-a-half years I sleep in Walmart parking lot everyday after I healed him a prostate cancer change his entire life he lost 70 lb saved his 30-year career made him look fantastic his skin was glowing and he drops me at a gas station Lee's me there and goes back to drinking no it's not because I'm a bitch and no I'm not bitter it just irritates me that people really want to make a difference but it's the way they continue to put out all this data when you are the living proof If you are living this form of life I don't know why everybody wants proof there's so many things people ascribe to they believe in without any documentation without any scientific proof whatsoever the results are in the pudding avocado pudding dammit
    And if he wasn't such a narcissist he probably be really pissed off at the fact that I get hit on by a 20-plus year old every week because his saggy ass can't possibly compete smelling like straight up vodka and that's because he's beating the sugar addiction all the bad stuff in his body and fried his in insides their burning hot dehydrated and chronically inflamed you know some people you just can't help you just have to know when to quit but do continue to sell your book for those who actually care

  27. I heard that too many avocados which are omega6 can upset the omega6 to omega3 balance thingy, sorry i don't remember the exact name

  28. I would have liked to see the 2006 Walnut study compare olive oil to walnut oil instead of whole walnuts (kind of convenient for your argument about whole foods). Perhaps the olive oil had inflammatory effects because of the high amount of omega 6 fatty acid in it and the walnuts had an anti-inflammatory effect because they have more omega 3.

  29. damn you Greger… i just wanted to watch the one video on coffee and cholesterol. 10 vids later, i'm still here watching avocado videos.

  30. But why compare ice cream which is high in fat but also in sugar with avocado which is high in fat but low in sugar? Is that a fair comparison? In my book nature knows best so of course avocadoes are gonna be better than ice cream but the comparisons are a bit fishy.

  31. There is always a percentage of meatards that vote these down. They cannot stomach science that disagrees with their flesh eating cult.

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