100 thoughts on “The Experimental Ketamine Cure for Depression

  1. The FDA hasn't approved ketamine for psychiatric disorders — but that isn't stopping "off-label" treatment clinics from opening up all around the country.

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  2. Sad that it costs so much when ketamine actually costs so little… And it's just the drug administration, nothing fancy! In Brazil you can relatively easily buy it in animal stores without prescription, it's a popular party drug there, although the antidepressant effects are clearly only achieved when it's administered with the intention for so.

  3. Well congratulations your a junkie . The only difference is some go to a “ clinic “ and others go to a dealer absolutely no difference you are using a drug to change your perception and escape reality for a moment of relief. If it works GREAT ! But all I see is a group of “ doctors “ who found a way to make ALOT of money in a short amount of time this will be shut down .

  4. Now that’s what I call a journalist. Great insight given as to what the experience is like — being able to be more objective about one’s life and traumas. Thank you

  5. Safest setting…well, ok, but you have to start taking your patients outside, in nature..in a garden at least, with a tree and flowers or something like that.

  6. The opening with him talking about keeping emotions bottled up got to me. Men, especially working class men don’t deal with our emotions properly, I’ve seen it happen with my dad, he turned to drink to deal with stress and anxiety. But as a working class man he always had to put on a tough face and pretend everything is alright. We can be our own worst enemies sometimes.. I wish I could go back and tell him how great he was.

  7. But it's alright to go downtown on a saturday night and get fucked up on Jack Daniels and Coke and not remember the previous 8 hours….. Have a proper think on this from outside of the box especially if you have experienced depression…I know which way i'd choose!

  8. Dr. Levine's clinic is terrible! This is NOT the way you administer KETAMINE! You should be offered eye covers and not just left to sit up in a chair like that! The patient should be reclined, given eye masks, head phones to better disassociate, a blanket and pillows. You do NOT offer just ONE treatment and expect a difference like they did for the journalist – doing it THAT way is abuse! For first time patients they should be given a series of SIX infusions given back to back or every other day and then boosters as needed. Not just ONE infusion!! One infusion will not do anything for you!! This "doctor" should know that! And the nurse doesn't know what she is talking about! It does NOT take 20 minutes for the Ketamine to take affect, it takes affect within 5 minutes of administered correctly. What a sham of an office. Go to where the professionals are and where they know what they are doing and they care about each patient who walks through their door: www.ketamineclinics.com Dr. Steven Mandel I do not work for him, I am a very satisfied patient and after watching this video featuring Dr. Levine I am even more convinced I am getting the RIGHT treatment with Dr. Mandel as Dr. Levine's office shows how wrong they are doing ALL OF IT!

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  10. I grew up with minor hearing loss, and when it worsened from minor to moderate in middle school, it made my situation a lot worse. I was already bullied, but then I couldn’t even hear the teacher and I felt so isolated. People don’t realize how being or going deaf can make you spiral into depression

  11. As a professional mental heath worker for more than 15yrs.. It's great to hear about any long term positive result that works better than EST (and in cases of chronic depression results with this treatment in some instances can be life changing), is just faaaaabulous…!
    Starts singing
    If you're happy and you know it shake your meds. .*rattle rattle*
    If you're happy and you know it shake your meds ..*rattle rattle*.
    If your happy and you know it and you really wanna show it
    If you're happy and you know it shake your meds…! rattle rattle
    Smile, it's contagious. 😁

  12. Ok treat depression with a drug that can get u high. Makes sense to people who have no idea about mental health and just listened to some one talking shit.

  13. I’ve been suffering from depression & anxiety for 10 years now & I really don’t want to take any pills or medication or go to therapist idk what else to do

  14. I am a Psychiatric Nurse and have seen that antidepressants can sometimes stop working after 2 years and there is nowhere to go. This makes me think of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy which I am trained in where the client learns to decenter from thoughts / feelings / emotions and step back into present moment being. I can see the benefits of this dissociative to step back from trauma and see your experience objectively.

  15. All ketamine does is temporarily numb you from the pain your feeling it does not treat the problem AT ALL. videos like this worry me it sets a bad example for people you actually need help

  16. The way he described his life as a movie was extremely insightful. I know a few ppl who have had spiritual experiences and they've used the exact same analogy. Life is like a movie and a lot of it is made up off of assumptions, conditioning, and brainwashing. Society is so wierd if you really think about it. Suppression doesn't work, we need to find a different way to do most things.

  17. Ketamine is big business. This young man is clearly still traumatized by his being assaulted as a child. He needs a lot of therapy to overcome that. I am a nurse and work in a substance use rehab and what I see in this video is what I see in most of our patients. Essentially taking a substance (getting high) to numb the pain, forget the pain/trauma. Its temporary and keeps them coming back for more because it feels so good to be able to put that pain aside for a day or a week. That is what getting high is about whether you are using ketamine or heroin. It pains me to see doctors taking advantage of a very vulnerable population for money. Shame on them. I hope this young man finds true peace without the use of substances.

  18. In 1997 my best friend put a bag over his head to huff ketamine straight from the Vets office he worked at and suffocated. I will never endorse this as a drug for a "cure" it is an addictive substance with "good" side effects. It's not an answer and I guess as I watch this new rite of passage for the drug I will just well up and be internally disgusted that it has become some kind of positive. I understand why he died and it's not the drug's fault. Still sad and angry, no matter.

  19. I had ketamine e infusions weekly for 6 weeks but it was for pain control. It was pushed into my veins really high dose really fast and I hallucinated every time! Didn't help my pain much when it wore off

  20. seems like a good way to get the world more addicted to another drug. stop taking drugs for depression and try to get down to the root problem.

  21. He's one of those people I wouldnt toke with. Steven on the other hand, yes, I would be glad to smoke a bowl or undergo a ketamine treatment with.

  22. I feel this mans pain I'm a outcast myself and always have been. My grandmother was mean to me my voice never mattered I never had a opinion! I was beat by her and I never said anything about it and it has shut me out now I'm lost and alone fuck my life I got a pistol in my hand right now my ol,lady is beside me talking on the phone and laughing and so happy fuck her and fuck u I'm out

  23. I am sure ketamine will be helpful for many people, it was brilliant as an aesthetic/pain killer when I had my first knee replacement. Unfortunately , for my second knee replacement, the young anaesthesiologist thought she knew better and used fentanyl.Despite the hype that it is 100 times stronger than morphine, it did nothing for me but send me into the deepest depression I have ever experienced in six decades of fighting depression and twenty years plus of chronic pain. Bring on more research into the benefits of ketamine. Sadly, in Australia, we are very behind some medical advancements so it will be decades before anyone gets the benefit of ketamine for depression. But I will be talking about it at my next pain clinic, even if the specialist doctors don't listen! The squeaky wheel, that's me.

  24. Wait so if he’s depressed because life’s bad hand . I call that circumstantial depression. Chemicals should never be the answers but if it chemical then you can introduce drugs. They will never tell you that . They make to much money. It’s the biggest scam going. There’s always a combination of chemical imbalance and circumstances in somebody’s life.

  25. Ketamine…if it can take down a raging elephant tryin to kill you;it should take care of a little monkey on ones back.🤔

  26. Canada's been "reviewing" esketamine for almost a year now. The government website says decisions will be made within 6 months.
    Big pharma at work

  27. I would like to more about this, because I have severe chronic depression. I have had this my whole life, and the antidepressants are not working.

  28. All you're doing is getting a high am I seem like it just makes you think about what ever "traumatic" your experience was. Or that's what it seems like anyway.

  29. I was 8. And until I found God I ran a state wide illegal operation moving cargo. I was immediately shook when my best friend served 5 years. But I completely stopped after I came back from seeing Heaven. I was like no I want to go back.

  30. I watched the video because I have several friends who suffer from severe depression and get little relief from it with tradition antidepressants. One man is using a type of MRI treatment, and like Steven, is paying for the treatments out of pocket. My heart goes out to all people who are dealing with this debilitating disease.

  31. I have to say I am disappointed with they way Vice handled this subject. The reporter (and the editors) seem to be treating this like some its sort of fun, adolescent way of skirting regulations to get access to Ketamine. I take no issue with recreational use whatsoever, but the reporting here is sorely lacking the respect that this topic deserves. The treatment is potentially life changing for a lot of people with serious problems, and there aren't many effective alternatives right now. We are in a very fortunate position that the government is even considering this as a possible medical treatment. Knowing the government's current scrutiny around the topic, this sort of coverage is a serious hindrance to advancing this important and often life changing therapy. This isn't Hamilton's Pharmacopeia (amazing show btw), and it shouldn't seek to be. Please give this topic the respect it deserves.

  32. I'd be interested to know if this guy has tried any sort of therapy, CBT, ACT or otherwise. He mentions Ketamine helps him from stopping him to analyse his thoughts so much, yeah, so does therapy, probably the only thing that actually works long – term.

  33. Dude who cares if it’s addictive ssri’s are addictive and can fuck up ur life way more than doing ketamine in a controlled in an environment. So many drugs are so much more harmful

  34. I have always had terrible post anesthesia problems until they started to use Ketamine for my surgeries and I wake up happy and a stable mood.

  35. Yale University. Possibly the worst place to go for a professional opinion on something that helps people but they will sure as heck promote drugs that allow you to be controllable.

  36. I had my first infusion today. It was an IV push and they loaded me up hard and I dissociated 100%. I felt like I was being pulled through pink futuristic pixels until I ended up in this pink space where I was taking to myself (i think) and just thinking WHAT THE FUCK. They had to bring me down because my blood pressure rose the highest they have seen at the clinic, I remember it being so intense during that time and all of a sudden I was kind of awake and wanted to go back in the k hole. I could hear the nurse talking about my blood pressure and I told her I felt fine and then they put me back in the k hole. The only clear thought during the hole was my family.
    When I got home I took a huge nap, woke up, cleaned out my water softener brine tank and broke my phone during the process (it fell off my water heater when my wife called due to the vibrate). I didn't feel angry at all.
    I loved the entire experience and have 5 more infusions to go.
    But man was it intense.

  37. The problem with Society is all these things that could have fixed stuff. Was taken away instead and replaced with things that would make us live with our illnesses. Psychedelics can do tremendous amounts of good for humans. Whole reason why Silicon Valley exists is because of microdosing off mushrooms and also LSD. For the government to say these things have no medicinal value at all they are 1 million percent wrong! A one-week treatment of Ayahuasca can do what three years of counseling sessions can do in one week.

  38. Ketamine is known as emotionally addictive drug, since it doesn't have any physical withdrawal symptoms.
    Feels like this is what happening here.
    Feels like this guy is emotionally addicted to K.

  39. Thank you for this very good reportage. Abdullah had also a great image about being the character in the movie being swayed from left to right by emotions versus the guy in the audience who has a distance with all the emotions and can control them better.

  40. If you an addict like me, and trying to stay sober off shit. This isn't good and I doubt it's really good for anybody else cuz there technically just turning into drug addicts … Think about it

  41. 450$ ?!
    For what ?
    These little ketamine bottles shown in the hospital cost much much less, like 20-50 € here in germany on the black market.

  42. I have bipolar depression. It sucks. I will go to sleep feeling good and wake up feeling like shit. Then this phase will continue for weeks. And then wake up feeling good again. I often can feel the happy slipping away. I want to be happy so bad but it's just out of reach. Sometimes I just give up and be unhappy. It's exhausting and unfair.

  43. I feel that..
    The more depressed I become,
    the clearer I see reality.
    And the clearer I see reality,
    the more depressed I become.
    It's an evil cycle for me…
    When it's worst,
    I feel like there is nothing more to experience,
    as if I have felt and experienced everything life has to offer
    and that there is no point in continuing.
    But the truth is there is much more to life,
    my consciousness is just so tunnel vissioned when depressed,
    that it forgets.

  44. I have MDD (major depressive disorder) and anxiety my life feels like a living hell I can't get out of bed in the mornings I don't enjoy everything I constantly feel like I'm better off dead and with my anxiety I'm constantly paranoid and feel like everyone secretly hates me and is talking about me behind my back everytime I leave I honestly just wish I could try a ketamine treatment to help me with these issues I actually feel hopeful that one day I can be happy again

  45. Ive been suffering from depression most my life since i quit my opiate addiction. I cant find any motivation or reason to live, and i keep coming back to these videos wanting to do this so bad. Its not affordable for the average person though… and if you research how much ketamine acctually costs, they are robbing the patients blind and its sad. The amount of ketamine used for the infusion he pays 500 dollars for would probably cost less then 5 dollars at the rate they pay for it. I understand there are other costs but come on they could charge 100 or 200 instead. So i guess i will just continue fighting the urge to kill myself until i have enough money to be considered worthy of pharma

  46. I do ketamine treatments for chronic pain. If you have chronic pain, PLEASE try it, it has helped me so immensely

  47. It's so fucked how if you try to use ketamine or any other psychedelic therapeutically the police will fuck you and ruin your life.

  48. Im depressed because im not allowed to be myself and do what i want with my body. I like drugs and i have been punished,profiled,singled out,discriminated,hated,and been told my whole life im sick and theres something wrong with me! Because i enjoy getting high!

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