The FDA approves first-ever drug to treat peanut allergies

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What is happening? What is that? Is that a baby nut? This little guy also known as baby nut has been an
internet sensation since the Planters commercial went to air during the Super
Bowl. While this pint size baby nut may be appealing
there are many babies children and teens who can’t have what he’s selling — peanuts. About 1.8 million children in the US and over a hundred and sixty thousand
children in Canada have a peanut allergy this means that consuming peanuts or
peanut oil may lead to skin reactions digestive issues shortness of breath
wheezing and sometimes even death but there could be some good news on January
31st the FDA approved the first-ever peanut allergy drug called pal for Ziya
in the United States people are encouraged by the approval that this
marks the beginning of both regulated treatments for food allergies for
children and also just validates the area as an important part of research
for children and hopefully more will be calm so how does this drug actually work
under medical supervision a patient will be given a standardized peanut powder
that they will have to consume daily to build tolerance to peanuts the dosing
and the production of it has been very tightly controlled and it was
manufactured in the same similar way that a medication would be manufactured
the prescribed amount of the peanut powder can be mixed in with regular
foods and consumed they then eat that amount at home and then the amount is
increased under medical supervision often at intervals of around every two
weeks until a top dose is achieved so for this treatment the top the top dose
is the equivalent of a little bit more than one peanut and the way it’s Desai
it was decided if this treatment is helpful is by looking at how much peanut
a child can eat and have no allergy symptoms or mine or allergy symptoms the
goal of this drug is to have accidental exposure protection to peanuts meaning
if a person accidentally consumes peanuts they’ll have enough tolerance
developed to survive many of the reactions to it but it doesn’t mean that
and teens will now be able to consume peanuts they were able to show is that
in just under five hundred children two-thirds of the kids who received this
peanut oral immunotherapy could eat at least the equivalent of two peanuts and
as a precautionary measure physicians still recommend people who will be
trying out this new drug to carry epinephrine auto-injectors or more
commonly known as epi pens and they should still carefully read labels on
products it’s not a cure for peanut allergy this
is something that even in patients who undergo treatment with this peanut
product they will need to continue avoiding peanut Upton says this is an
exciting step towards the development of treatments towards food allergies that
hopefully will advance with time to accommodate more food allergies and age
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  1. It is nice they found help for those people. Wish they could find a cure for Cancer, diabetes or any disease equivalent to that.

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