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This week I’m gonna attempt to hack my
cholesterol results, using something called the Feldman protocol, and it’s
starting right now. Hey, guys. Welcome to A.D. Keto. My name is Aaron. This is the
channel where you can watch a weird dad do the ketogenic diet. I do some keto
food vlogs, I talk a little bit about keto science, and I do some keto product
reviews. If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if you
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content. I’m going to do the Feldman protocol this week. If you’re not
familiar with the Feldman protocol, it is a way of kind of “hacking” your
cholesterol results, over the course of just as few as three days. And it was
created by this guy named Dave Feldman, who is not a scientist, he’s not a
medical professional. Dude’s an engineer, and put his engineer’s brain into
figuring out what was going on with his cholesterol. He, like me, is a hyper-
responder, and you can read all about this stuff over at his website which is You can also check out some of his presentations that he’s
given, talking about this stuff. Really fascinating, especially for someone like
me, who’s kind of always had high cholesterol, but saw it go even higher
when he started a low carb / keto diet. CholesterolCode goes into a lot of the
different things he’s found, but the thing that I’m most interested in, and
the thing I’m gonna try this week, and that I’m going to document here in this video,
is called the Feldman protocol. And the premise is this: your lipid system is a
dynamic system that is used to deliver energy to your body, and for people on
low carb diets, that usually means that LDL goes way up, like it did for me. And the basic theory behind it is that for
the three days prior to your blood draw, the higher your fat… the more fat you eat,
the lower your cholesterol will be. The purpose of this experiment is basically
to hopefully stop my doctors from pushing statins on me. I’m hopeful that
at the end of these three days, the results that I get will kind of ease
their minds. So I’ll show you right here my numbers from before I started
keto. These were my cholesterol numbers when I was on atorvastatin. 20
milligrams of atorvastatin. My total cholesterol was under 200, HDL was about
50, and LDL was around 119. Triglycerides were about 138. These numbers really
pleased my doctor, but I felt miserable. I really felt bad. I had a lot of muscle
aches and a lot of foggyheadedness. I chalked it up to just getting old, and
didn’t really realize that they were side effects of the statins that I was
on. I’ve got a whole video up here about my history with statins and high
cholesterol that you can check out, but I’ll show you… I’ll show you again, here
is my most recent blood panel. This is after going off my statin medications.
This is about after…about 10 months of keto. The most striking number is that
total cholesterol of 373, which a lot of people look at and sort of…don’t know
what to make of it. But you can see that my HDL has gone up, my triglycerides have
plummeted. I’m gonna bring these numbers back at the end of this experiment, and
see where things end up. But for now, I’m going to just eat over 4,000 calories a
day for the next three days, keeping everything keto as much as I can. I’m
going to vlog that, and it should be interesting. So I will see you guys
tomorrow morning. Top of the morning! Tuesday morning. I’m gonna start packing in the food here in just a minute. There’s a couple things I have to avoid.
Coconut oil and MCT oil have been shown to confound this experiment a little bit,
as well as coffee. So for the next three days, I’m gonna be draggin’ Draggin’ butt. I stepped on the scale this morning to see where I
was at the beginning of this, and I was at 218, which is pretty high. About as high….about as much as I have weighed for the last couple months. But I wanted
to just track where I ended up after this thing, so I’m probably gonna be well
over 220 by the time this thing’s over. I’ve got all my food pre logged. I like…
spent the last couple days, like, trying to figure out exactly what I was gonna
eat, to try to make it a little bit easier. There it is. Six sausages, six eggs, with some EBTB. I also had four tablespoons of peanut butter, three tablespoons of Kerrygold butter with cinnamon. Off to a fatty, fatty start. Lunchtime! I have got in this bag two
hard-boiled eggs, beautifully colored from Easter. This used to have a half a
cup of macadamia nuts in it, and now it doesn’t. I’ve been nibbling on them most of the morning. I also have Trader Joe’s
oven-baked cheese bites. These are really good. And this bag of pork rinds. Kind of slumming it today on this first day for
lunch. But it’s gonna pack in some calories, and it’s gonna get me where I
want to be. Time for dinner. Gonna reverse- sear a steak. I feel like I can eat it. I’m
not feeling too crazy-bad. So all signs point to yes. So I’m wrapping up the first day. I
don’t feel too terrible. I had a ton of stuff to eat today. I had a big old New
York strip steak for dinner, and this is the last bit of food that I’m having
today. It is Keto Connect’s cookie dough recipe, that they just put out. Timing
couldn’t have been better, because I was looking all around for a fat bomb recipe
that did not have coconut oil. This is just butter, cream cheese, almond flour,
stevia, and erythritol. I’ll put a link to it right up here. But so good. When I finish
this, I will be sitting at 4,674 calories on the day. Here are my macros.
Everything looks pretty good. I’m feeling okay. I feel like I could do this two
more days in a row, so that’s I’m gonna do. See you tomorrow morning! All right, so day two. I’m doing up
some pork belly! All right, guys. So it is day two. I’m back
for lunchtime in my favorite parking lot once again. I’m gonna have me my
cheese… cheese bites, a half a bag of pork rinds today, and then I have two
hard-boiled eggs. And there’s a little less than half a cup of macadamias, because I just can’t help myself. All right, so I just hammered those items.
Couple of eggs, my pork rinds, and my cheese bites. The plan for dinner tonight is
some 80/20 ground beef. I’m going to make four patties — two for tonight’s dinner,
and um… I think two for lunch tomorrow. But tonight, definitely ground beef and
some more of that cookie dough. I was so excited to eat the rest of that cookie
dough when I got home that I just didn’t even think to shoot it. But I’m about to put
burgers in the oven for my dinner. It’ll put me at around forty seven
hundred calories for the day. Okay, so dinner is in front of me. it is
1.2 pounds of 80/20 ground beef, which I made into two burgers that sort of fell
apart a little bit. So I’ve got a couple of patties, and then just a mound of
little employee burgers. So just a little bit of AlternaSweets with it, and
then I’m gonna be done, and it’s gonna put me at about 4,600 calories today. God!
4,600. That’s a lot of calories. Hey guys, so it’s the end of the second
day of this protocol. I had a decent day. I didn’t sleep well last night.
A lot of restlessness. I didn’t… I probably got like 4 hours of sleep, a lot of
tossing and turning. Don’t know why. Might have been just been because I had so
much food in me, but I’m feeling pretty tired right now. I got through the day,
managed to pack away four thousand seven hundred and seventy nine calories. There
you can see my macros — almost perfect keto macros. But man, I ate a lot. Tomorrow I’m planning to eat even more. I’m gonna crack 5,000 calories for the last day of
this thing, and then blood work on Friday. So I’ll see you guys in the morning. I’m
going to bed early. Good night. I’ll see you in the morning. Top of the mornin’. Okay, third day.
Day number three. Day three. Sooooo… Not feeling too terrible. I slept a little bit better last night, but I gotta say, I’m excited to be done after
today. So I’m home for lunch. I’m gonna do up
two of the last hard-boiled eggs from Easter, half a cup of macadamias, and
six servings of the KC cookie dough. (I made another batch.) I’m done eating! I came home from work,
and I was so excited to dig into the rest of that cookie dough that I ate it,
and I ate a hamburger patty without documenting any of it — no photos, no video, and then after that, I ate two more burger patties, bringing my total number
of calories for this third and final day of the protocol to five thousand two
hundred and seventy seven. Here you can see my macros. It’s a whole lot of fat,
which is good. And so I stopped eating at 7:30 tonight. By the time I go for my
blood work tomorrow morning, I will have been fasting for thirteen hours, which is
perfect — right between the twelve and fourteen that the protocol kind of calls
for. So I’m very excited tomorrow morning to get my blood work. I’m most excited to
be done eating so much. I have felt okay. I’ve…but I’ve felt tired the last few
days, I think mostly because I have had zero coffee. Normally I have a least two
cups a day, but I’ve been taking that down to zero. So I’ve been a little fatigued, but I’m very
excited to see what my numbers look like. I won’t know for a few days after the
blood work is drawn, but I can’t wait to see. So I’ll see you tomorrow morning. I’m
gonna weigh myself and see how I did on the scale. I can’t imagine it went down,
but we’ll see. So see you in the morning. Okay, so I’m here. I’m gonna get my blood
work done this morning. When I woke up this morning, I was… I weighed in at about
220 point 8 pounds, but then, you know what? I took a shower, and I got out, and I
weighed myself again, and it scales said 218.8. I’m not too worried about the weight. I knew I would crack into the 220s, but not worried about it. So I’m gonna go get
my blood drawn, and then the next time I see you we’ll be talking about the
results! All right, guys. So it’s been a few days
since I’ve finished up the protocol, and I wanted to share with you my results.
First, let’s take a look at what I ate this week. A review of all those calories
I packed away. I started day 1 at 4,600 calories, and just ramped it up from
there. And again, here are my numbers from November 2017. And then after this 3-day
protocol, here are my new numbers. My cholesterol actually went up, which was
confusing. I expected it to go way down, and I was initially disappointed. But
then I looked at a couple other of these results, a couple other of these changes. My triglycerides are as low as they’ve ever been in my entire life. Remnant
cholesterol is at eight. Single digits, which is very good.
I tweeted to Dave Feldman, and I was like, “What do you make of this? Like, why didn’t
my cholesterol drop? And he replied with this. You know, he said that my
triglycerides and HDL, plus my LDL, definitely puts me in lean mass hyper
responder territory. And he said that if I am a lean and athletic low carber,
you know, I do run. I don’t know how exactly lean I would consider myself, but
I do run quite a bit, between 12 and 15 miles a week right now. He said that
these numbers, as far as he is concerned, make a perfect mechanistic
sense. So there’s that. All in all, it was a very interesting experiment. I think at
some point, I’d love to do the next tier of this protocol, which is eating very
low calories for three days, followed by blood test number one, then three very
high-calorie days, followed by blood test number two. Those results would actually
be very, very interesting, compared to what I had this time, where all I had to go
on was blood work from six months ago. My goal when I started was to have my
doctor lay off with the pushing the statins. And I went in to discuss these
results, and he never once mentioned statins, which is a major victory, as far
as I’m concerned. I think he saw my triglycerides, saw that my HDL was really high, and everything was… those were two markers that are pretty important, so no
mention of statins, which was nice. So I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. Do check out Dave Feldman’s website. It’s There’s all kinds of fascinating research going on over there,
and that’s gonna wrap it up for this video, guys! Hope you enjoyed it. I hope you have a fantastic da,y and I will see you next time.

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