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(light music) – Why is it important to
talk about heart disease? Well, it is the leading cause
of death in this country. We’ve had dramatic
declines in death rates from heart disease
over the last 50 years. However, these dramatic
declines have slowed, and in fact, last
year, the death rate from heart disease went up. A small change, but
it’s a real wake-up call for us to redouble
our efforts to prevent and control heart disease. – Even though we understand
a lot, there’s still a tremendous amount
that we need to learn about the causes
of heart disease. We’ve learned a lot about
risk factors for heart disease over the past decade. – The challenge is to
take the strategies that we know work and actually
put them into routine, daily care and practice. – So the really good news is
that you don’t have to make big changes overnight. Small changes in the right
direction pay off big over time, especially
when those small changes are built on. – It’s our role to make sure
that we stimulate new ideas that can help us come
up with the strategies to make it easier for
patients and their families to prevent and
control heart disease. – We don’t have a cure
for the most common forms of heart disease. That’s why prevention’s
very important, it’s why early treatment
is very important, it’s why research is very
important for learning more about causes, prevention,
treatment and hopefully one day, cure for common forms
of heart disease.

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