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today on Marcus the fascinating connection between stomach acid and over 4,000 bodily functions how long’s stomach acid can lead to autoimmune disorders osteoporosis osteoarthritis emphysema aging and wrinkles what is H pylori and how do we get rid of it learn just how important your stomach acid really is today’s guest is medical expert James Sloan change your life right now so what is H pylori is it is important for people to realize if they have that problem why they got that problem in the first place h pylori is a bacterium it’s a helical vector pylori it’s a little corkscrew-shaped bacteria so a little corkscrew into your stomach lining and then it secretes ammonia and ammonia highly alkaline so it neutralizes the stomach acid in order to protect itself from the acidity and from there it can cause anything from ulcers to cancer it’s a bug that lives in your stomach stomach is usually full of acid and acid kills things oh this thing doesn’t want to be killed so it produces an alkaline substance ammonia ammonia to lower the level of stomach acid so it can thrive so people who have h pylori first of all no alkaline water no baking soda no tums and things like that but as any anything normally your stomach if it’s working fully right the assets you’d kill almost anything so they probably already had depleted stomach acid in the first place right yeah where to take hold more likely the stomach would have been depleted and what lowers people’s stomach acids antacids acid blockers alkaline water calcium carbonate in supplements magnesium oxide in supplements all these can neutralize your stomach acid one of the things people need to understand is that in order to generate stomach acid you have to have certain nutrients well three of these nutrients are b6 b12 and folate and all three of those nutrients require sufficient stomach acid in the first place in order to form more stomach acid are to be absorbed in order to form or something I should say so you’ve got to have that stomach acid the first place if you’re downing tums all the time it’s not as simple as your body will just create more stomach acid and replace it eventually it what’s going to happen is you can deplete your body’s ability to generate stomach acid because those three vitamins are required for a process called methylation now methylation is like four thousand reactions in the body require methylation you know immunity energy production lowering homocysteine which is anything is inflammatory so it can cause heart disease and cancer and so on formation are hormones neurotransmitters cartilage synthesis and so on but also your methylation is required for the formation of more stomach acid so by inhibiting the absorption of the b6 b12 and folate when you neutralize your stomach acid with things like alkaline water baking soda calcium carbonate magnesium oxide and stuff like that you’re actually going to in the long term inhibit the formation of more stomach acid the stomach as is needed for for not just breaking down your food and killing bacteria it’s it’s for everything or something acid is actually going to play the role in well as a couple things one it’s going to reduce acidity in the blood because you remember the carbonic acid is used to form stomach acid so it actually reduces some of the acidity in your blood in the process and then yeah it kills off the various pathogens like you know fungus bacteria and viruses that we ingest are all killed off the digestive enzyme pepsin which is a protein digestive enzyme requires sufficient stomach acid to be activated so if you don’t have sufficient stomach acid you know breaking your proteins properly go back to the immune reactions they can be caused from improperly digested proteins then you got absorption of nutrients again your b6 b12 of folate or acid dependent for absorption but so are your minerals you know if you take something like magnesium hydroxide or something like that it’s very very poorly absorbed but if you can turn it into a more absorbable salt like if you have sufficient stomach acid you’ll turn that into a magnesium chloride which is better absorbed in the hydroxide is right but stomach gas is needed for all kinds of stuff for example silica to be absorbed produce collagen to your skin so you she’s starting to get wrinkles and you’re just aging away like in front of your eyes you’re look in the mirror and you’re aging well your stomach acid is probably low and the irony is a lot of things that that decrease your stomach acid because it decreases with age mm-hmm one of the things that speeds up the process is is stress combinate what’s the connection between adrenals and stomach acid because stress burns out your adrenals yeah and there’s a chain reaction from there yeah part of this may be the epinephrine if I recall right is the epinephrine will help to increase the output of stomach acid so if your adrenals are crashed then it will decrease the stomach acid as well and with a silica you’re mentioning yeah that’s a in order for silica to be absorbed it has to convert first from silicon to ortho silicic acid so it doesn’t absorb as silica and will be so-called worthless elect acid silica regardless but the or the Seleka acid is formed by the dissolving of silica in the water which is very poorly dissolved in water but in the presence of an acid is enhanced some so as we have sufficient stomach acid we convert more of the silica into ortho silicic acid so we get playing into our system and we actually have less aging diseases osteoporosis osteoarthritis i radiculitis emphysema you know even the wrinkles and stuff are all silica deficiencies because we lose collagen and elastin so instead of the tissues being strong and elastic where they snap back like if I took my skin see it stamps right back as he last and they gives that elasticity if you lose the last in the skin it’ll stay stretched out in the lungs you end up with emphysema because the lung stacks are stretched out if you lose elastin and things like your tendons and ligaments then you have joint Asian well joint issues but you end up with well yeah basically bone and joint issues because it’s not supporting the tissues properly you need silica in order to link glucosamine molecules into chondroitin because chondroitin is basically glucosamine linked to silica linking close meat in this big long chain and so you need the celica to build your joints so now you start getting osteoarthritis because you’re losing cartilage and the knee from the lack of silica all right so it’s kind of ironic that if you have stress in your life you’re burning out your dreams your stomach acids lowering you’re getting less of the silica and now you’re you’re getting all these aging problems as a result of that and now your stomach acid naturally decreases over age anyway so you’re just it’s like this delicious cycle exactly look at some of the people in other countries like in particularly in China they can be a hundred years old not a wrinkle on their face and they consume foods that are very hi in silica and then also they eat a lot of bitter tasting foods man bitters will stimulate the vagus nerve through the bitter receptors here in the back of the tongue that in turn kicks up your stomach acid levels among other things and so they actually get more silica absorption by maintaining their stomach acid through the bitter foods so what foods they eat over there that make them stay so young bitter melon would be one probably a lot of foods you don’t want to know everything but getting back to the h pylori it’s a bug that makes your stomach more alkaline right by secreting ammonia so now your stomach acid lower and the bug starts to thrive in an alkaline environment exactly and so this mastic gum which is a powder bein made from a resin from a tree helps kill this bacteria but if people keep doing what’s causing the problem in the first place like alkaline water things like that you’re just creating an environment to make it easy for this stuff to continue yeah and other pathogens as well because most pathogens are killed off by acids not by alkalinity the same reason I said our intestinal flora generate acids – so what’s not killed off in the stomach can be killed off by the intestinal acids from the various probiotic bacteria that we have in our intestines so how much you take like mastic gum is what for people who don’t know what it is technically is Prowse Mystique a– but we’ll call it mastic advocate most people don’t when they see the spelling it’s mas T I see so they call it mastic watashi mystique ax but the gum is required in very very small amounts the studies I’ve seen with Mystique ax and h pylori showed it was like point zero zero one percent or I mean it was very very tiny amounts that were really required so you don’t need large amount of it it’ll come in tab our capsules this little tiny tiny capsules if they don’t need very much of it and how much you taking home I would do one capsule preferably three times a day in empty stomach yeah because you want to concentrated now if you want to take it with other herbs to enhance it some really good ones are licorice root is really good because licorice root has found to also control h pylori and it’s good anti-inflammatory as well as you karuta now you route is and also a store to anti inflammatory but it’s very high in what they call saponins and these sapiens are good antiseptic for one but the other reason is that they enhance the absorption of compounds into the tissues so it’ll actually take the active compounds the mystique of gum the resin and help it to penetrate into a plra we’re going to be back with you shortly we’ll be back with more helpful information for your life and well-being at Marcus com

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