The LAMU Spacer (English Version) – How to make a Low Cost Spacer

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I am going to show you how to make a spacer which is cheap and made from locally available materials A spacer is used to increase the effectiveness of the use of an inhaler It is used for children from six years This is what you require to make a spacer You need two one and a half litre plastic bottles You need one bottle top You need a jug or a bowl for hot water You also need hot water You need a knife or scissors You need a tape And you need to have a clean piece of cloth for drying up the bottle I would start by cutting both bottles And I’ll be using a knife So you just measure a third of the bottle and go slightly below the a third mark and then you are cutting from this part So that I have something like that I again measure a third This time I don’t go slightly lower so I just cut from this level And then from there I just use hot water So I put some hot water in the bowl or in a jug I take this bottle which is a bit longer So I just dip this part, this piece of the mouth so that it can soften So, I’ll dip for about thirty seconds Ok, then force the inhaler like this Like that So that it takes up the shape of the inhaler the mouthpiece Then I’ll also dip this part the cut part of the bottle just for a few seconds long enough to make it shrink And as you can see, it has already shrunk Then I use the clean piece of cloth to wipe inside before fitting them Then I’ll fit the two pieces like this so that it becomes one as you can see Then I just take the bottle top and screw it for hygienic purposes Then, I’ll use the tape which is optional You can use it or if you don’t have one you can still leave it So, I’ll use the tape to tape the two bottles together So you just tape them together, like this This makes it firm as you can see And then when you fix this, this part And here is our spacer We are done

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