THE MAGIC PILL DOCUMENTARY REVIEW | A Keto Film Backed By Science & Real Life Results

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the magic pill documentary have you seen it yet? yes today at keto unify we’ll be reviewing a recent documentary streamed on Netflix called the magic pill a keto film backed by science and real-life results. so stay tuned. so can a high fat low carb diet prevent and even cure illnesses like cancer diabetes heart disease and autism the magic pill an Australian documentary now streaming on Netflix think so the film from celebrity chef Peter Evans suggested the modern diet is to blame for the majority of chronic diseases an idea that has critics slamming the film for peddling harmful ideas the magic pill follows people in America & Australia suffering from different ailments to explore what effect if any the ketogenic diet has on their symptoms the ketogenic or keto diet is a high fat low carb diet that encourages your body to use fat for fuel instead of carbs the film tracks the subjects for 10 weeks then looks at whether the keto diet improved each person’s particular condition. now before we dive into the stories of each subject if you haven’t done so already please hit like subscribe and the bell icon for notifications each time a new video is uploaded now back to the magical documentary review so one of the subjects in the movie is a six year old girl called Abigail a young girl with autism appeared to make significant gains after five weeks of restricting carbs. though she struggled to adjust to the diet initially her parents were convinced it was working her father noted her belly was less bloated she had more regular bowel movements she took a laxative every day prior to the keto diet and she communicated better her doctor says in the film that she’s able to concentrate and she’s able to progress because she’s not running all over the place and she’s not seizing her seizures are going down and we have tangible data from the school we are actually starting to wean her off the anti-convulsory narcotic that she’s on. another subject was a woman called Michelle in her 40s suffering from severe asthma and other chronic health issues, uses inhaler and after few weeks on a keto lifestyle she had not needed to use her inhaler any longer she also felt better with numerous health issues disappearing another subject called Patty, a diabetic patient on $1,000 a month worth of insulin took the plunge in giving keto a go. within few months the doctors had totally weaned her off any insulin thanks to the introduction of keto way of eating but out of all the subjects filmed there was one story in particular that was mind-blowing & that is of a lady called Sarah who was diagnosed with breast cancer she decided not to go through chemo & any medication instead opted to change her diet to the keto way of living within months her cancer was in remission so much so that her doctor said that if I didn’t know you were diagnosed with cancer early on looking at your current scan looks like it was never even there now here are the keto guidelines followed by the subjects in the magic pill documentary. number one: eat whole and organic foods. eliminate processed foods dairy grains and legumes. edge out bad fats like vegetable oils with healthy fats like olive and coconut oils animal fats eggs and avocados. aim to consume free-range animals and wild caught seafood and lastly introduce bone broths organ meats fermented foods and intermittent fasting into your diet you see while the keto diet is touted for its fat burning effects there’s growing evidence that can help a range of diseases including heart disease diabetes and cancer David Perlmutter a neurologist says in the film that being in a mild state of ketosis is really the place to be because fat powers the brain better than carbs do. you see the magic pill documentary isn’t claiming that the keto diet is the be-all and end-all cure of all diseases what it is trying to showcase is that our diets are the culprits behind the rise of many life-threatening diseases like diabetes and cancer and until unless we do something about it and drastically change our diets to reduce the possibility of suffering from such diseases later in life the situation will only get worse also what I’m going to do is give you a free 10-part video series on keto for women plus some gooey bonuses – the link for which you can find it on the screen and in the description below. see you in the next video.

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