The Man Who Saw Tomorrow | Sai Baba Miracle

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♫♫♫ Astrology was a kind of a hobby for me, because one of my cousins was practising
Astrology, and I used to sit with him, and gradually I got interested, and my grandfather also told me, “All right, you can read books (on Astrology), you can meet people, it’s a good subject, but don’t
get obsessed with it, it will guide you… it’s like a guidance, but you cannot take it as a
hundred percent guarantee of anything, because it is reading the Destiny
of a person… it’s very difficult…” so ultimately it was so difficult… I said, “Okay, no problem.” So I started reading books here and there,
meeting people… then I went to college… I was reading books (on Astrology),
meeting different astrologers, Then I came down to Bombay, I started my First Year of Law,
then the Second Year of Law…. When I was in my Second Year of Law, there was a lady who was
teaching us International Law, she was Muslim Khoja, and in the class, I was the
youngest student, sometimes we used to fool around,
and the teachers punished us and sent us out. We were 75 students in the class and if any (mischief) happened, they would point to
me and say, “He has done it ! He’s the noisy one…” One day the professor was annoyed with me;
she sent me out of the class. I was standing outside. “You are the most mischievous boy in class,
I didn’t expect this from you,” after saying something like that,
she went away. A month later, one day,
this professor came to college and put up a notice that she wouldn’t be taking
lectures that day, because she was busy. We read the notice and were happy
because it would be a free lecture for us. I was sitting in the classroom,
and some girls came up to me and said
that this professor had sent for me. They were just fooling around
(but I didn’t know), so I went up to the teachers’ room and met her… “What happened?” I asked.
She was sitting there, very grim and serious. “Did you call for me, Madam?” I asked. “Who told you that I have called you?” She then immediately understood
that I had been fooled by those girls. She said, “If you want, you can do something for me.”
I asked her what happened,
and she suddenly started crying. “I have been transferred from Bombay
to Rajkot… and I don’t wish to go. My husband doesn’t want me to go to Rajkot; she wants me to resign from the job instead. But I’m interested in teaching,
as a Professor of Law, so this is my problem now,
what can you do for me?” “I can’t do anything for you, but
give me your date of birth,” I told her. She said, “Oh, do you know
something about Astrology?” I said, “Let us try…”
She gave me her date of birth. So I made some calculations on
a piece of paper and told her, “Madam, your transfer will be
cancelled within 24 hours !!” “What are you saying?!” she exclaimed.
“See, the Transfer Order is in front of me
on my table, and I have to join within a week…” I said, “I do not know
(about all that).” And the next day, within 24 hours, she received
a Notice stating that the Order was cancelled !! She just couldn’t believe it ! And then she took me to her home… and she was a student of Astrology ! She had a lot of books, and she said,
“All these are your books, take whatever you want.” In this way, she actually encouraged
me to study Astrology. Then I met a lot of people
(astrologers) here and there… It is definitely an interesting science, it is to help people, to guide people,
and NOT to exploit people. ♫♫♫ ♫♫♫ In 1974… The Taj was built in 1973… There was a priest… he knew me, because he used to come to my school… the school was run by Christians… The priest knew me, he saw
that I was interested in Astrology. He then thought of telling them at the Taj that he knew a man who could help the
hotel’s guests with their astrology consultations. So he came to me one day at school. “Are you interested in working
at the Taj?” he asked me. “But I already have a job here,” I replied. “No, they’ll pay you more than
a thousand rupees per month…” At time time my salary
was around 200 rupees… So I was very excited. I told my wife, “I’m getting a job at the Taj,
I’m going there…” It was 1974… My wife said, “If you get Rs 1000,
that’s not bad, but we have to think about it.” The next morning, this priest visited my home and
met my wife. (I was not at home.) He told her, “We have decided to (employ) Masterjee,
I have told the management of the Taj.” Then he said, “There are some conditions.” What were those conditions? “He has to wear a Dhoti,
a Mala around his neck, he has to put Pundalik marks and oils
like a saintly Pundit character.” My wife said, “I don’t agree to this,
he is a school teacher, he was never a Pundit, he is a common man,
a simple man, a teaching man… so how do you expect him to be a Pundit? Should he pretend to be a Pundit?
No, I don’t agree to this. We don’t want your job,”
she straightaway told him. He then went away. When I came back from the market,
she told me, “The priest had visited, and I told him you cannot
join the Taj, I refused it !” I got angry with my wife.
“What do you think you did?
I’ll be losing so much money…!! Our financial condition is not so good…” “Don’t sell yourself,” she told me. I said, ” See, I lost a job, it was
a wonderful opportunity…” She said, “These same people will
come and call you, after some years. They will come to our house, and request you
to come to the Taj AS YOU ARE.” And this happened in 1989. So the MD came to my house,
and he requested me, “Will you come and work for the Taj, for the guests?
You are retired now from the school, will you come?” My wife said, “See, I told you they would come…
they have come now, after so many years… So this is how I came to the Taj. A lady from America met me at my home, she got information from the local taxi drivers… so I did a consultation for her, and she told the MD about me, it was some time before, in 1988, she met the MD accidentally, because they were travelling together from Bombay to New York. That was when she told the MD about me,
and then he waited for my retirement… Then I joined. So since the last 28 years,
I have been with the Taj. ♫♫♫ ♫♫♫

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  21. Masterjee and Aai due to their health and age are not able to see devotees anymore in person. We have been receiving numerous email requests about wanting to meet Aai and Masterjee and they both have clearly requested that their wishes be respected. Thankyou for your understanding about this.

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