The Mars or Snickers game – Allergy

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Okay Adam – Adam I’m gonna try thing. Okay. Okay. So close your eyes Okay. Close your eyes. Okay? Now put out your hand Here, yeah Okay Try and guess if this is a Moro bar or a mars bar Wait do Mars or moro have peanuts in them? No they don’t have peanuts in them. What a stupid question I just want to check just because I’m deathly allergic to peanuts. Yeah, okay. Yeah, Mars and Moro don’t have peanuts in them Okay, so just try and guess Mars bar or Moro bar hmm It’s quite crunchy Oh So Mars or Moro you know it… It actually doesn’t taste like either of them Ah… do you know why? Do you know why? because it’s a Snickers psych Could you get Snickers? I was gonna see if you could guess Mars or Moro So I put Snickers in there’s like kind of a wild card What is it? Is it really a Snickers? Yes, it’s a snickers. I was just trying to trick you Rowan I’m allergic to Snickers That’s not a thing Rowan can I go home early today? Okay Adam jokes over. I was just trying to see if you could guess it and now you’re being a dick I think I – I think I need to go to the hospital No, you can’t go to the hospital, okay the jokes over the jokes over What what are you doing? Who are you calling? Im gonna – I’m calling an ambulance Don’t – don’t Call an ambulance. Okay, the jokes over you’re being stupid now. No one is allergic to peanuts it’s Not a thing look – Alan Yup? Come here Adam is saying that – get this – he’s allergic to peanuts He is… Adam have you eaten some peanuts? Holy shit are you okay? Who gave him peanuts? Rowan – Rowan gave me a snickers Rowan, why would you do that? Yeah, I gave him. Oh, oh, I’m sorry I gave him a Snickers bar Rowan one of the primary ingredients in Snickers are peanuts. Yes, because it’s a Snickers bar. Yes Rowan you could have literally killed him you’re being stupid listen to me very carefully No, no one is allergic to peanut. Are you serious? So many people Rowan are allergic to peanuts Rowan. This is literally life and death situation. We have to do something about this Rowan don’t you dare! No no I just have a thing I gotta.. Rowan this is not a time for this… when I thought I thought I had a thing and I was like… No yeah sure I was just like… Do not walk away from the situation No totally because is that I thought you were liable for manslaughter if you walk away from this, Rowan Yeah yeah for sure I just need to check out back on a thing… Rowan – do not walk away – he’s gone he’s gone. He just left Okay, well I am going to call an ambulance because that’s what I need to do Rowan you you could have literally killed him, ah, sorry if the definition of killing someone is doing something that can kill them

100 thoughts on “The Mars or Snickers game – Allergy

  1. You guys are the best I hope you get 10m subscribers very soon
    I love rowan ,without him any video is kind of incomplete on this channel 😁

  2. This is getting weirdo… VLDL killing off the cast? wonder who's next to get murdered?
    Why doesn't someone call law enforcement or the hospital?

  3. God this video hurts. I've got severe allergies to perfumes and people take it just as seriously as Rowan. =(

  4. As a suggestion for a future Bored episode: A Yelp review customer. Someone that comes in, and makes ridiculous requests and loudly proclaims they are a Yelp reviewer.

  5. there was an British tv host , who is now unable to move,speak due restaurant using peanut oil in same kitchen as her food was made.. some have the allergic that strong that they cannot even be in same plane where peanuts are served … link for vid

  6. I recently found your channel and I really like pretty much all of it. You guys do amazing skits.
    And I love how everyone in the comment section roots for Alan, although he has killed several people and beat up Rowan.
    And that just because Rowan is being such a…. Rowan. 😉

  7. Rowan makes me so angry, you make great scratches but sometimes his stupidity is a little over the top ya know. The monopoly video was good I mean but like here it seemed a little too fake

  8. I knew a pussy that was allergic to milk products, nuts ,and somehow chicken 🤷🏻‍♂️was impossible to hang out with him without fear of killing the bastard. Like baby sitting a adult that has to wear a helmet daily. 😐

  9. Awww poor Adam heheheh hes just too cute even when he's having an peanut allergy. Rowan yer so mean lol. Alans face at the end bahahahahah <3

  10. I watch a lot of VLDL videos and can't stop wondering if Rowan is just that good at acting, or.
    I mean, he could play Ramsay Bolton or any person like that for all the money.

  11. i would love to see you in real do any challenge.. btw I love your comedy..

    Do spicy food all together with a twist plz ty

  12. Sometimes i want to kill rowans charachter allongside with the guy who steals keyboards and trys to refund them

  13. i know its supposed to be funny and all but this is a case where Rowan should be sued at the very least

  14. This happens a lot and people go to jail for it. Minimum manslaughter. Even if Adam didn't die from the allergy, Rowan is looking at reckless endangerment.

  15. At Rowan’s house
    knock knock
    Rowan: Yes?
    Lawyer: I’m from the court. I’m here to deliver these papers. This is your court date here.
    Rowan: Um. Actually, I just forgot I have to do a thing. I’ll be right back for those.

  16. I remember something like this happened to me I am allergic to a lot of foods and my friend served me something that had a shit ton of stuff I’m allergic to and he kept saying stop fucking around dude just stop until I passed out because some of my allergies trigger my asthma

  17. So there really isn't a peanut allergy its actually a peanut intolerance but the reaction for both can be severe

  18. This happened to me in school. My teacger didnt believe me and a girl saved my life by giving me her epen. Thank you for vringing awareness in your own way👍

  19. so funny but sadly there are actually people that are like rowan in real life who dont know that food allergies are a thing

  20. My kid is bad allergic to various nuts and eggs. Would be amazed how many foods contain both and the lengths you have to go to cook or bake without them.

  21. I know this is just a skit, but no joke tho, this rowan makes me so frustrated, and i feel like punching him in the face.

  22. Omg I relate to this vid I have a peanut allergy and the peanuts swell up my throught so I can’t breath and just to top it off the peanuts make it feel like I ate a really spicy pepper so if anybody else has a horrible allergy I feel super sorry for you

  23. These are so funny. Your skits are awesome. I’d like to see Rowan run with this, Allen dies they come for Rowan for manslaughter and he just walks away, eventually they catch him and are about to give him the death sentence and he just keeps walking away from every situation.

  24. i never eat anything just in case im allergic to something.
    now seriously some kid in UK died of anaphylactic shock after he was slapped with a cheese slice on the back of his neck. check the news

  25. When I first heard about peanut allergies as a kid I felt so sorry for kids with it. How could you go through life without peanut butter? What a waste! Same with milk. "No milk? I live on milk and PB&J!" [looks at the dregs of a PB&J and iced coffee for my breakfast. At 57years old, things don't change much.]

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