The Marvelous Benefits of Raw-Honey | well-being, weight loss, and seasonal allergy.

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You know what? Honey is absolutely delightful. I think most people like it! It’s very delicious. It has a thick texture and a taste that
goes well with many foods in your kitchen. And the best part is, it’s completely healthy. And a joy to eat! (Okay!) Just imagine if honey was sour. Probably nobody would eat it. Maybe you’ve heard or tasted
different kinds of honey. Different color, texture, or flavor. In today’s video, we’re going to talk about raw honey, its benefits, how it differs from regular
or pasteurized honey, if it can help with weight loss, and finally we’re going to see
if it’s helpful with seasonal allergies. So please stay tuned. ♪ Hi and welcome to Fancied Facts, fun and interesting facts for you. So what is raw honey? Is it like fresh and cooked fish or meat
that taste chewy and tough? Hmm, not quite. Actually the term “raw,” in the case of food, generally means uncooked or
unchanged from its natural state. The term “raw honey” means as it exists in the beehive or extracted, collected, or poured
in its designated containers. Furthermore, it is not heated to a degree where vital enzymes and proteins
are compromised. Of course, that also applies
to any honey producers who use serious filtration, which removes natural substance
like pollen from it. ♪ ♪ Now let’s talk about the differences
between raw and pasteurized honey. First, let’s look at the consistency
of raw honey. When extracted, it’s relatively
runny and soft. However, as time passes it will become
thicker and denser if it stays at room temperature. Pasteurized honey, though,
has a runny consistency that will remain this way
for an extended period of time. Eventually all honey will harden
and become crystallized when more liquid evaporates from it. Pasteurized honey is collected and filtered through a mesh or screen to separate wax, pollen grains, dead bees,
and undesired particles. Then it’s heated up to 154°F for about 30 minutes. The degree of heat may vary
depending on preference. Honey producers heat it up
to kill any yeast and bacteria that could be present
to prevent fermentation and to reduce crystallization time frame. Due to these changes, it doesn’t have the same
antioxidant properties. It’s uniform in color
and has a consistent texture. Some processed honey
may contain added sugar or high fructose syrup such as
corn syrup to make it sweeter. ♪ Raw honey is unfiltered,
contains beeswax and pollen, which gets stuck on tiny hairs
on the bee’s legs while it flies from one flower to another,
collecting nectar. It has a thick, creamy consistency, and it’s golden or smooth white. Now let’s jump to the health effects of raw honey on your body. Before consuming raw honey, you should take some considerations. This is because honey differs depending on several factors like region, country, type of flower, environment, and season nectar is collected. After taking all these differences
into account, there are considerable benefits for the most reliable sources of honey. So make sure you buy yours
from a trustworthy store! According to, raw honey contains
the following components that might be absent in
processed honey. Pollen, which has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Bee propolis, a glue-like substance that help keeps the hive together and is helpful in wound healing. Vitamins and minerals, which help build your bones, boost your immune system, and repair cellular damages. Enzymes help break down food for energy. Amino acids aid in building muscles
and decrease fatigue. Antioxidants, substances that help protect your cells against misshaped or harmful molecules also known as free radicals. Additionally, raw honey contains
hydrogen peroxide, which means it’s an antiseptic. In other words, it prevents the growth of
disease-causing microorganisms like unwanted fungus and bacteria. Raw honey has also been found to aid in the speedy healing of wounds and tissue regeneration. But please consider! That there is specific
wound-healing honey that is safe and sterile to use after consulting with an expert. Avoid applying regular raw honey
bought from an ordinary store to wounds. ♪ By the way, did you know that
raw honey is probiotic? It simply means, it aids in the nourishing of
your good bacteria in the intestines for better food digestion. Here’s a quick health tip. Try drinking one glass
of natural lemon juice and one teaspoon of raw honey to increase your metabolism. It’s also an effective way
to treat cellulite. And it helps lower cholesterol levels
in your system. ♪ All right, let’s address if raw honey
helps you lose weight. Let’s focus on the contents of raw honey. Basically it’s a sugary secretion, nectar, that bees collect from flowers. Generally speaking, all sugar is a simple carbohydrate that the body converts into glucose and uses it for energy. If you look at the aspect of refined sugar, it has little to no nutritional value. And it’s devoid of any calories,
minerals, and vitamins. On the other hand, raw honey contains minerals and vitamins that aid in weight loss and help you speed up
your metabolism and fat burning. Refined sugar has a simple
carbohydrate chemical structure which simply means
it breaks down very rapidly, giving you a feeling of being unsatisfied even though you ate enough food. Refined sugar is correlated
with obesity and diabetes. You may substitute regular sugar
with honey for a healthier and more natural sweetener. Taking raw honey before a workout has been shown to prevent you
from quitting early, and also helps speedy muscle recovery
when taken after exercise. ♪ ♪ ♪ And finally, can raw honey help with allergies? There is a widespread belief that raw honey may help with lessening the symptoms
of pollen allergies. How is that possible, you may ask. Okay, let’s understand allergies first. It works in the following matter. When a person with an allergy
is exposed to pollen through their nose, mouth, or eyes, their immune system triggers a response reserved for harmful invaders like bacteria, viruses, germs,
or any foreign body. It can’t seem to recognize the pollen particles as harmless bodies. Therefore, it begins to attack. Then the immune cells
start to produce antibodies that come out searching for the invader. When it’s found, the antibodies capture it and send it off to the nearest
white blood cells. Once it reaches the white blood cells, it produces a group of chemicals called “histamines” which cause an allergic reaction: sneezing, watery eyes, and runny nose. It’s making a serious attempt to expel pollen particles
from your system. The person feels completely miserable, so often people visit their immunologist to get a shot that helps them increase
their body’s tolerance to pollen during an allergy season. More pollen particles and
a variety of injections means the immune system learns to cope and not react negatively when exposed to harmless pollen. All right, so how can raw honey
help with allergy symptoms? It works in the following way. When a bee travels from
flower to flower collecting nectar, pollen does get stuck on tiny hairs
on its leg and back. When they return to the hive, it gets mixed with the honey. Therefore consuming raw honey
along with pollen might have the same effects as
injection treatment to reduce the allergic reaction. The problem is, raw honey contains a much smaller
variety of pollen when compared to allergy shots. The answer is yes! It can help, but in a limited way because bees do not cover
enough flowers and plants for it to be an effective treatment. ♪ Thank you for watching
this episode of Fancied Facts. Please come back for more fun
and exciting episodes in the future! Take care and have a great day! ♪

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