The Neuron-Household Item

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Hi, class, my name is Matthew Garcia and I
am showing you How to Make a Neuron with household items. Today I will be using basic stuff I
found around my houses like these colorful pipe cleaners, this chopstick, and a orange
I can use. I am going to start with this chopstick and use it to represent the Axon. The axon
transmits information throughout the neuron and the neuron gets information its entire
body pretty much. Then I am going to use this green pipe cleaner to represent the Myelin
Sheath. And now the Myelin Sheath creates an insulating material that increases the
speed of the action potential. The space between the Myelin Sheath is called the “Nodes of
Ranvier”. And not all neurons have a Myelin Sheath just to let you know. And now I am
going to use these short type of yellow pipe cleaners to represent the Terminal buttons.
And now the terminal buttons release chemicals that are neurotransmitters that serve as messengers
to the next neuron what’s happening. I am going to throw one or two more on there for
you guys. And now I am going to use the orange and put it on top of this and use itas the
Soma. The soma is the body of the cell. The Soma also helps process information. It also
contains the Nucleus for the cell.Then lastly, I am going to use these kinda longer yellow
pipe cleaners and let them represent the dendrites. The Dendrites are information receiving poles
just to let you know. And there is your neutron with all five structures, so its pretty basic
but its household items. So thank you guys for watching my video!

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