The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper – Allergic to Propaganda

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– Newsflash! The mainstream media
is lying to you. Fake news CNN. Second place FOX. Leninist Etsy. Two face Kathy Pozzolana
from Glen Oaks, Illinois. Stop the Facebook
cat propaganda Kathy, some of us are allergic. All the ABC, CBS, NB B B B Boys II Men. We get it! They have letters. We’ve got F-A-C T S’s. So sit down. Shut up and stop obeying. I’m Jordan Klepper and this is The Opposition. – [Narrator] The Opposition
with Jordan Klepper. Weeknights at 11:30.

38 thoughts on “The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper – Allergic to Propaganda

  1. But it's true, they lie all the fucking time, worst of all is that they never apologise or rectify their statements when proven wrong.

  2. Alright, so this is gonna be like… satire on the WRONG side of things acting like they're right? Doing things ironically because "LULZ the meme" is why we have an unqualified cheeto in office.

  3. Hey look, another anti-trump shill trying to stop people's voices and opinions from being heard because "hurr durr right-wingers and people trying to find the truth are dumb, don't listen to those people who have your best interests at heart, so funny right?"

    Sit the fuck down and actually have a real debate with people in this country about whose ideas are better instead of this nervous laughter the left is fucking obsessed with because you KNOW you're fucking wrong when it comes to actually trying to rationalize your beliefs!

    Because they aren't rational, you're trying to drag everyone else down with you so you don't feel bad about being a fucking horrible person!

    Fuck you, asshole.

    Go crawl back into whatever slime-pit you were spawned from, and take your fucking big-goverment paycheck with you, ya Unrighteously smug, Bureaucratic, race-baiting, propagandist commie fuck.

  4. Didn't see you at Occupy rallies where your fellow travelers were assaulting police and civilians.

    You're not funny, you're an activist hack. Keep your ads away from my content.

  5. If all you are going to do is just film the people you see has morons and cut the rest, why don't you also do a show on antifa and anti Trump protester too, to show how just as stupid they are also. being that average people on both sides don't really know anything about politics and are misinformed, Kinda just show what you call right wingers is pretty fucking basis and in denial of what the left do that is pretty moronic. People wonder why no one watches Comedy Central anymore and TV in general.

  6. Klepper would never try to debate a true Liberal and Conservative debaters, he would get fucking destroyed and he's shitty dry humor jokes wouldn't save him.

  7. What's amazing is how he can be "allergic to propaganda" and yet BE a heavy weight proponent of CNN style propaganda… at the same time.
    A balloon animal shaped like a jackass, for the child-minded lemmings.

  8. Stop mocking the President and treat his supporters with respect OR keep polarizing half the nation. No wonder you Smug LiBtards keep losing ! Comedians need to be non-discriminatory and apolitical , Comedy needs to be a SAFE-SPACE for President Trump and his supporters , where they are not mocked for their delusions or their abhorrent beliefs. In other words , we need more political correctness in Comedy .

  9. What, they couldn't find a female gender fluid trans racial male identifying differently abled refugee migrant minority to do this show instead?

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