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the origin of asthma summary of true asthma asthma is a quantum state of relative biological superconductivity the description of asthma goes much further than that commonly known more than a classical definition it is better understood as an overall picture of a disorder of heat production distr Moses or true asthma this thermo secede asur durin the production of heat caused by the breakdown of pneumo neuro vegetative PNV or PNA tone due to exposure to the cold true asthma is a pneumo neurovegetative dystonia of cryogenic or dis thermogenic origin the pneumo dis thermo –ss is activated by the diminishing either sudden or progressive of body heat by biophysical thermodynamic mechanisms or by biochemical antipyretic mechanisms from greater to lesser incidence or prevalence the affected countries are grouped into so-called superconductive communities our proposed physio pathology is fundamentally based on the understanding of nine theories one theory of subordinate systems explains how pure materials alloys and even biological materials can achieve super conductive States under the effect of their critical temperatures in the field of physics this represents a technological commercial advance and in biophysics an adverse phenomenon that would explain true asthma to theory of the integral nature of the pneumo neuro autonomic reactions the reaction of UAS RT – n is omnipresent vital complex loci and necessary when it is awakened by preliminary stimulation and manifests itself its characteristics are implicit essential nonspecific incite able uncontrollable unexpected unusual and growing all of these are broken into a single package whose contents are manifested when the P&V tone is broken 3 theory of the unspecific autonomous sensitivity of the respiratory tract UA SRT the natural UA SRT is susceptible to multiple preliminary stimuli manifesting itself suddenly and fleetingly with coughing tearing nasal flow laryngeal spasms and/or dysphonia for theory of the altered UA SRT UA SRT a or respiratory spasms the UA SRT a it can be can can begin quite suddenly or progressively caused by multiple stimuli for example the cryogenic that explained the origin of true asthma or the toxic saturation of the humoral tissue that explains the allergy origin a respiratory spasm etc the UAS RTA represents a major sensitivity in the respiratory tract to a large number of stimuli or elements whose diversity and variety variety are limitless the UAS RTA an exacerbated dystonic state of the respiratory tract induced by abnormal conditions or other adversities whose rapid or slow installation represents a discrete or prolonged path of P&V stimulation direct or indirect that manifests itself with a variable degree of spastic reaction at the respiratory level v theory of the spastic syndromes the respiratory tract for a long time and without warning we have mixed in one bag all the types of respiratory spasms not taking into account this is a syndrome in therefore be explained by different causes it is not pathognomonic of a single no so logical entity like true asthma rather of many others spasms can be classified as follows per the origin a cryogenic beam on cryogenic or sea interrelated six dis thermogenic theory of true asthma and of its phases SPD and UD IP the new modus thermo –ss true asthma is a completely reversible autonomous disorder caused by the breakdown of the pneumo neuro vegetative tone by deliberate or accidental exposure of the body to cold either suddenly or gradually the asthma takes hold with the successive appearance of two well-defined phases on the respiratory level a specific phase of dis thermo –ss SPD this phase is made evident by the breakdown of P and B tone sensitivity only to cold identified by its being the only factor of the first degree origin that causes the beginning of true asthma B unspecific dis thermoses initial phase UDI P corresponds to the uncontrolled and controlled attack phases of true asthma characterized by an exacerbated and growing sensitivity to all types of elements and or stimuli of the SSC of the second-degree order including that of the first-degree order as trigger of the attack seven theory of the relative biological superconductivity our BSC in the world of physics superconductors are known as type 1 and type 2 which are metal and alloy respectively that also exists high-temperature superconductors whose materials can super conduct electrical current at 77 degrees Kelvin or negative 196 degrees Celsius these phenomena which are encouraging and promising for the technological and commercial worlds represent for biological material like ours and adverse condition when because of the effect of the cold our threshold for cold sensitivity and on the metameric P&V level lowers to the point that the established neurons in said region of the body are easily stimulated generating symptoms and signs associated with said disorder causing them to become each time more sensitive if this thermo systolic and if they do not take into account all the potential stimulating factors of SS c8 theory of the seven stress circumstantial SSC currently we understand that the immune system is adversely affected by any of the stimuli of the SSC so far the seven forms of stress that negatively affect the immune system have been identified they are physical stress chemical stress nutritional stress biological stress ergo genic stress emotional stress and mental stress nine theory of the relativity of immuno allergic reactions for decades asthma has been intimately related to allergies which is an error and at the same time a relative truth that cause great confusion between health professionals and in the field of research asthma has a cryogenic origin and can produce suddenly or more progressively spasms of two well-defined phases s P D and you di P allergies on the other hand require a previous issue consisting of the cumulative toxic saturation of the humoral tissue a condition necessary and particularly each person before the appearance of the first respiratory spasm it is necessary to clarify that the respiratory spasm is not a manifestation of the allergy since this is a syndrome attached to other causes it is also important to carefully establish and make clear that is easier for someone with pre-established allergies to develop asthma than someone free of allergies if both were subjected to the sick at the same time to dis thermogenic conditions in which case the person with allergies would be having a respiratory spasm of dis thermo Sakura j’en as my any person with pre-established allergies and not from the allergy in and of itself as was confusingly believed previously allergenic asthma and the allergy free person would be developing a respiratory spasm of dis thermo Sakura j’en true asthma also of cryogenic origin the exclusive application conventional or academic medicine does not does not achieve complete recovery of patients with true asthma it only maintains it in a controlled state with continued attacks

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