The Passing – 2: Underground | Left 4 Dead 2

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hard core for moving up she did she did
she did alright let’s see I need to patch myself uh order punching that
grease bag biker in the mouth catch myself um you got the fire bowls Kaffee
dad grab that extra might get what weapons we got I got the m16
I got a vector so that time sixteen new one I need ammo here we go I’ve got some
ammo there me too wow I’m good you grab down ready
to everybody ready I did not I can’t get any of those oh you’re awful
let’s go free let’s go just quietly bikes fixing it Oh behind us he’s not dead he’s not dead
shoot him shoot him he’s dead oh he dropped them all soft – nice hike the
Molotov zombies funny spitter watch out we gotta take this litter out smoke got
a good kill good kill where we going inside this house so
hoards come in the Lord’s time for eyeful back up in here back up in here
keep your backs to the wall I’ll cover this angle same I just store security cover window I’m sorry she’s doing oh
look so I’m trying to all look well keep your name at the door it just doesn’t
work looks like we’re clear from the hoard you have any ammo in here any ammo
there’s a sniper we got a dinger here can we just go back to the room no let’s
go over here guys yeah we got to keep moving to the next room there’s a room
over here yep there’s stuff in here all right fine hey we got a chest
Charlie shoot careful get off me that girl the mom
oh shoot bird get back get back get back no I got this
oh good good we good I yield myself up what do we get on this pool table
yeah shotguns two shotguns we got a hunting shotgun
we got a pump shop we start this jukebox up let’s hear some music
yeah except that music turned off because copyright and all that good
stuff um jeez a funny funny I do have low wet
I won’t that’s unfortunate are you sure the mos guys oh no I have
we got a Boomer down there yes yeah follow me out this way where’d you go oh
I see you don’t parkour our show them Mike walking that way I’m
silly now oh shoot it shoot it I’m trying brother I’m trying to get no very
good shooting all right very good all right we can get back up over here I
think no yeah no we can’t spinner spinner you’re smoking smoking dance
prove my point why is it always me that gets jumped I don’t think so get up here get up on top I can jump up
traffic cone left side left side left side give it a gammy thank you health is
at 69 jump on top of this orange cone yeah you should be able to is it
Garry’s Mod jump yeah all right crouch up in this game
yeah doesn’t work too well all right we’re gonna tripod oh oh wait let’s go
in here down here down here down here cabbie moving zombies going to the bar don’t you jurors old I can’t promise oh there’s a katana in here if anybody
wants Kate on adrenaline no I got a journal I’m dropping it I’m dropping the
door here let me take it key mood there’s people outside the door where’s
that here I’ll drop swearing on that hold up
just give me a pistol no stop don’t tears or where are we going fucker
one sec one sec let me drop it for you hey we gonna briefcase full of cash and
guns cash and guns to me sounds like a perfectly good time to me
this room’s clear boomer just exploded or
kidding no he’s alive careful where is he might be upstairs
yeah there’s a bunch of officer there’s make a she killed well okay
I gotta just be careful my shots you don’t want a team fire Oh Chuck were
touched his eyes got me medic oh thank you
what the hell did I just pick up bunch of them coming in what did you pick up
my m60 picking up the same fucking give me that yeah yeah I’ll get that shit you
out thank you there’s a gas can in there I figured
since you’re the youtuber you might as well like get all the good stuff yes maybe I’ll conserve ammo on it shoot
that’s not good trying to get up good kill Rochelle
always coming in for the clutch Rochelle is by far the smartest a out watch out
jumper it’s got me thank you I dodged it so
again anybody find a health pack make sure you uh let myself back where we
started we should be able to exit somewhere kind of getting turned around
in this place yeah it’s kind of it’s like we’re dead rising I get that rubber
sneeze I hope so I think we have to go across here yeah I
think we do as well Oh guys they’re still out all right toss them all down
there uh I ain’t got one I ain’t got one I toss now one of these though help you
hello grab it I got it I got it we got a crate over here to mull tops in
it get extra maltose okay I get it wait how’d you fall down there oh we got
I got I got well no wait I got something down there more molotovs wait no it’s
coming towards me oh let’s go let’s go I’ll choose an acid right now I’m coming
just hang in there I got you I’m patching up
alright you’re good you’re good low but so is Rochelle here Rochelle get over
here we going downstairs for look yeah but we’re all really low held up we
should be really careful yeah except for Oh shucks I just healed there but I’m
just gonna stick with the m60 right now because we are so low
let’s move across the Jazz Club yo Joe gave me pills poppin pills
hey we got on cue medkits in here ooh huge I’ll take one I can’t be guy that
drops stuff by golly I grabbed one already I’ll take the phone fuck Sorry
Sorry Sorry cover me catch him I saw you kill me I’m
sorry I found one in here and here and here
spitter tank sure that burger turns down Rochelle effect she took my
kill I am healing I’m running low on the m6 a melee weapon over here oh my god my
Ocado got plenty of money she was down here oh you got it I saw you like keep
on moving moving British sitting there side left side right side jumper Jackie
Jackie Jackie – shots loading lighting them up your load
reload sorry good kill good kill I hit the desk get away
what do we got up here there might be one about a pipe bomb over here somebody
grab it I’ll grab an item all Tov we’re bow throw that if you want to attract
the Horde and then we can attract them with a pipe bomb as well
zombie coming up do you guys trying to stick together yeah what’s up here you see it’s coming it’s coming
thank you thank you think there’s something around the corner what’s up
just a regular zombie spitter other side today
nevermind Rochelle’s watch it back she’s a pretty good AI we have a melee weapon
beside fire Xbox nice calls next ball okay keep moving I was like what did I
go down to the stairwell oh oh oh where is it punch them
we are overloaded good kill on appeal Oh mult all going out I guess I didn’t need
to do that oh well oh yeah do parkour really your
first or run away I can’t I can’t all right core for moving up she did she did she did Oh mother God
why’d you shoot that what it was dude I got scared we’re in a darkness
were terrible going down Broadway hold up hold up this doesn’t look good we got
that pipe I’m still yeah no down you go bad I fell with no help
you should have attracted the zombies first they typically are attracting no
you got to go down there before the hordes once this is Derrick there’s a
green thing wait for me oh I see I see brother yeah he really
needs health or else he’s gonna die I think we’re supposed to go this way
because I don’t see anything the other way it’s so dark in here just like The
Walking Dead I don’t know I don’t think that’s right see there’s a stairwell
over here to the left you know what nope it’s bridge there is
it’s broken broken ladder oh I see it I see it all right let’s try and get up
there oh my god okay we got like we gotta get him he’ll there’s Boomer bile
uh okay I’ll figure it out yeah all right here come on with coach let’s go
this way whoa jumper I have one L good go good
kill he’s got one hell we got a medkit over here get it get it safe room safe
rooms over here here come to me come to me come to me come to me quick other way
another way other way this way quick no I got him I got him I got him
hold up I want to go him up it’s your mother over here all right oh it shuts down
there with you I’m gonna try to cover you fired me no how do we get the door open
come on okay let’s move let’s move run to the safe room run to safe for a
move move move keep moving keep moving keep moving safer be kept at boarding
rounds of incendiary ammo kidding me how far what is this thing why’d you go
Molotov and I’ve been sitting here but no ammo
Oh Oh and I we’re all gonna die no gotta make a run we gotta help him I’m trying no you gotta get them I’m trying I’m
trying to take these guys off oh good you’re good good now get them up
can you give me up yeah you get up brother get up come on come on let’s
move go get Rochelle just go get Rochelle we
can’t give herself she’s dead she says she’s dead
let’s go spitter cover me cover me cover me cover me just cover me I’m healing oh
my god well it’s dark I can’t see what’s going on I believe holy crap this is
insane right now so dark in the flashlights he doesn’t have a flashlight
we gotta keep moving he’s using a melee weapon he doesn’t
have a flashlight I don’t we get to keep moving just follow me we got this we got this
oh you have to give me the bag I didn’t shoot you in the back
we loaded oh shoot God holy jeez no come on back up back up is melee melee up
down no shoot of the keep shooting Wow I got you I got you hang in there
man I got you come on come on come on miserable start we’ve ever had yeah my
god oh the help tips are so close just come on guys come on come on get out the
way there’s no betting for nothing no
covering get off me get off me no no I’m not going down come on come on you got me yourself oh okay all right guys I’m gonna leave
this episode here we’ll see where we pick the next episode if it’ll be at the
next checkpoint or if we decided this is bullcrap yeah alright guys I hope you
enjoyed it let me touch on the comments below maybe kids are subscribing if you
haven’t already and be sure you got that little bell icon on the channel that
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