The Picture of Health ft. Dr. Jim Collins – Reveal Challenges

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10 9 ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 all engine running Lift off! We have a lift off !!! [crowd cheering] [music] [camera click] Hey Nord Anglia I’m Fatima Husain I’m a geochemist here at MIT your curiosity correspondent and I’m also the mad scientist in this instant photograph a technology developed by Polaroid’s Edwin H land just next to MIT’s campus
in 1947 [camera click] this camera was a game-changer in photography instant film cameras introduced the idea that you didn’t have to wait to see what you captured now instant film is being used in another revolution this time in the medical world [Music] meet MIT professor Jim Collins he’s an engineer turned bioengineer he and his team developed devices to detect diseases around the world there is a growing need as the world’s population is increasing to better
diagnose particularly pathogens a pathogen is any microorganism that makes you sick like a virus or certain bacteria in many cases these tests need
to be inexpensive and easy to use and in many cases also best if you could see the output by eye one of these tests is InstaDX It’s a hospital in your pocket okay not really before professor Collins and his team invented InstaDX you had to go to the hospital to find out if you were sick but this would be used in a setting in which the more bulky expensive more difficult to use
diagnostic machinery is not available so more under-resourced areas but how does it work the Collins lab used the same phenomenon that makes fireflies glow something called bioluminescence when InstaDX detects a disease-causing
pathogen [whispering] the microscopic things that make you sick remember its bioluminescent detector begins to glow [eerie glow sound] sounds good right? we’re all set right??? nope [womp] in InstaDX we can’t actually see that short lived bioluminescent glow ourselves so the Collins lab had to think after many brainstorming sessions they thought about recording that glow using wait for it instant film Ooo didn’t see that coming did you instant film provides us with multiple capabilities one it’s inexpensive two it gives us a fast readout three it’s easy to use and four it’s cool all right Nord Anglia here’s your challenge think of a medical problem that you and your friends want to work on once you have agreed on one research that problem and take a look at the current tools used to diagnose manage or treat it are there issues with any of these tools? are they clunky hard to use or too expensive then think of a way you can design a new version of one of those tools that
solves an issue this could mean redesigning a tool improving a tool using existing technologies or even coming up with a brand new tool from scratch relevant to your team’s medical problem we want you to reveal new ways of doing things in the medical world [record scratch] but be warned this process probably won’t go smoothly Professor Collins and his lab have to
try again and again before they achieve success on their projects that’s just the scientific process and I encourage everyone to recognize that the great-great-great-great-majority of scientists out there are not geniuses they’re people who work hard and who believe in themselves and believe in
their ideas and will go past the challenges and the failures and I hope young folks out there will see science and engineering as a career
option that’s just tremendously exciting and very satisfying because we can help so many people and our world needs us now let’s get out there and see what we
can reveal [music]

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